Deal of the Day: BerryPopup Available for 50% Off!

By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jul 2009 03:33 am EDT
Berry Popup Available for 50% Off

I received a couple of tweets yesterday asking when CrackBerry's next Deal of the Day would be... If it's daily, shouldn't it be every day?? The answer to that question is simple, it is daily! Though we won't blog about the Deal of the Day every single day, when visiting the website simply click on the App Store link on the site's main menu above and you will always be able to find the current DoD and the amount of time remaining on the deal. We've also set up, which you can type directly into your browser to jump straight to the DoD. Keep in mind if a device model is not set yet in the device selector tool you will need to choose your device before you see the Deal of the Day title available.

That said, we'll be sure to make a blog post about the DoD on a fairly regular basis, especially when it's one of our favorite BlackBerry apps up for grabs at 50% off. Today the app is BellShare's BerryPopup. BerryPopup allows you to preview incoming emails and SMS messages the moment they arrive on your device, no matter what application you are in - very handy for those who spend a lot of time with their device in hand and don't want to quit what they're doing in order to see who just emailed/SMSed when the blinking red light appears. As today's DoD, you can get BerryPopup for $3.47 vs. it's regular $6.95 price. Definitely a solid app and a great deal.

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Deal of the Day: BerryPopup Available for 50% Off!


question guys....

i dont have my berry yet (dont know what im waiting for) but i'm definately gettin the 8900 within a couple of days..
can i purchase this app and then install when i get my device?

dont want to miss out on this deal?

When purchasing, you'll be asked for your BlackBerry's PIN... which you won't have since you don't yet have the device. You should be able to enter a made up PIN for the time being to complete the purchase. Then when you get your device, you'll need to immediately request a new activation code ( crackberrysupport @ ) from support based off your new device's PIN.



ok cool thanks... well i will purchase and hope for the best, i should have my berry within a week hopefully sooner.

I currently own Aerize.. and I've been threw the trial for BerryPopUp.. It's tough choice really.. BerryPopUp Offers mroe options then Aerize (Aerize only has Open, Mark, Delete, Ok) BerryPopUp has more options for customization.. Plus BellShare Support is alive.. I haven't heard or seen anything new from Aerize in a while.. Are they still around?

I've been waiting on a few apps to go sale before purchasing including this one. Now if only BWeather & Beyond160 would go on sale, I'd be an happy camper.

This is so customizeable that it beats Peek-A-Who. I can change the fonts on both the heading and the body. You have way more choices with BerryPopUp. A good app at a great price!

Wooooot! Cool beans! I love Bellshare. Their apps are so classy-looking and perfect. I had no problem forking over $10 for their awesome weather app (BerryWeather) aaaaand it has a RADAR option!

I'm almost positive there's a 7-day trial and trust me, you won't be disappointed. Beautiful UI.

Very nice - like all their other apps. The choices they give you are amazing. You can customize everything. The flick scroll between locations is the best. Thanks for the great advice!

I'm down. I love how these themes allow us to utilize cool technologies from other devices... Kind of a take from the good from the others and incorporate into our own. Pretty sweet.

I bought this at full price when i got my tour and love it, only gripe is the wasted space to the right of the senders name/email/number. im talking about without a photo assigned to that contact entry

I won this in a crackberry contest and it is a great app. I like being able to see the email as it arrives and marking it as read, deleting it, or forwarding/replying to it without going into my inbox. Well worth the money if messaging is one of the primary functions of your BB.