DataViz Updates Documents To Go For BlackBerry Smartphones

DataViz Updates Documents To Go For BlackBerry Smartphones
By Bla1ze on 14 Jan 2010 10:11 am EST
DataViz has updated their Documents To Go suite for BlackBerry smartphones with what at first sight seems to be an incremental update. The version number change for this one sits at 2.0001. But as Ronen, over at BerryReview pointed out the changelog actually has some significant changes in it.

Both standard and premium version include language support for English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. As well, the battery drain issues seen when using Documents To Go Files has been corrected along with a few other minor fixes to both the mobile and desktop versions. If you are already a Documents To Go user you can update through the application it's self. And just in case you are a new user, free trials are available for download through the DataViz website.

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DataViz Updates Documents To Go For BlackBerry Smartphones


Combine docs2go with to sync and share content between BlackBerry and PC, available on App World to trial and also version

dataviz says "If you encounter a "download failed" or "907 invalid COD" error during installation, please uninstall documents to go from your blackberry, reboot your device and download again. For more detailed steps on resolving this error please visit"

Isn't this included with all OS 5.0 releases anyway? Its has been for me anyway. This version came with .230 for the tour.

Unreleased OS' typically always have a higher version of D2GO in them so that only makes sense. For some, they never load unofficial OS' so may not even know this existed of...ignored using it not knowing their was an upgrade available. Which is why it was posted. I myself, avoided using it due to the battery drain.

I have to agree more memory from 2.9 MB to 3.1 for the main and PDF from 1MB to 1.5 MB, as well as the file manager. So the app does not drain the battery more but sucks up more memory.

To upgrade do you need to purchase it? Or could you upgrade the standard version which came with the phone?

When I go to the web page. I see a message that I have to pay a 4.99 to redownload the standard edition software. Why? this supposedly came with my Tour.

Update: I got it downloaded and installed. I got the free download after I put in my activation #

Still no support for ODFs (OpenDocument Formats), such as ODS (OpenDocument Sheet) and ODT (OpenDocument Text), as used by Google Docs, and dozens of others...

I already bought the "premium" version, but what was the point when DataViz are only interested in Microsoft's inferior formats?

Maybe you should have tried the product before you bought it... There is a free version and I don't remember DataViz ever stating that openoffice formats would be supported. But I am sure that they would thank you for donating to their awesome product. Even if you think it's "inerior" to some open source product that doesn't seem to exist for the BlackBerry.

BTW what makes the opendocuments version any better than the Microsoft version? From what I can tell using OpenDocs would only hinder any productivity as noone uses those file formats and such would not be able to open them. Whereas 90% of the world seems to have some form of Microsoft Office and should be able to open any MS formated file with ease.

Have a Storm2 with .428 leak. I upgraded to the new version, but now I get an error message saying "this version is not compatible with your phone software". Any ideas how to make this work? If not, how do I downgrade to the prior version of dataviz? Thanks.

I have the premium version on my BB9900.
According to DataViz, there are no updates available, either paid or unpaid.