Quick Review: Dead Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 19 Aug 2011 11:16 am EDT

Yesterday we saw the release of EA's latest game for the BlackBerry PlayBook, Dead Space. It's a pretty amazing action game that brings gaming on the PlayBook to a new level. While the price tag is a bit high for a game at $9.99, many of you have already jumped in and purchased Dead Space. Personally I love it so far and the $9.99 isn't that much for a game of this caliber. For those of you that haven't yet made the decision, check out the video above for some of the gameplay and hopefully you can get a better idea if Dead Space is for you.

More information/download of Dead Space for BlackBerry PlayBook

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Quick Review: Dead Space for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Sweet, I downloaded it this morning but haven't played yet. Will watch the review at lunch


I used to play Dead Space for ps3 and this version for the playbook is awesome, excellent graphics and feels nice when you play it. I hope they start showing the true potential of the playbook cause no tablet in the market is as powerful as the playbook

Hi @Douglasfx,

Alex from RIM here. Glad to hear you’re enjoying Dead Space! I actually beat both Dead Space 1 and 2 on my Xbox 360, so I'm excited to give it a try on my PlayBook.

I must admit that I'm biased, but I find it very cool that I can have such a triple-A gaming experience in both graphics and playability on my PlayBook. We love hearing how PlayBook owners are putting the tablet to use, so when you find the time, we’d love to hear from you – either here, or even on Twitter (@BlackBerry) or Facebook (http://bbry.lv/bdmrXv).

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

not sure if i want to buy it but if madden comes out and has online play its a wrap im in on that. i would pay 10 for madden. lets go RIM and EA, LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN

If I haven't already played this game I would be all over it... Can't wait for those games they teased us with a while back, can't remember what they're called though.

I would buy that in an instant.

Too bad Microsoft bought Lionhead... I would have loved to see some Black and White action on the PlayBook. Think of the gestures!

I don't get it...I really don't.

When I was a yung'un in the early 80's, I would regularly drop $20 plus dollars ($40 equivalent today) on a CD that had one or two songs I liked. That was the price of cutting edge technology back then, and no one complained. After all, you could still buy the same music on cassettes if you really wanted to. I also remember dropping $50+ for games on my uber-cool Atari 2600.....you, know, the types of games you now find on your $20 throwaway Nokia....

Now, out comes a software game that looks like the 'bomb' (cripes, I hope I don't sound like an idiot trying to sound cool) that delivers a remarkable gaming experience that will take even the most skilled gamer dozens of hours to master. It likely took tens of thousands of hours to develop by some very skilled people. And yet, one of the most common comments that I have read here and in App World, is the price is 'steep'. Are you kidding me?

Movie-1.5 hours = $12
Good book- 12$ hours =$12
One hand of blackjack = $10++++
Two rides at the county fair= $10

From what I've seen and heard on this game, it's inherent value equals nothing less than the deal of the century. How is the price for the game on the iPhone relevent?

I don't know if I really like this new 'I want everything for free - or damn close to it' generation.


Are many posters here really in fact living in mom's basement?

Thanks for the blast to the past. I still have an old Atari in storage somewhere. The reality is that the blog sphere is mostly populated by the younger generation. Guys that would remember paying $1200 for a 600 hz processer desktop PC are all grown up and have their own careers and only frequent the tech blogs to keep abreast with the latest and greatest. It's not too bad that they demand everything cheap, at least it keeps market prices from getting too high.

Though I tend to agree with you, kcdist, I think what the author was trying to convey was that in relation to other games available in the various app markets, $10 is expensive.

On the other hand, Dead Space is an entirely different calibre of game compared to, say, Angry Birds.

On a third hand (if you happen to posses one), EA is kind of milking a dead cow at this point after having made all their money off of the console and PC release. Not to mention that this was yesteryear's Dead Space.

I wasn't so much referring to the reviewer as I was to many that made reviews in App World and in the Crackberry Forums.

It's just amazing to me that anyone would focus on the price in the least other than to state that it's a heck of a deal.

And....all the power to EA. Even if they didn't start from scratch, they would have spent hundreds (1000s) of hours formatting the game for the Playbook.

My overall point is that people need to understand value in relation to products. Who is going to invest mega $ in developing exceptional software, if the market concensus is 'regardless how good it is, we want it for $1.99'.

People gladly shell out 50 bucks for PSP games and that's not including the cost in gas to drive to the mall and pick it up. 10 bucks is a steal IMO. O_o

So much piracy and cheap crap out there that people are tuned to pay nothing for things now, that's the problem. Of course people do need to make money and live but hey I want it for free or $0.99. Brutal.

I was happy to pay $10 for it. Great game.

I just bought one. The gaming experience is unreal! Im seriously hooked in this game...... i don't know how i will do on my finals tomorrow... :(

Anyway, good job on RIM's part!

But I do have one complaint. I know that attracting younger generation through games are good but how about business side? I am a full time univ student and own my business at the same time and I need some serious business tool.

Here's my biggest beef with RIM (from my experience). They claim Playbook as "professional" tablet. However, while it does meet my personal needs, it doesn't come close to meet my business needs. Can't create/edit power point, Excel is way TOO limited... Docs is not too bad but is missing some key features such as creating bullet points, inserting picture in the document, seeing how many pages, search for words, etc. Also, how come Playbook doesn't have an app that allows you to create a flow chart/brainstorming... In my opinion, these are essential, if not basic, features that tablet that claim to be "professional" should have................

Make it happen RIM!!!

If you're looking for a good app for brainstorming, check out Cogimap for the PlayBook.  I've managed to create some pretty extensive mind maps with it.

Also, this game is totally awesome. With headphones on, it scared the crap out of me several times. Very impressed with the 3D environment. 

Just bought it, tried it, seems okay with features missing. Can't understand the price point of 1.99 though.

Thanks Joe! and yes, headphones on. ..... . holy cow! impressed by the graphics too!

I'm with you on that gyubok, but I like what RIM has done with the native email and calendar on the PlayBook in 2.0. Perhaps they'll do the same for the Docs2Go tools.

I still have a serious problem of not having a decent video chat tool that is multi-platform: Skype, OoVoO, etc. Someone needs to step up to the plate!

This is a great game for the playbook and surely a sign of more titles to come! Kudos to EA for doing a great job porting this from the PS3. I had to close a few open apps before launching this for the first time since it closed automatically upon launching, I didn't get a low memory error or anything like that, it just closed. It launched successfully when I close all my other apps. Anyone else notice this?

I didn't see that when I played, but that's pretty standard for the PlayBook. If it doesn't have enough memory to run the application, it closes the most recently started app. Usually, I close the browser or some other memory-intensive app and try again. Works like a charm.

come on bring final fantasy games and generaly rpg's on playbook. pb has proccesor and graphic power for this kind of games. go for it!!!

Haven't bought it yet for the playbook but have it for the iPad 2 and overall it is pretty good. The graphics are astounding. I just don't dig the way you have to move around.

My question concerns that several times it looked like it stuttered, is this the game or the camera you were using to film it?