Deal of the Day: Get BerryBuzz for 50% Off!

Get BerryBuzz for 50% Off!
By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2009 10:10 am EDT
This deal is expired

Another Friday, another pretty awesome CrackBerry Deal of the Day. You can grab BerryBuzz for 50% off it's regular $5.95 price until midnight CST tonight. That's $2.97 for what is a really popular and useful BlackBerry application. 

If you're not familiar with BerryBuzz (BBuzz on App World), it unleashes the power of your BlackBerry's alert system, allowing you to customize the color of the LED and create repeating audible reminders for many alert types. You can jump over to the product page at the link below for more info, customer reviews and to purchase.

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Deal of the Day: Get BerryBuzz for 50% Off!


I purchased this App about a month ago. I had to exchange my TOUR due to the trackball issue. I would like to get this App downloaded to my replacement TOUR without paying for it again. Can you help? I sent an E Mail to the Crackberry App store last week without response.

I had to do the same thing, just go to Mobihand and log into your account there, then you can change your PIN. If you have already changed your PIN once, you have to submit a request to customer service, just explain what happened, and they will send you an e-mail letting you know that your'e updated. Took me a couple of hours to get the e-mail from them, and they gave me new codes for all the apps I have purchased. Hope this helps.

i would recommend it to anyone. one of the best for the storm. works great !! for 5.95 its worth it, for 2.97 its a steal !!! it allows you to have your phone on vibrate or silent and still know what kind of message you got. i believe the update even incorporates twitter and facebook.

Definitely a great deal. I got it back during Tour week when it was 50% as well and it is by far my favorite app. Must buy!

I was always so tempted to get this app...and they finally got me! If your thinking of getting it, you wont regret it.

I literally just purchased the app yesterday after my 7 day trial ended. Sucks that it's available for half price today. D'ah well! $6 well spent :)

This is by far one of my favorite applications. If you don't have it, it is a must. It won't disappoint.


Bought this couple months back, love it! Especially the latest version.

Terms of customer service, I've had no problems getting new activation whenever I switched devices (3rd device now since). Use the online customer support page, you can update your PIN and they will send you a new activiation code within seconds.

I had bigtincan the free version, then i tried the free version of this and after about 2mins i bought it, soooo worth, after 5 hrs all my friends with blackberries were jealous of my purple txt mgs indicator, and my blue idle light and my disco ball call indicator

I think this is messed up that you would advertise this app as being half off then won't let you buy it? WTF, if i'm doing something wrong then please someone let me know like asap. My pin is 30E050bd. Thanks