Deadliest Catch game for BlackBerry now available

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2010 12:18 pm EDT
Deadliest Catch for BlackBerryDeadliest Catch for BlackBerry

Deadliest Catch is a big hit around CrackBerry HQ, so when I saw a game of the same name pop up in BlackBerry App World I was very excited. I quickly downloaded it and was up and running. Deadliest Catch consists of various mini-games while you set sail to catch crab in the Bering Sea. Buy your boat, choose your crew & bait and off you go. You'll have to navigate to the crab grounds, fight off bad weather, drop your pots, haul your crab and more. Deadliest Catch is a cool strategy game that plays fairly well on BlackBerry. At times the controls were a bit shaky and over-sensitive, but I really enjoyed it for the most part. It is available on all devices in US and Canada and sells for $6.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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Deadliest Catch game for BlackBerry now available


wow this looks good, but why do devs cut out a section of the market by making it US and canada only? :(
im in the UK, so thats $6.99 i wont be spending :(

Love that show, too bad AppWorld isn't available for us to use. I have my BaseBall App. still waiting on it for me that I paid 10 bucks for and I can not download it due to no AppWorld. The App to buy Apps isn't available. Very smart business by Rim. I get more pissed because I bought that BaseBall App to be able to listen to games while at work.

I'm not cheap, but why do these games always cost a few more dollars than I would like to pay.

If 100 people bought this game, do ya think that total amount is a bit more than what it cost to put into it?

The screenshot with the triangular carat and the crab at the top of the screen looks like Star Trek for DOS back in the seventies.... or maybe Asteroids with a better image behind us.

Maybe even the infamous Lunar Lander, which Klaus Fluoride, bassist of the Dead Kennedys, taught me to play at the video arcade across the alley from Mabuhay Gardens.

My husband and I are faithful DC watchers, and would love to have this game for our BBs, but $6.99 is a little to much.