Dave Hopkinson CCO at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Powered by BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2014 07:45 pm EST

Dave Hopkinson is the CCO at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and due to that job, he's a busy fellow with needs for a device with a long lasting battery. In his case, that would be a BlackBerry Z30. A new BlackBerry ad featuring him has now landed on the official BlackBerry YouTube page and this time around, it's featuring the kinda new for a video ad slogan "Powered by BlackBerry".

Considering these days any time anyone sticks their name on an endorsement, people go looking for which device they seem to use on a daily basis for whatever reason (Hi Ellen!) I'll spare everyone the trouble. Dave has been a consistently using a BlackBerry device for at least the past 360-ish days now, though he does also own an iPhone and an iPad. I know, sorry. I just had to get it out of the way because you know if I didn't, someone else bloody well would.

With that out of the way, have a look at the ad and let us know what you think about it in the comments? Better than previous ads? Worse than previous ads? Sound off.

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Dave Hopkinson CCO at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, Powered by BlackBerry


It's a nice, quick ad that gets to the point and shows the phone's UI in real time (not that CGI overlay crap). I love the end when he answers the call before the blackout to logo.

Good stuff.

Only real gripe: The first glimpse of his screen isn't clear what he's doing on it. And it would have been better if the caller at the end had a photo.

I agree. That should have been the photo of someone whom everyone would recognize, or his wife or kids. further, they should have shown more of what the phone does, not just that it lasts for 25 hours (which, in my experience, with heavy use, the phone does not last that long).

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Almost ok...
Sorry to say - ad is not catchy enough. Actually it is not catching at all.

Kinda missing something.

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It's the beginning of a slew of short commercials. I've already seen the D'Arcy Tucker Z30 commercial three times watching the leafs tonight. It's actually smart. If aired enough, you remember one thing and one thing only. "I need 25 hours of battery life". I get what you're saying, but when you think about it, it's extremely effective.

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Blink and you miss it. Was he by any chance holding a STA100-1?

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I like the slogan "powered by blackberry".. Much better than "keep moving"-slogan they where trying to push..

Haha.. Way too discriminating :P

I just feel like "Powered by BlackBerry" is a more powerful (no pun intended, is that right to say here?) slogan than "keep moving"...

It rips off "This is not your father's Oldsmobile", a tag line so successful that it became a meme even before there were memes.

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This slogan lends it self much better to these "personal true story" type of endorsements.

Previously it was, built to keep *you* moving. Now it's, *I am* powered by BlackBerry. Not to mention the word "power" has much stronger emotional appeal aside from its relevant literal meaning of battery power.

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My sentiments exactly...need quantity because BlackBerry is trying to REGAIN market....you focus on quality after you get the numbers...but riddle me this. how many more carriers are going to clear their in-store inventories of BB? Because once they get people interested again, where can they go and actually PLAY with the device? Right now, you can't do it at a TMo store

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BlackBerry needs to sponsor a winning team, Chicago Blackhawks, Coach Q could be sporting a Q10 or Q20 hahaha

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They are sponsoring the NBA's first place team in the Atlantic division...the Toronto Raptors.

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I said a winning team not most revenue, why would BlackBerry want to be associated with a bunch of loosers.

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Because even with a losing team, Toronto has more fans than Chicago. More fans = bigger advertising audience.

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At least it's an ad. They haven't really made many. Ever. So, every little bit helps. They just need more ads. And better ads, showing off the best features. Maybe some cutthroat stuff, like the stuff that ONLY blackberry can do.

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Not sure why everyone says that. In the southern ontario, ever since BlackBerry released BB10, commercials were on the TV and Web endlessly.

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Strange ad. Very quick n didn't show enough of the phone. :s almost obvious they're operating on a budget.

Operating on a budget?

BlackBerry had one thing to say: Long battery life, and it said it clearly. How much money should it be spending to say that?

Cheers. :)

Short and sweet. I like it. Hopefully a series of these short feature clips on the way.

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Any ad is a good ad for blackberry at this point. I can't remember the last time I saw one. But this one should definitely show more of the phone and its features, a general consumer would not even know it is a blackberry advertisement until the last few seconds..

Maybe your last point could be the next ad campaign. Design the ad to look like an iPhone or galaxy ad but showing off bb10 features and then BOOM... This is a BlackBerry folks!

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It is good for BlackBerry to focus on business segment now . I wouldn't think that blackberry needs any catchy ad. Business people are not fashionable.

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Good ad but didn't have the emotional pull that brings people to brands. They need one to highlight the security.

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Security has been well known not to sell well to consumers.

Post-Snowden we have seen security become more of a concern, but it's still not high on the lists of smartphone features that consumers care about.


These ads are not targeting consumers, they are targeting enterprise and business professionals, the market segment BlackBerry under Chen will be primarily targeting (particularly in NA)

They need the German Chancellor to blurb security and say powered by BlackBerry, it'll never happen but would hit a sweet spot.

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Short and to the point - long battery life. We've got win the people over point by point. It's a good start.

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I agree. Another add could be highlighting another feature just as as short to the point..

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Powered by BlackBerry is a great slogan. Now, more ads are needed showing more features. Get it done, BlackBerry.

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Yeah, I think this is prelude to what BlackBerry will say when showing off QNX in autos.

"2015 Audi TT: powered by BlackBerry".

Last week they posted the i still hate blackberry video. Someone must be reading crackberry.

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I actually liked the "Keep Moving" mantra. It could have been marketed by showing how with a BlackBerry keyboard you never have to stop moving but that's not how they did it. With "Powered by BlackBerry" I don't see how this could have fitted with this commercial. It should be used to market QNX showing how CarPlay is powered by BlackBerry.

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Agreed "Keep Moving " Wasn't a good slogan, where "Powered by BlackBerry " sounds better.

Keep moving...sounded to me like...nothing to see here...forget the new BlackBerry OS...time to move on.

BB10 OS is way better than the former slogan.

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'Keep moving' wasn't that great a slogan. It didn't connect well with people. 'Powered by BlackBerry' on the other hand brings a slight breath of fresh air. It short, packs a punch. Thought it seems targeted in this add towards the business clientele. It's now left to blackberry to demonstrate the features of the phones and why they are a must have.

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My slogan is better.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

Why not use them both.

Professional people don't have time to waste. Therefore they need to get stuff done quickly and precisely.

There is still missing a celebrity endorsement. Just in a thirty second commercial can do wonders for BlackBerry.

Where is Lewis Hamilton?

Where is Leonardo Di Caprio?

Both celebrities use Blackberries

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Just get this stuff on TV. Let people know BB is still alive. Just yesterday i was asked if BB was still around.

I really don't mind helping BB advertise... but i shouldn't be doing all the work. BB has come a long way.. they need to tell people about it.

True. What ever became of the guy who won the bbm ad on Crackberry. Where is that add and what is doing today?

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Well, this an another one with a former Leaf player are run in Leaf and Raptor games. The Air Canada Center is decked out with BlackBerry everywhere now.

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I'm looking forward to the day when people no longer feel the need to 'apologize' for using a BlackBerry by stating their other phone is an iPhone. A Z30 is a powerful device that runs circles around the aforementioned.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Unfortunately it's not about what the device or service does, but rather what people think it does!

A lot of people believe that mac's are more secure than Windows but even today that's not even close to true, so why do people think that? It's because of Apple's marketing with the Mac vs PC ads, put a message in a shiny frame and people will believe! BlackBerry don't even need to be the most secure devices in the world for people to believe that they are, iPhones are (in my opinion) not great at all and way overpriced, but people are predictable and they believe what they see on TV.

So BlackBerry need to use this and sell an image and a lifestyle that is associated with BlackBerry, fortunately a lot of powerful people use Blackberrys already!

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I've seen the ad a number of times on Raptors games. It's good to see the endorsement, but come on BB, start using some imagination and creativity. Isn't there an ad agency who would just love to get hold of this account. Stop letting the engineers do the ads.

This ad seems to be a reflection of John Chen's style. Who knows how effective it is but anything is better than a clown rolling across the screen.

Lame ad, didn't see anything of what the phone can do. Not to mention it will never be seen in the U.S... why don't they take a page from Samsung that highlights what's new in their phones? not to mention they ran a different ad during what seemed like each commercial break of the Oscars...people know what it is, what it can do, and when it will be available...to this day I come across people that have never seen a z10 or z30...
and looking at a q10 they automatically assume it's a bold or curve, which they are sick of.

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Unfortunately unlike samsung, blackberry has limited funds for ad. Ideas people give here cost a lot of money. Right now the priority for BlackBerry is to focus on regulated industries and prosumer. When the company is not losing money any more. It can think of targeting the general public.

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Fully agree. I went to a Best Buy today and I seen HUGE Windows 8, Apple and Samsung massive display tables with many devices, along with crowds all over trying out the smart phones and the tablets, with at least 2 company reps assisting people.
The 2 BlackBerry displays were at the Cell Phone section, and were small. And speaking about Apple's massive display next to the Windows, even the Cell Phone section of the store, Apple was everywhere.

The issue? Apple, Windows & Samsung have DEEP POCKETS to market the living daylights our of its products. The key here is despite the massive marketing from these big 3 players, BlackBerry needs to focus on gaining steady market share. There will always be people looking to buy/upgrade smart phones every day, whether it be today or months from now. Always.

What can help turn heads is the rumoured 64-Bit Z50 monster for this Sept. 2014. My confidence in BBRY is John Chen.

This is a good ad...finally. it's short, but has a clear message, and doesn't have that awful arrogant, slightly out of touch feel to it. Much better :)

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Obviously, money is an issue for BlackBerry marketing right now. Still, I think they can do something better than what they have generally been doing. This isn't the best ad on earth, but compared to the other stuff BlackBerry have been producing I'm happy with it. I think by BlackBerry need to focus on marketing the OS more than the phones so that people know it's different and much better than the others, but something like this video is a start.

Join the Cause @ BlackBerry Bootleg Marketing Channel - C003483F4

I think it's a good ad. What it needs right now, a few more personalities. Familiar faces across the spectrum. Business, Entertainment, Sports, Politics. Personalities can be regional that appeals to the local.

I haven't seen anyone notice the use of NFC to call someone. Notice the slip of the card behind the phone and then it dials? Am I wrong with this?

@rstevenw...they are tickets to a game he just went over to see the girl in the blue dress and then went back to notify, whoever,that he has the tickets.Now he has to leave them somewhere for the lucky person to pick them up,not very productive if you want to be picky!!

That was what I was trying to figure out as well. It would be great to see that as an NFC contact card.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Use well known business people and celebrities around the world that uses Blackberries.

But the real time usage is missing, even an over the shoulder view would be great.

BlackBerry still does not show all its best features.

It is a start, but a tentative one.

I think the idea is to show different people using different functions of BlackBerry 10.

This one battery life, the next could be the keyboard features.

Next could be the QNX in car stuff, BBM Channels along with voice and video.

It's time to show all its best features out in the US public's consciousness.

This is one commercial ad that could be made;

'You would be surprised how many celebrities use a BlackBerry? '

BlackBerry could start flashing pictures of all the celebrities that uses BlackBerry 10 devices. Finally have the US President (if permitted)

This would change the perception dramatically.

The next one could use the hacking scandals as a USP emphasising the security aspects.

Any more ideas BB people?

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I love it! We need a lot more like that, all high-powered movers and shakers. Well done BlackBerry!

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Bambinoitaliano hit it on the head. Simply more of the same with more more more more !

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Where's the D'Arcy Tucker one? Would love to see that!

Great ad btw - short and to the point! The way they like it in enterprise.

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I don't know..i like the slogan and everything but I just wish they had more consumer geared advertising. Most will not argue the fact that when it comes to business and enterprise that blackberry is where it's at but at the same time you'd want to convince the masses that when they're home relaxing, the device that they pick up to play games, browse and socialize on is also a blackberry device. I understand the company's focus on corporate and enterprise but I would love for some of the marketing to hit the consumer.

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it's very business oriented ad. Blackberry should make different ads. One that is business oriented the other will be something more laid back but the same man in that ad to show that he can still carry blackberry while having relaxing moments or while he is enjoying sports. All work no play makes one boring and dull. It will be business and play like how they promote blackberry balance with personal and work space.

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I like it, simple and to the point. 25 hours, what I call a traditional BlackBerry, with oodles of battery life!

Well it was short but I'll be honest if I was a consumer I don't think I'd drive to the local wireless provider in search of a BlackBerry phone just from that but hey it wasn't bad, much better than the Super Bowl ad.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

It's no longer about the consumer. It's about power users and enterprise. Chen has repeated that over and over. He has also said that when the company recovers from its near death experience, then it may be about consumers. But for now, don't expect to be entertained with BlackBerry ads; they are about POWER, not eye movements, "retina" displays, apps or selfies. Ads are aimed at people with power and the power to make decisions.

A good, targeted ad. Probably will be shown in the southern Ontario television market and is short enough for radio and Internet as well. Targeted ads for other markets with local enterprise leaders and influencers seems to be the approach. It's a good one as national buys are expensive and can't compete with Apple's, Samsung's and Microsoft's millions. Nice strategy and I hope business leaders get the message.

Sorry but we don't know Dave in this part of the world

You want effective commercial that every one in the world would understand then check out Jaguar villains commercials

Z30 STA100-2

Don't they watch apple adds, show what it does WTF!!! Everyone I show my BlackBerry to say's "Oh I didn't know it could do that"

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Same here, but I also hear "I didn't know BlackBerry had touch screen phones". Got to get more ads here in the US, big time.

Business major and Masters student here. Good concept, good idea. If they have a bunch of these displaying prominent people and different distinguishing features such as battery life. It could work. This on its own is not powerful however in a series it could be something.

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This and the Darcy Tucker ad (former Leaf player) have a better mature feel to them. I believe they're short for two reasons. 1.They try and make you remember one key line.....ie....."I want my battery to last 25 hours" 2. They can play it more times throughout the Raptor/Leaf games.

I think this kind of ad has a better chance to evolve than the Flying Carpets/Keep Moving Ad and Slogan did. This is a good way to make sure people know BlackBerry is still in business while in transition. I guess you could call it appetizers to hold you over. After Mr.Chen hopefully gets past his phase one plan, you will see a refocused marketing effort. "Powered by BlackBerry" is a perfect slogan moving forward.

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I get the feeling that any device BlackBerry makes from here on out will be a monster on battery life

Powered by BlackBerry is a glimpse into the future of this company.

You can see it happening in the auto industry, for large corporations using bes, for cross platform Bbm etc

I love it

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Good ad, but the shots of the phone's screen looked so faded or dull as to be hard to read. Actually, I think the Z30 is a great device in this point, maybe not as good as the Z10, but very similar to some of the older Samsung displays that everyone loved!

Other than that, I thought it was a good advertisement.

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Great ad. MLSE is a huge and popular company. It is great knowing that they still use and trust BlackBerry. Glad the raptors and leafs use BBM Channels to interact with their fans

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Don't like it, features aren't selling phones to the masses, this obviously targets the smaller minority of business users. But if they are going to try and use features to sell there phones then battery life is the best one the could choose.


Battery life number one when your an email / power user ...... I like the Battery angle very important , sneak a feature is a great idea too

Prosumer yes, but who doesn't want a 25 hour battery life? That's it. Get this message out now.

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I think it was a great ad, short and to the point.

Now if more people could see the ad and see for themselves.

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving


This is exactly what we need to see:

• High profile users with a BlackBerry 10.
• A quick flash of the best features.
• A low cost, but prolific commercial (like this).

Good job BlackBerry!

Looks great to me - marketing these days is more about the "lifestyle" than the actual functions of the product. So when people see an iPhone ad, it's more about the life associated with it rather than the phone.

This is a great ad if they're hitting the business user and the tag-line "powered by BlackBerry" is pure genius.

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Make more ads with doctors, CEO's, politicians, etc doing their important sh*t and it ends with "my name is___, and I'm powered by BlackBerry "

My name is john smith, i perform life saving heart operations, and I'm powered by BlackBerry.

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Nice. I like this type of ad. Now if they can get some world recognizable names, then they make their mark.

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There is not much need to promote them in Canada.. they should do more ads in America / rest of the world!

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I think they may be waiting until the next big device launch in the States? Right now it would be like beating a dead horse.

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Looks good but too short, ,, maybe 5 or 10 seconds more to show others screen captures should be better... what about

"unleash your productivity, powered by BlackBerry ".
"Be faster, be more social, be more productive, be powered by BlackBerry "

More adds like the work doing by Nico rosberg over Mercedes Amg Petronas team channel, come to chat with.......

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It is a nice ad. Not enough even for a tv spot and it needs it.

Powered by BlackBerry works and would go down well in the UK if linked to the right TV show. In fact get their phones in the right show would be legend. Something popular but with a prosumer character base.

Though I have to disagree with people that say we need to advertise more. Most OS ads are not phone based they're App based. BlackBerry need an ad showing "No app required".

Lastly when was the last time you saw a tv ad for Buggatti, Koenigesgg or Maclaren. BlackBerry made their name in the prosumer field. Thay need to make sure the execute flawlessly.

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I like how concise this is. 25 seems so awkward though, haha. Couldn't it just be "24 hours of battery life - my entire day"? Are we to assume that they're throwing in the extra hour in case we go clubbing all night? There's your next ad, blackberry. You're welcome.

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Ha ha 1000 million =1 billion US cheapskates a billion is really 1 million X 1 million

Tapping and flicking on my Zed 10

1 million x 1 million = 1 trillion.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda S2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

1,000 x 1,000,000 = 1 billion (1,000,000,000)

1,000,000 x 1,000,000 = 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000)

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda S2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Guys, a 15 seconded ad is very limiting. You can only communicate so much. At least for this one, they zeroed in on the battery life. Very clear at that.

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Right? I think what the majority here would like to see is a 45s TVC showing all the unique features and the bb10 experience. That would require a huge amount of budget.

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What we don't need more of are YouTube ads.
Seriously, get something that people watch on TV.
Smartphone consumer base is not all on the Internet.

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Love the slogan. The commercial isn't great but isn't bad. Wish they would push for someone like Jay Z who is a business man but also can catch main streams attention.

Posted via my sexy Note 3. Big hands ;-)

Great ad. Quick and to the point. Just wish it was a second or two longer

My BlackBerry Z30 beat up your iPhone.

Much too simple, not enough information is given in this ad about the product.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Hey great ad. Shows powered by BlackBerry and we all know how busy people are. Glimpses of the phone was cool. Great ad

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Share this video link on Facebook. Let's get the message out there. Powered by BlackBerry!

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I like it. It's direct and catchy.

Powered by BlackBerry Z10

(I really want a BlackBerry Z30, and when they come out, a Q20)

It's a start. Like the concept. The face of the endorsement is No Elen degeneres and the z30 did not get enough air time.

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This short ad is more effective than the longer, more expensive, more vague ad that they had for the super bowl. It's says it has stamina and is a device for the rest of us.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

I ran a full battery life test on my Z30 this past Friday. 36.5 hours from full charge to phone shut off. At the 36 hour mark I was among a number of 20 something people when I mentioned it. One asked what kind of phone it was. I showed it off a bit and told them it's the new BlackBerry. Stunned silence was all they could muster.

Whats affecting BlackBerry is if this company is going to exists tomorrow...so BlackBerry marketing needs to show great companies and organizations are still using BlackBerry .....What better marketing then getting Hollywood and Athletes to promote the product

I dropped into The Source the other day and was told they were asked to return BlackBerrys to make room for new models. Obviously not BlackBerry models.

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Or an ad series similar to the ones LeBron James does for Samsung where he does his business, personal, social networking, pics, etc.

I like "Powered by BlackBerry " and it's way, way better than "Keep Moving".

Now for my gripes if anyone cares to read on. I haven't read everyone else's comments before posting mine, so I won't be +1ing.

I know that it's only a 15sec ad and they want to highlight that Dave's a busy guy working long hours, but I'm not a fan of the quick flashing scenes. I guess that my brain and eyes can't keep up. We saw far more of everything else than of the device. Two of the three (four, if you include the incoming phone call) device screen shots I have no idea what the app is. The shot of the device monitor was so brief that I think only the familiar and/or tech savy would know what it was and the significance of the screen /app. The device monitor is far less convenient to look at battery life than peeking with a partial "swipe" from the bottom of the screen and I think that zooming in on this action would have been a more effective and cooler way to message battery life and UI. The scene where he was showing his screen to his colleague could have been a "wow" moment if Dave had been using Miracast or HDMI and this was clear in the scene. I absolutely agree that that caller's pic or team logo or any pic should have been there.

But, it wasn't my ad. And it is better than the longer "Keep Moving" waste of good ad money.

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Cool that it's it there, but there's nothing in that add to pique interest. Having shown a number of friends some of the10.2.1 features they're always impressed at being able to see notifications from the lock screen, picture password, the hub peak gesture and now the in app notification and response to incoming messages. If they showed someone using a device I believe many many people would wonder what all those gestures were and become curious and want to see more. My android friends talk about loving the customization, but that gets old. Gestures make these devices fun to use every day, but people need to see how cool and fast gestures make this device to use. Hopefully more exposure is coming and soon, everyday BlackBerry is losing market share in North America!

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I really like #PoweredByBlackBerry! They could definitely use a higher profile person next time though.

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Too short of an an to make a bold statement but very good! Much better marketing, good powerful slogan

Posted via CB10 for Z10

The callers number is +1 (416) 371 **03. Maybe it's 4803

Yeah, waiting for webex meeting so had to kill time.

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Support Virtual Trackpad. Make your voices heard... again? Let's change the world, one bb10 feature at a time.

Awesome profile of this exec. BB can win if they get the Pro angle back.

I think JRohland is onto something...

I'm just imagining a group of friends all complaining about their battery life of their devices.

One of the party pulls out a BlackBerry .They all start laughing saying stuff like 'I thought they were dead. '

You never see the person's face.

Everyone starts talking about apps, the person shows them all the apps on BlackBerry World with Android Runtime.

Takes a photo of the group with Time Shift function and shows everyone the result.

They are very quiet....

This person also tells them about how his battery is still going strong after one charge.

Lastly when this person is going to their car this person taps the screen with QNX Software starts their car and drives off.

Finally the viewer gets to see the face of the mystery person......it's (put any Hollywood celebrity in the caption )

BlackBerry....Get it done!!!!

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Hopefully the commercial series will be more catching than this one. I shared it on Facebook and of the ones that commented they agreed it needed more cowbell.
It was even suggested a commercial where the phone was to be used as a puck. I wonder how effective that would be; seeing people passing a puck. A phone rings. A player bends down picks up and answers the phone. "A new game of pickup...powered by BlackBerry "


Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

When are we going to have a commercial seeing a BBdevice used in vehicle that makes use of QNX? Heard all about it, read all about it...what's up?

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"Powered by BlackBerry" gets the business user and" addictive as Crack" gets the young team

Powered by BlackBerry addictive as Crack

Ad kinda sucks. It just says the battery life is good. It doesn't put it into a context. WHY does he need long battery life? He seems to live in his office. It doesn't show him out and about where he uses his phone a lot but can't easily charge his phone (and doesn't need to, because the battery lasts so long...). it also doesn't show him using the device he seems to just look at it a lot. BlackBerry has the worst marketing team in the industry.

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