Deal of the Day: Get Empower SMS Viewer for 50% Off!

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Sep 2009 09:57 am EDT
This deal is expired
Get Empower SMS Viewer for 50% Off!

If you're tired of waiting for RIM to roll out threaded SMS in an official operating system update, today is a great day to take advantage of the next best thing - Empower SMS Viewer. This has been a top selling app in the CrackBerry App Store and until midnight (cst) tonight you can grab it for 50% off it's regular price... that's $7.49 vs. $14.99. SMS Viewer features include:

  • Customizable graphic backgrounds - use the one given, or choose your own!
  • Separate Incoming and Outgoing SMS icons.
  • Express better with real graphic Smileys.
  • Turns HTML URLs into colorful web links.
  • Quick compose using SMS Templates and SMS Smileys!
  • Different colors for font, style and headers.
  • Numerous customization option to configure it exactly the way you want.
  • Integrates with Quick SMS and SMS Popup apps.
  • Seamless Integration with native SMS application.

Be sure to jump over to the product page at the link below to read all of the customer reviews and you can go to our original blog post for some more details (Bla1ze loves this app!).

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Reader comments

Deal of the Day: Get Empower SMS Viewer for 50% Off!


Can someone convince me to purchase this? I don't see a reason when 5.0 is coming out soon with threaded SMS...

For the Tour'ers, can anyone confirm that OS .53, or even 5.0, will include threaded SMS messaging? I have been procrastinating about this App. It's a good App, but I don't want to dump andy $$$ into it and it may come standard w/the latest OS.

It will. I am running .191 and it does have threaded SMS. It's(the RIM version) a little buggy though, at least for me. After reading a new sms, sometimes the icon still shows 1 new msg. It is great to see the conversation formatted like that though so I am keeping it for now.

I just don't think it's worth it makes viewing SMS feel laggy when you open one. I just got the trial version and think I would rather a SuperSize #3 at McDonald's than this.

I am like some others that have already posted, I would love to have the threaded SMS but I don't want to pay for something that will be free with the new OS 5.0. Is it worth it?

When they gave this app away like a week ago I was one of the 50 to win it. I have a storm and no special program with SMS. It's a decent program, I'm enjoying it so far. I don't think it's worth the $14.99 price tag, but at $7.99 I think it's a decent deal. I'm assuming they are doing all this promo for it because when OS 5.0 comes out that has threaded SMS. I'm not sure this is as great as some people make it out to be when it comes to threaded SMS. My messages already showed up under new incoming ones so the "threaded" aspect wasn't as new or exciting as it should be. The only big difference I can see so far is that you can change the color, size, and header options.

He totally bailed on dinner plans.... and how did she not know her boyfriend was in another continent.



I wouldn't care for this app considering the coming threaded SMS in an official release (and it's already available in the latest leaks...)

I hear you guys saying the new version 5.0 for Verizon is going to have the threaded SMS for the BB's... Any idea when this version is coming out? I definitely don't want to buy something that is gonna be available on a download soon enough? thanks!

I tried trail version didnt like very slow to open and not true threaded sms im using the leaked OS and the threaded in that is great

I dont see anywhere in the description that says threaded sms. Unless I dont understand threaded sms, this is not like the threaded sms in .191. you still have to hit reply and open up a new box. threaded sms, you dont have to do that, it is just like IM's or blackberry messenger works. And again, they are not advertising this as threaded message.

Now how they are advertising it, the program works great for the most part. There is a little lag in opening a message, but tolerable. It is nice to be able to change the colors of the background so it is not so bright at night or dark areas. If you use the white background provided from RIM, it is like staring into a flashlight while reading/typing. Not so with this program.

I will agree, the $15 price tag is a little spendy, I would not have spent that much for it.

I was fortunate to win this app as well a couple of weeks ago. I think its great. I like the ability to change the background to any image you want. Adds the ability to make templates for super quick responses. ie. Be there in 5.

Also, you can enable enter to send messages so it feels more like IM.

Overall, I like the app much better than the native SMS function. However, I would definitely not pay $14.99 for it. The most I would pay for this app after trying it out is $5.

I believe there is a free trial, so try it out before you bash it.

I bought it for the discounted 50% off price. Now I wish I would have went to the buffet and bought my GF and I a filling meal.

The reason why I think this program sucks is because it merely sits on top of your normal SMS program as a secondary program. It should at least feel like "THe" SMS program on your phone and not just a measly cover-up wall paper type program. Even worse, to view the threaded SMS, you have to click on the Incoming text message in your inbox Just as you normally would anyway, thereby taking more time and decreasing the whole Ideology of the blackberry/productivity.

If there was a way for this program to totally replace or at least feel like it replaces the BB SMS, then I would love it. As of this version of Empower, not much has changed and it's on the side of the line of Suckiness.

I am using empower SMS on my Storm 9530 with V8.5 (BBCrackman). It was working gr8.

Then I loaded OS & found that EMpower SMS sudenyy wont work.
I will get the keyboard & have to manually hide it.
Also the bakground wallpaper on empower is no longer visible
I nowget a small windo to type my sms.

I wrote to tech support but never got a response.

So I did the next wise thing... switched back to OS 8.5 & am at peace with empower sms