DDPB Installer for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.0.8 - Adds new user friendly UI

DDPB Installer
By Bla1ze on 27 Dec 2011 02:46 pm EST

If you frequent sideloading apps onto your BlackBerry PlayBook, then you've likely heard of and used the DDPB Installer app before. Given the fact that it allows you to install .BAR files to your PlayBook on the fly, it's a pretty awesome tool to have laying around and now it's been updated to v1.0.8. While not a whole lot has changed overall, the UI has been updated to be more user friendly and easier to figure out so if you're on Windows and use the app often, make sure you grab the latest version. Many thanks to Keeper for offering the tool for free to PlayBook owners.

Download DDPB Installer v1.0.8

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DDPB Installer for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.0.8 - Adds new user friendly UI


So...as I am new to this, am I to understand that I can only do this if I have a rooted PB? Or am on Beta OS 2.XX?
(Sideloading apps is what I'm talking about)

Has nothing to do with root.. if you have converted .BAR files, you can install them with this instead of using the more annoying methods such as messing with the PlayBook SDK and command line junk.

In order for converted Android apps to work, you do need the OS 2 developer build installed though.. however, if it's just regular PlayBook BAR files you don't need OS 2.

I understand now..kind of...Thanks Bla1ze
I doubt I'll be doing this though! Too complicated for me haha

I'm also new to this and just looking into my options on the PB.

For clarification, if I have a .bar file I downloaded from one of the PB websites, I just need to get this app and I can sideload it? And I can do this from an just-out-of-the-box PB?

Glad to hear it wasn't just abandoned.

OP- Developer Beta OS2. I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with the so called "root". I'm not sure if it will work in pre OS2 either since I've been on OS2 so long that I wouldn't know, but I don't think it does.

If the file is converted to .bar and it use to be a android app,will it work on 1.8 Can I take a android app that is already converted to .bar and install it on OS1.8?«edit« ok NM Bla1ze already answered my question. I've been on OS1 for a while now...maybe its time to fool with the beta again. It ticks me off that I can't find a ics launcher .bar file that works. The links for ics on the spreadsheet do not work.

This is basically just the method a developer would use to load their app on a Playbook to test. It will work on rooted and non-rooted Playbooks running OS1 or OS2.

NO. This great tool let's you install any native playbook .bar app on OS1/OS2 and you can use it to install android based apps converted to .bar format on OS2 bypassing BB World.

Making it easier for a developer to load and test apps in the PB.

Okay,so I have a question, my missing link.... im new on the playbook as well and im grasping, i hope, most of what im reading except for this....all these downloads of software programs, beta this n that, rooting and so on.

what is downloaded on the actual device and what is downloaded on a pc/laptop? im aware of what i need to download in terms if programs to accomplish what i want I'm just not sure of what process is done on the pc and then what is done on the actual playbook. if this is an obvious one to answer please remember the only dumb question is the one not asked.

in advance, thank you everyone for taking the time to post all this informative and helpful information it is greatly appreciated.

looking forward to finding my missing link!

so i have a question.. please help me out. I have beta os and i would like to use this program.. Now can i download .apk games or programs and convert them to .bar and install it on my pb..

sigh.. yes i know such a noob question.. I just got my pb and wanted to jailbreak it so bad n show it off to ppl that bb is still gd.. but i wasnt able too.. So i hope i can use this program to install andriod apps i download.

So I have the ddpb installer, 2.0 on my PlayBook and have downloaded some some .bar files but they do not show up in the ddpb installer. Do I have to save the files somewhere specific or am I missing something?

Could someone tell me why the file hosted on mediafire is 2.02 Mb, while the same version from the developers is only 1.6Mb?

Can't install DDPB installer. Tried all versions. a black screen pops up for 1 second and then it closes. WHAT TO DO ?????

When I try to install the DDPB to my computer I'm getting an error which is telling me that I have a problem with the Windows installer Package and I'm missing dll file. Can someone help me out as to what Im to do to fix this problem

I found the problem it seems one of the BlackBerry USB drivers was missing. To get this solved just go to the following link https://swdownloads.blackberry.com/Downloads/entry.do?code=A8BAA56554F96...

Choose BlackBerry USB and Modem drivers and download it. Restart your PC and link the Z10 to DDPB and specify the IP you get when turning development mode on.

If you are trying to connect and sideload through playbook app manager using Google Chrome then you can do that using wifi connection and not USB cable but the IP to use is no the one that appears in development mode. You need to go to settings/about/network and take the IP under Wifi IPv4

Hope this helps

I downloaded DDPB on my Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and I tried to use it and I got this error "'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command," when I connected my device to load. It won't let me load. Can someone please help me I updated the os to 10.3 on a DevAlpha device and need to load the .bar files.