Deal of the Day: AddOnIs - 40% Off!

By Adam Zeis on 9 Oct 2009 08:42 am EDT
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If you've been holding off on buying AddOnIs, now is your chance to grab it at a great price. The app sells regularly for $9.95 but you can get it today only for just $5.97. AddOnIs packs a ton of great features into one application, so you have no excuse not to pick it up. Add firewall options, call vibrate, SMS signature, autolock and more. AddOnIs is available for all devices running OS 4.6 or highger.

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Deal of the Day: AddOnIs - 40% Off!


I downloaded BerrAddOn when it was a beta app and have been using it faithfully. Since it's free and works just fine, I really don't see any reason to spend the money to upgrade to virtually the same thing....or is it that much different??

I tried this app the other day on my 8900 and it would not pick up and hang up. It sent all blocked calls to voicemail. Did not block any calls while the phone was in standby. Anyone get this to pick up and hang up on the 8900?

You have to take note of the exact wording you get on the screen when a call with blocked caller ID comes in. Then you have to go into AddOnis' Call Firewall settings page and click the Advanced button. Enter the text exactly as it appears on the incoming call screen, i. e. Unknown number. If you use your Berry in a language other than English, you do have to enter the text in the language the device uses.

By the way, this is waaay too cheap programming when the user has to do all this, which kinds of justifies why most users aren't happy with AddOnis pricing even after the discounts.

I can tell you that I used it on my 8900 and it worked perfectly. What are your permissions set to? Have you tried the v1.1 update?

PM me and we'll get you going!

I'd say the price is right, if it weren't for the fact that the Call Firewall is the only useful feature there. All other stuff is the stuff that annoys the heck out of me on other phones (vibrating on call connect, prompting to save a contact, etc.) so I disabled all of these.

I had high hopes for the Auto-lock feature, and it turns out it does the opposite of what I needed. RIM is already way too annoying forcing auto-lock down your throat every hour or less. Why would you auto-lock the phone even sooner than RIM's time options? I was hoping AddOnis' Auto-lock would allow to disable the auto-lock, or at least make it less annoying (like every four hours instead of one). No dice.

Finally, my Curve 8900's Wi-Fi died on me so I had to exchange my device. Now AddOnis won't work because the registration is tied to the device's PIN. I say AddOnis is not worth the trouble.

What in the WORLD are you talking about?? RIM doesn't "force auto-lock down your throat". You CLEARLY need to do some searching, and you should have done it before you posted this malarkey.

The reason for Auto-Lock is to prevent accidental key presses.

... Until you assign a password to your device, then RIM's auto-lock does more than just prevent accidental keypresses - it annoys the crap out of you, more than Vista's UAC! Locking a BlackBerry is as easy as pressing a button, why would I need more spoonfeeding for that?

Really? Tell me...which magical button do you press to lock the 8800, 8100, 8300, etc?

The Autolock feature does not even work that way. What in the world are you talking about?

If you got a new device and you are registered, did you ask us for a new registration code? If so, we would have gladly given it to you?

Please get your facts correct!

Ignore the troll. That guy clearly is a noob and has no idea what he's talking about.

AddOnIs Pro version is coming (look in 3rd party apps forum on this site), why purchase this version when you can beta test the Pro version for free and use it till they release the final Pro. Save your money people.

On a side note, AddOnIs is a useful app but the developers really need to speak with someone that has sold apps in the past. In less than a month this app has had 4 price changes since its release and on top of that they all of a sudden jump into creating a Pro version which really isn't all the much different from the current version. Why not just put those features in the current version to boost sales?

I hope that some users feel that it is worth paying for an app rather than using beta after beta. And why pass judgement on a Beta product that was just put out yesterday?

My blackberry has become a research study tool. I work at a University and just started using a message scheduler app to send out twice-weekly, pre-scheduled reminder emails to research study subjects. These folks need to perform certain research related tasks using a web-based tool, and need to be reminded to do this--lest they forget. If they forget then we don't have the data we need to successfully complete our study. These study emails are, of course, secure and protected according to industry guidelines.