Deal of the Day: Get BerryPopup for 50% Off Today Only

By Adam Zeis on 13 May 2010 09:09 am EDT

Recently updated BerryPopup is today's Deal of the Day, and you can grab it for 50% off. The gives you preview "popups" for your incoming messages, allowing you to quickly view emails and SMS, and choose to delete, reply or just save for later. A great utility for power users who get loads of email throughout the day. BerryPopup will save you the time of going to your messages folder since not matter what app you are in, you will get a preview when new items arrive. You can grab it today only for $3.47 (50% off) in the CrackBerry App Store. You can also check out the Deal of the Day everyday with the updated CrackBerry Mobile Superstore client.

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Deal of the Day: Get BerryPopup for 50% Off Today Only


I'm gonna give this a try... But i don't like to think that apps like that are running in the background and taking up my memory...

I installed the free edition of this, and when I have my phone locked, BerryPopup unlocks the phone when an email or sms comes in!

Someone posted this issue on their support form, but there have been no responses from Bellshare!

you can pick it up in the app store for 2.99. it has been that price on the app store for at LEAST a week now, i just picked it up for 2.99 the other day. If you purchase it through their site its 6.99.

so go through the app store and pay via paypal not through bellshare's checkout.

I really like this app, it doesn't unlock my phone when its locked. It has the option to turn off popups when it is locked/holstered.

Thanks for the post, it must only be the free version. I am going to get the full version and give it a try.

I tried out BerryPopup... its not for me, yeah you get to see most or all your messages right away but the reply feature for mail and sms turned me off. Mail it didn't add the original txt in the reply, and sms it did not show the threaded messages. nice idea still I found myself going to the mail and sms screen even after seeing the popup. so why give myself more work when I'm just going to go to the message screen anyway.

Had it on my Storm and now on my Storm 2. I wish it would pop up for BBM (like Leave It On) but this is one of my must have apps!

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP!!! This app has a feature that prevents popups to stop in certain applications; however, the feature does not work!! When in bbm, for example, i will be typing a message and or deleting text and will accidentally delete messages from popup window. VERY ANNOYING!!

I have contacted Bellshare and they don't give a sh*t.

this has been my experience. I was less than pleased with the free version. the fact that it pops up at all times, EVEN IF I'M TYPING AN EMAIL OR SMS... plus, on top of that, I have to close the popup, there is no automatic timeout of the popup, so it just sits there...

it would be great if I could have it only pop up when the phone is locked/muted, or when there has been no user input (ie typing, cursor movement) for a selectable amount of time.

also, when I get an email and I click open, I want it to open that email, not my messages list (and the same for sms's...).

until these issues get resolved I'll hold on to my money.

@six4seven, because of one little issue?! What ev.

I was lucky enough to get a free copy when Crackberry had a giveaway and I am still loving it. Works flawlessly for me!

I forget I have it installed sometimes because it just feels like a built in part of the OS. Good job BellShare!

I have been using this for a number of years, well worth the price. BerryPopup is one of my top 5 favorite blackberry apps

It really makes me more productive.
I have mine set for 30 sec.

I have the fonts adjusted large enough so at a glance I know whether it's an important msg or not and I can see an entire sms without scrolling. (10 for Header and 10 for Msg.)

I love the fact that I can the pics display as well. (set at x-large.

I went through my Outlook and made sure I had pics assigned to all of my most common contacts (family and close friends)

Give it a go.

Good Luck

Wish I could have bought at this price. But, its an excellent app especially for those with BES who get tons of email throughout the day.

I find it interesting that the "problems" listed above are due to people not knowing how the app works.

Incidentally, it does mute while using other apps you designate.

I find myself reading and responding to messages from my phone even while in front of my computer because they get delivered to my berry first and they get displayed right away.

Bellshare makes great apps, I have berryweather, berrypopup and berrybuzz. They look like they were meant to be part of the OS as stated above. And no I don't work for Bellshare.