Deal of the Day: Get Alarms Pro for 50% Off - Only $2.49!

BBSmart Alarms Pro for 50% Off - $2.49 Today Only!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Sep 2009 08:51 am EDT
This deal is expired

Here's a solid CrackBerry Deal of the Day offering I just had to post here in the blogs... until midnight CST tonight, you can get BBSmart Alarms Pro for 50% off its regular price - $2.49 vs. $4.99. Considering when this app initially came out on the market it sold for $15.00 (and was still at the top of the best sellers list at that price), to now be able to grab it for $2.49 is a steal.

If you're not familiar with Alarms Pro, be sure to check out our CrackBerry Review on it or jump over to the product page for customer reviews. Alarms Pro is a powerful multi-alarm application that offers the following features:

  • No limits! Create as many alarms as you want!
  • Choose from four cool alarm sounds or pick your own mp3's to wake up to!
  • Set snooze times for 1, 2, 5 minutes all the way up to an hour
  • Easily set quick alarms - perfect for alarms to grab the washing (30 minutes from now), or just to grab a quick power nap (wake me up in 15 minutes!)
  • Friendly, easy to use software designed by people for people (big buttons easy to read in the morning with sleepy eyes)
  • Create alarm templates so setting new alarms with your favorite preferences is a breeze!   

Alarms Pro was recently updated to version 2.2, which added support for the BlackBerry Tour, added in the option to disable the banner icon and also fixed a number of small bugs.

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Deal of the Day: Get Alarms Pro for 50% Off - Only $2.49!


I'm every once in awhile it's nice to see an app hit that "sweet spot". They are practically giving this away so I can't help but try it out. It looks worth it... 'cept for some of the reviews. Not sure how old those are though.

Can this app also work as a profile app?
I was looking for a app that could set the profile to silent at a certain time of day and then normal a few hours latter.
Tried profiler but it drained the battery a little to a bit and did not work when in the holster.
Battery loss with the fact that it didn't work when in the holster wasn't worth the drain.
Any advice?


So useless to me. I need the alarm to be able to wake up the berry and then ring it's little alarm heart out.

I just puchased, downloaded and tried it out. Two words; love it. It is flexible and extremely easy to use. Thanks CB for showcasing another useful app.

ps Great price too!

This is definitely the bomb diggity! Plays my music as an alarm as well as the predefined joints. Had it and loved it since it came out. Get it!

I switched phones and have not been able to reload my app. the confirmation number i have does work when trying to get this back. I tried emailing there support email and have had no response. Should i be able to use this app on my new phone wityhout having to purchase it again?

thanks for any help

All you have to do is go into your calender and set your alerts for the whole day or days in advance. Your can set your phone to alert you at the specific time and it will show what is scheduled for that time of the day.

...about the calendar. Seems like you can already set custom repeating alarms using your built in calendar and also type notes to tell exactly what the alarm is for.

I absolutely love this app and have had it for over a year. The first couple of releases were very buggy, with some issue with the alarm shutting off prematurely etc. I believe most of the bugs have been fixed and even some nice bells and whistles added to it in the lastest versions.

The reason why I love this app is because: multiple alarms (one for the weekday, one for the weekend), you can quickly set up a quick alarm for things like a power nap, and it's easy to enable and disable alarms.

The only drawback I see is quick alarms only allow for up to 99 minutes (what if I want to sleep for two hours...I have to setup a regular alarm).

lol. I think I was one of those guys that paid full price (or, close to it). The app has been worth the cost. I use it to wake up to my favorite tunes or to remind me to check the BBQ, etc.

One of my favs for my Curve 8330.

If it doesn't, download a free app called "Start Me Up" which lets you run any number of apps when your BB reboots.

I've owned this app for over a year now. It is very user friendly and an indispensible additiion to your Berry. I use mine several times a day, seven days a week. This is my hands-down favorite application on my Berry. Get it. It's inexpensive, it's versitile, it's helpful, it's easy, and now it's on sale. You can't go wrong.

Please, please extend the sale? I downloaded the trial yesterday but forgot to buy it! I love this app and will pay the full price if i have to but would love to get the 1/2 off :)