Deal of the Day: IM+ All-in-One Messenger for 50% Off!

IM+ for 50% Off!
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Aug 2009 07:40 am EDT
This deal is expired

* Update: 1:50pm EDT: The issue has been fixed. You can select your device, and purchase at the DoD discount. If you have purchased today and got the incorrect version, please contact customersupport at

* Note: 12:50pm EDT: Little glitch with the app store today on this particular promo - will be fixed shortly (~ within next 15 minutes). If you ran into any issues, email crackberrysupport at *

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As we head into the weekend, Friday's DoD is definitely one to be aware of. From ShapeServices, IM+ All-in-One Messenger is on sale for 50% off! That's $19.97 vs. its regular $39.95 price. IM+ integrates pretty much every popular instant messaging service (now including twitter support) into one feature-rich BlackBerry application. Some great new features were added recently (speech recognition!) so be sure to jump on over to the product page and read the description for all the details and check out the customer reviews. A free trial is available, so you can quickly give it a go. If you like what you see, you have until midnight tonight to pick it up for half price!

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Reader comments

Deal of the Day: IM+ All-in-One Messenger for 50% Off!


For whatever reason it is not letting me buy this as 50% off...anyone having problems with this?

I too am having the same problem. 50% off isnt applying I was looking for a discount code to apply to the purchase.

Or any other paid multi protocal IM client when Instango is free and just as feature packed!! Save your money! $20 lmao

20$ for an IM app, that's too much, just wonder why all these IM apps under BB are so pricey...

just found out that IM+ all in one Messenger for iPhone is 4.99$ today(regular price 10.99$) lol

Why does it say storm edition when I view the deal at the store? Is this deal only for the Storm? I have the Bold. "IM+ All-in-One Messenger Storm Edition"

I was waiting for this app to go from outrageously priced to ridiculously priced so I can ditch the native FREE rim im apps that work just as good as this if not better! Yeah right.

Can someone, anyone please teach these guys some simple math. Id rather sell 10,000 copies of an app for $1.99 then have is sit there, stale at $40 freaking bucks. considering the competition that either free or much lower cost.

These are used car tactics, overprice the app, then cut the price so we think we're getting a super deal. No thanks.

Seeing it as "Storm Edition" and not as 50% off. Then, seeing it on iPhone for a 1/4 of our bargain price? I'll wait.

Damn, i purchased it for 4.6os edition, but it shows storm edition..... what the hell is going on? btw I purchased it on MobiHand

The issue has been fixed. The developer made changes to the IM+ product entry during this promotion (some hours ago), which caused conflicts with the Deal-of-the-Day logic.

Now purchase is working fine - you can select your device, and purchase at the DoD discount. If you have purchased today and got the incorrect version, please contact

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Sorry, but this is garbage. The voice type feature doesn't work, and it thinks my Tour is a Storm.

The icons are small, and nothing like Bejive. At least Bejive looks like the naitive Blackberry IM apps. Also, there is no icon tolet you know you have a new IM. And the intervace is garbage, as well.

I'm sorry, but 20dollars for this is rediculous.

If Bejive was 20 for full licence, from phone to phone, then i'd get that, but 30 to swap phones is rediculous too.

With the Tour now, I can keep all the IM clients becuase I got TONS OF APP SPACE!!!


If we weren't able to con you into paying $40 for a $3 product, maybe you'll now pay $20 for it! I think I'll wait for a decent DoD.

WHY exactly would I need this? I have Googletalk, which is the only chat I use, so what the purpose of me spending money on an "inclusive" chat app? Not being mean or anything, just asking a question.

Now instead of being a completely insane ripoff, it's only a substantial ripoff. Instangp, eBuddy and Palringo are all free, kids. So are the individual chat clients if you don't want the all-in-one. Instango would actually be my favorite of all the ones I've tried, ignoring price entirely. More power to these guys if they can sell their product at this figure, but I think even half of is a bit ridiculous.