Deal of the Day: BlackBerry Tour Week! Day 3 Special: Get BerryBuzz 2.0 for $2.97 - 50% Off!

DOD - BerryBuzz 2.0
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2009 11:53 am EDT
This deal is expired

BlackBerry Tour Week continues, and today's app is an in-demand one! in fact, before I even had a chance to blog this up several threads popped up in the forums about BerryBuzz being available today for 50% Off!

If you're not familiar with BerryBuzz, it allows you to REALLY customize the alerts and notifications on your BlackBerry. This is CrackBerry Adam's favorite BlackBerry app... so I'll quote him from a previous post he wrote up on BerryBuzz 2.0:

Of all the applications I have used while owning a BlackBerry, I have to say that BerryBuzz is by far my favorite. The first release was awesome in that it easily let you specifiy different LED colors for emails, SMS and phone calls. In the newly updated BerryBuzz 2.0, Bellshare has stepped up their game. There are a ton of additional options in this update. You can set LED alerts for emails, SMS, phone calls, calendar events and more. You can tweak the LED flash settings like interval and slow flash time. There is even a "disco" light which flashes different colors and is hard to miss (check out this video for a demo). The biggest addition has to be the ability to set an LED alert for BlackBerry Messenger - which in the past "couldn't be done".

There you have it! You can jump over to the product page for more information, customer reviews and to buy it today (you have until midnight CST) for only $2.97 - 50% off it's regular price.

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Deal of the Day: BlackBerry Tour Week! Day 3 Special: Get BerryBuzz 2.0 for $2.97 - 50% Off!


this comes two days after I bought the app. :( I tried the trial and loved it, so went ahead and bought it...oh well. Great app!

This app is my fav. app on all my berry's. This latest version allows you to even sett time intervals between LED flashes, and even flash length!

I love this program....I've had it for several months ~ started off with the 1st version and can't live without it.

I downloaded it but cant get it to work. When I click on it in my downloads folder a box flashes for a brief second that says Reminders cleared?? but I don't have anything set up! I can't do anything with the program in my profiles either! Help! I feel like this was a waste of $$

You need to go to "options" and you will see it there. When you select it, you will get all the options to use it.

I is one of the most useful apps I have. And a big thanks to (I won the app in a contest!).

I dont get my Tour until NEXT WEEK!! I tried to buy these apps, but in checkout it asks for your PIN#... Just not fair :\

i am 0 for 2 on the Bellshare apps...bought them both last week. Oh well still great apps and I did get 20% on both.

I had the original BerryBuzz as a trial, and had it in mind to buy at some point, but I kept putting it off. It's a bargain as well at full price, but at this price, I just couldn't say no.

For anyone wondering 'Should I buy this?' the answer is yes, Yes, YES!

Trust me, you won't regret it at this price. You wouldn't even regret it at full price!

I bought it.. i was waiting for it to be the Deal of the day! wooooooooo i love the "disco" light.. it's so blinding and nauseating..haha

Here are my reasons why I said that.

1)The app freezes your blackberry.
2)It slows/brings down trackball's capability
2)You will see your old verizon background occasionally whenever you go on apps from homepage.

It may seem cool to you but, it is not worth it...

I have this app and it doesn't do any of the things the previous poster warned about. Works great on my tour without any side effects

Awesome I just finished my trial with this app and checked the store today to find it was on sale! Picked it up right away. Now can we get half off Berry Weather 1.5?!

I might be upgrading from my Pearl to a Tour soon, and I'm wondering if I will have to buy the app again for my new phone. I love the 50% off, but I'd only like to pay for it once... at least for now, providing Bellshare keeps making people pay for the upgrades.

Anyone know the answer to this? Thanks!

totally jumped on this last night, pretty excited haha, was a beta tester..but never bought it, now it's half price! wee. love not having to actually look at my phone to know what's happening :)