Deal of the Day: BlackBerry Tour Week! Day 2 Special: Get Beyond 160 for $3.49 - 50% Off!

Deal of the Day: Beyond160
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Aug 2009 01:42 am EDT
This deal is expired

The BlackBerry Tour is sold by CDMA carriers, and those guys often seem to have this nasty habbit of capping outgoing SMS messages to 160 characters (booourrns!). Beyond160 does exactly what the name says - it allows you to go Beyond 160 characters. Here's the deets:

  • A must-have application for users on Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, U.S. Cellular, Bell, Telus, and all other CDMA carriers with a 160 (or 140) character limit when composing a text message.
  • Field full? Simply hit Menu --> Go Beyond160 and continue typing as much as you want.
  • Make your message as long as you want and Beyond160 will automatically send it in multiple parts with the appropriate markers... (1/3), (2/3), (3/3).
  • Sent messages will go to your normal Outbox.
  • Saved drafts will go to your normal Inbox.
  • Send to one recipient, multiple recipients, or even contact groups you've created.
  • If you're tired of re-wording your text to try and make it fit... If you're tired of creating another message just to finish your thoughts... If you're tired of switching to MMS and not knowing if they'll receive it... Then get Beyond160 and experience the freedom!
  • Beyond160 will also work with QuickText, if installed, so try them both for the ultimate in texting efficiency.
  • PLEASE NOTE - Each message part is just like a normal SMS text message sent from your BlackBerry. So, if you don't have an unlimited text messaging plan, then carrier charges may apply. For example... If you type a message that is 350 characters long, Beyond160 will send it in 3 parts, which is the same as sending 3 individual text messages.

As Deal of the Day, you can get Beyond160 until Midnight CST tonight for only $3.49 - that's 50% off its regular $6.99 price. A free trial is available, so you can give it a spin before you decide to buy. And be sure to jump over to the product page where you can read over 50 customer reviews. 

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Deal of the Day: BlackBerry Tour Week! Day 2 Special: Get Beyond 160 for $3.49 - 50% Off!


I just got a Blackberry.. do they not send msgs over 160 chars in multiple msgs? Every other phone I've owned automatically sent msgs over 160 chars in multiple msgs!

I wont be getting my Tour until next week and now I have to miss out on all these great sales!! You need your BB Pin# to order the apps and obviously I dont have that yet... So sad!! :(

If you check out the latest Storm2 video (5:30), you'll see the SMS message part where it says: "160 / 1 of 6". This is a clear indication, multi-SMS support will be in 5.0 OS.

You saw that because the Storm 2 was connected to AT&T, which is a GSM carrier. That will happen now on the current Storm or Tour *if* it's connected to a GSM network. Still no go on CDMA networks, though, like Verizon and Sprint.

good catch on the 160 / 1 of 6. i was two seconds away from buying this too - i can wait a couple weeks ;)

4 bucks (well, less than 4 bucks) to support a great product is worth only using it for a few weeks/months to me.

Ahh, I was hoping for this deal when I first got the Tour! I use Beyond160 for at least 80% of the texts I write. I often find myself right in the middle of a word or thought and hitting the field full. With Beyond160, I can just continue. It's a cool app. Definately worth buying.

Now, one thing that potential buyers should be aware of, is that there some kind of problem with the BB OS and the program, that the developer put up a work-around solution. If you start a text and need to go into Beyond160 when the field becomes full, you'll see a flashing of your screen. That is normal. It's just the workaround solution. You can avoid that problem by starting your text message from within the Beyond160 app instead of the normal Compose SMS function. There's a thread somewhere on the forums that talks about it. Either way, Beyond160 is a great app, definately one of my favorites, and too bad, I needed too much to wait for this cool sale.

Since I don't mind the flashing screen much, I use the normal SMS function, so that I can use my Quicklaunch shortcuts to bring up my SMS contacts. I rarely use the Beyond160 app directly.


I actually grabbed the trial today because my text's were getting to the limit constantly lately. Then BLAMMO! ON SALE!

Thanks CB and the B160 team!

When using this app you have to reselect the contact again. What a pain in the ass this is. The app works well, the text transfers over to the Beyond 160 program, but the contact doesn't.

Pretty sucky if you ask me. This should be noted on the main page. I wouldn't have purchased this product if I knew this.

Not for me.

I'm using it on my Alltel Curve 8330 (.160) and I start a reply in the normal SMS menu, and then hit the menu key and "Go Beyond 160" and it transfers the contact, and my message over to the 160.

I just gave in and bought this app at 1:01AM on 8/18/09 and a few hours later it is half off... don't I deserve a 50% refund? Considering I DID purchase it on the DAY of the DOD.

I just released my threaded sms app for .99 on the crackberry store, it allows you to go "beyond 160" as well, alerting you when you go over 160 characters but letting you continue as long as you like. check it out at

Awww shit..I forgot to comeback and purchase BeWeather yesterday for half price, How about we put that back up for half price Kevin, I can't believe I forgot.

WHAT!? CDMA carriers don't allow you to write over 160??? to be you guys.

I have a TOUR unlocked to a GSM carrier and I can go well beyond 160!


Since I got my Tour, I've paid for two apps, BerryWeather and Beyond160. After downloading the trials I waited about a week hoping they would be the DotD, but to no avail. So I bought both, about $20.

Now they go on sale one after the other?!? AHHH

That's why I haven't bought the Empower Email Viewer yet. At $30, I am patiently waiting for it to go on sale. :-)

This is seriously one of the best apps out there you can buy! I bought this a couple days after I got my Tour and I have used it several times, just wish it was on sale then as it is now. Oh well. I'm still happy!