Avoid additional carrier bills with DataCheck Pro for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 6 May 2013 03:41 am EDT

DataCheck Pro is probably one of the most simple apps available for BlackBerry 10 - yet possibly one of the most useful. Around the world the amount of data that BlackBerry users get with their carriers varies a lot. Here in the UK it is quite common for networks to offer 750mb per month, which for me certainly wouldn't be enough.

That's where DataCheck Pro comes in handy. The application records the amount of data your BlackBerry 10 device receives/sends and proudly displays it on the screen for you. Within the settings you have the option to decide the date each month the app will start again from zero (billing day) and there are also three notification options at 90, 75 and 50 percent to allow you to keep an eye on things. And the Active Frame is pretty sweet too.

At the very base of the display you are also shown the data split into two categories - both Wi-Fi and mobile. DataCheck pro is priced at BlackBerry Worlds lowest price point of $0.99/£0.75 and if you ask me that's a bargain. Nothing like going over your data allowence and getting a surprise bill.

Features of the app include:

  • Native BlackBerry® Z10 & BlackBerry® Q10 application
  • Visual Percentage to track your current against your billing cycle
  • Notifications at different threshold to warn you.
  • Never will get bill shock ever.

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Avoid additional carrier bills with DataCheck Pro for BlackBerry 10


Definitely a useful app especially for those who don't have carrier apps that give them data info on the go.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I purchased it yesterday and so far love it. My only problem is my billing cycles every 15th but the time remaining doesn't reflect this upcoming May 15th. Says I have 40 days left!

Posted via CB10

Yeah, mine says I've got 40 days left too. I'm hoping it sorts itself out on the 15th of May...

Posted via CB10


Lol kidding. The app is awesome. And also the developer is super helpful. It's a must have.

Posted via CB10

I can not set the cycling day. It is counting from first day of the month. So its unusable.

BlackBerry Z10

The minute headless apps become a reality is the line I pick one of these apps up. I want one but my ability to keep stuff like this open hasn't proven to be very good. The number of times I find bebuzz not in an active frame...

Posted via CB10

This one doesn't need to stay open unless you need the visual cue on your data usage. The only caveat is that if your phone gets rebooted, you'll need to launch it again. You can then close it afterward. I confirmed this with my own phone and with the developer - he's very active in the forums and is making continual modifications to this app.

You forgot to mention that the app doesn't need to run in active frame to work. Definitely a plus for me that's why I purchased the app. :)

Posted via CB10

Edit: just read one response which mentions it doesn't need to be an active frame. Thanks. Please disregard my earlier post.

Posted via CB10

This app does not need to be open (in active frames) for it to run and calculate data usage. It will still calculate the data being used even when it's closed. The only catch is that you must reopen it and then close it IF you restart you phone, that's all. The implementation of counting data while the app is closed was a huge plus for me and that is why I purchased it. The developer is super helpful as well.

As cool as this app seems, I hope verizon doesn't put a limit on my, still, unlimited data account once I get my hands on the Z10..

I am wondering the same thing. I have been told that when I get the Q10 the only way I can keep the Verizon unlimited plan is to pay 600.00 full price for the phone. Have you heard that also, no discounted phones unless you go to metered data?

Nope. First time I hear this. I really hope its not the case. Otherwise, I might consider switching carriers, if for no other reason, to show them who's boss.

Yeahi, got it right from the Verizon people at the store. I was going to wait 2 months for my new every 2 discount and the killed me. No phone discounts unless you go to a 2 year new plan and there is no unlimited data when u pick a new plan that has 4 G. Check it out. Wolf

Oh well, I'll just have to wait and see. If that is the case, I might stay if, that's a BIG IF, I can find a killer deal to get the Z10 somewhere else. Otherwise, good bye verizonwireless.
No reason to stress over this, just yet, though.

I'm in T-Mobile so I have 4G LTE with no data caps or slowdowns... so well... I'll just use this to monitor the data I use for fun facts purposes.

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There is also a data monitor app which does the same and with daily refresh.

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we have daily data usage text message from the courier, and with 5G local and 800M national data plan, I feel secure, but this APP surely isist have APP

Posted Z10 CB10

Yep I bought this app one week ago, A great app but got quiet a few bugs that need fixing immediately... worth the download I think if u want to keep an eye on how much data you have and used...

Posted via CB10

Johnathan is a great developer. Works hard and stands behind his product. Gets back to people ASAP. Keep up the good work

Posted via CB10

If you go over your allowance they just throttle your connection in the UK...
Plus they remind you at 75-80% anyway...

Having said that - it does sound interesting though. It makes me wonder if the app can tell me how much data was used via wifi... -becauwe that is something I just don't know (though it must be a lot when u stream music) .

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I've had it for a week and it keeps resetting itself and starting from 0. It also changes my cycle date on its own

Posted via CB10

Jonathan as soon as you have the bugs worked out of this application I will definitely buy it. The only reason I haven't bought it yet is for now Data Monitor suffices. Data Monitor and Data Check Pro are almost identical both in function and form.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Used it since it was first available. I echo the previous comments about its reliability and the developer's helpfulness. Definite thumbs up!

Posted via CB10

I have found the monthly usage cycle reset day option. So i am modify my review: Great App!

BlackBerry Z10

Very useful app, also the usage is in real time if you keep it open, there's no need to refresh

Posted via CB10

Just downloaded, and I must say that I am really impressed. Visually stunning and works as well as it looks. A must have for data conscious Blackberry owners.

Posted via CB10

It really is awesome, I have been checking it closely with my bill usage and it is surprisingly accurate. I am more than pleased with this app.

Posted via CB10

Although, I bought this app to support the developer, this kind of feature should be included on the BB10 OS...

Posted via Z10

You said that already, so I'll reply again . . "Do *you* work for free?" Most people like to be paid for their work, the dev is no different.

Great App. Would love to see one feature added though. I travel between Canada and the US frequently for short trips. When I go over the border I usually buy a bucket of data ie 10mb for $20. It would be great to be able to track and get alerts separately for normal data usage and roaming data usage

Nice app, but BlackBerry really needs to offer this and a battery percentage on header in their OEM build.

Here's hoping.... Possibly in the next OS upgrade???

Posted via CB10

Just purchased it! Sweet app and doesn't have to stay as an active frame. Must have app folks.

Awesome, just downloaded. Thanks Jonathan!

My month end is on the 18, it's too bad that my counter won't start until the 19th of this Month.

I will consider purchasing if/when roaming tracking is added, and when some of the above mentioned bugs are worked out.

It's better than the Data Monitor app, as it logs without and active frame as well (only need to start once after each device boot)X compared to Data Monitor which needs to be active framed.

Tnx dev. for this great app!

I downloaded this app and it looks great, and is working great so far. The fact that it still works while not open in active frames is huge. I will monitor it for the next couple of days before giving my review in BlackBerry World, but I don't see why it wouldn't get 4 1/2 to 5 stars. The only thing I can tell that needs to be improved is the cycle date. It seems to counts the remaining days plus the next cycle together.

Posted via CB10

Loving this App and kudos to Jon for making this app work without needing to be open all the time.
One thing that annoyed me was when I changed the offset date, it starts the counter from the next start date instead of the previous one and includes the number of days remaining until then. I know the first month is a bit tricky but that is why he has a place to enter how much data you have already used to date.
Please change it and you will get five stars.

Keep up the good work

Posted via CB10

I have been using this for little while and it appears to work well separating the wifi and 3G data streams.

It does over estimate in my opinion though. Having a 1GB allowance means I have to be careful; this app reports 470mb right now whereas Vodafone UK reports 406mb

Posted Using CB10 - Z10 "-2" on the Vodafone UK Network

I always was jealous of my fiance's GSIII having a data monitor built in, but I'm with Rogers and they send me texts when I get to 80% and 95% so I never go over anyways.

Posted via CB10

My battery seems to drain a lot faster after I installed this app. I deleted it. If I can confirm that the battery life suffers because of this app, I'm not putting it back to my phone.

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