Deal of the Day: Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry 50% Off!

Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Aug 2009 08:54 am EDT
This deal is expired

Today's Deal of the Day is a good one. Until midnight CST tonight, you can grab Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry at 50% off its regular price. That's $6.47 vs. $12.95. If you're not familiar with Mobile Checkbook by Mobatech, makers of the uber-popular Mobile Bartender app, here's the deets:

Personal accounting is made easy and accessible on your BlackBerry with Mobile Checkbook. If you have ever had trouble keeping track of your bank account balance, then this application is for you!

Mobile Checkbook lets you record transactions as they happen. With this powerful program, you will never again be without your up-to-date account balance! Whether you're in the car, at a restaurant or out shopping, Mobile Checkbook gives you immediate access to your current account information from anywhere at anytime.

  • Record account transactions on the go.
  • Quickly view your bank account balance.
  • View past transactions including date, time, payee, memo and check number.
  • Modify, clear or delete transactions at any time.
  • Maintain an unlimited number of accounts.
  • E-mail transaction lists to your personal computer for storage off of your phone.
  • Export your transaction lists in HTML, Excel(XLS) or Quicken(QIF) format.
  • View a greater number of transactions on the screen at one time.
  • Drill down into your transaction list to view transaction details.
  • View your total withdrawal & deposit amounts to compare saving vs spending.

You can jump on over to the product page for more screencaps, read customer reviews and to purchase and download. And remember, you can always find the current Deal of the Day by visiting!

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Reader comments

Deal of the Day: Mobile Checkbook for BlackBerry 50% Off!


I just picked up this application and so far it seems pretty sweet. this will definitely help for those banks that dont alreayd have a launcher or an app available. worth the money to me!

I just wish there was a free trial at least for a day. I have Jabplite which is free and does what I need.

Just bought this and it does exactly what I need. Saves me the trouble of balancing my checkbook nightly. I just do it right there on the spot and Im good to go.

I would highly recommend this to anyone. I dont use the paperback checkbook anymore thanks to this program. I have this on all of the BlackBerrys I own. Thumbs up on the price!

The big problem with this (and several others) is that exporting to QIF format does not make it compatible with Quicken as they haven't used QIF for most of their stuff in years. A solution like Landware's for Windows and Palm devices would be much more elegant. I'll stick with my excel spreadsheet for the time being.

Who uses a checkbook anymore? I might write 2 checks a month if that. I find it hard to believe that BB users still worry about balancing their checkbook. Have fun with that.

Check your billing if you order late... the DoD cutoff is midnight CST - it's 11:45 pm when I was charged and it was full price. Must be an error in their website.

I probably don't write 5 checks a year, I plan to use it for instant balance tracking for transactions on my debit card, I always lose my receipts. I was at a ham radio show today and used my debit card maybe 15 times for around $1500 of stuff, but it will be days before those transactions all show up online. This app let's me treat debit transactions like a check ledger.