Data Monitor for BlackBerry 10 will give you some peace of mind

By James Richardson on 3 Apr 2013 04:37 pm EDT

Worried about exceeding your data allowance with your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone? You can now rest easy as Data Monitor for BlackBerry 10 will take away the stress. As the name of the app suggests it will record how much data your BlackBerry is using and will even warn you when you are at 50%, 75% and 90% of your monthly allowance - good stuff.

Within the settings of the app you can enter the amount of MB's per month you have to use and there are toggles to turn off the warnings if you like, although I think that would kind of defeat the object.

If you don't have a data plan with unlimited usage then you really do need this app and it won't break the bank either. Data Monitor costs £0.75/$0.99 which is a wise investment if you have ever exceeded your limits.

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Data Monitor for BlackBerry 10 will give you some peace of mind


I've bought this today! Awesome! If you have limited data plan or want know what stuff drain data usage! Very good price and native BlackBerry10 app!

Big up for develops this App

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All 3rd party apps have to use active frames at the moment, though there are new API's. Coming in an update that will allow app to run in the background

Can this differentiate between WiFi and cellular data ?? Quite a few apps on OS7 but couldnt do this and ended up reporting false positives. Any ideas James?

This may be a stupid question, but the app description says that you have to keep the app open at all times to get an accurate reading...does that mean you have to keep it open as an active frame?

Yes it's support differential between wifi and cellar network! After installing Data Monitor I'd not start it and taken some other downloads! If it was finished I have opened Data Monitor for the first time and it shows me 19,2MB downloaded over wifi!

Just what I'm saying! Get it ;)

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If it were free, I'd be all over it, but between my 6GB of data allowance on my plan and the My Account app from Rogers, I get all the info I need. Nice to see it as an option for those people who are with carriers that don't offer a data tracker.


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Telus also pre installs an app to monitor cellular usage. So far as wifi usage is concerned, I could care less.

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@LordCrankypants: Seriously? What are you gonna spend the saved $0.99 on? Sry if this sounds rude, but I just don't get why people complain about the price even if it is on its minimum. It's not some kind of automatic port, I think we should appreciate the time and effort of BB10 developers.

VZW will warn you if you approach your cap. And, you can bump your plan for just a month, backdate it to cover what you've already used, and lower it again the next month without a fee. (At least that's what was explained to me).

That's true. It will cost you about $10 to $20 to bump it but it's a lot cheaper than dealing with going over your data

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Haha, exactly my words :D
I got used to unlimited BIS over the years, got my Z10 on 15th of March, activated a 2GB data plan and ran out of FUP on March 30th. First thoughts were: "Oh, OK, that's just one day short of a full month...WAAAAIT A MINUTE, I've actually drained it in just two weeks?!" :D

Unfortunately, having to have it open in an active frame is not an option for me. What happens when it gets closed because of the 9th running app? It wont be able to accurately calculate my data usage. And what I find the most useful feature on Androids data monitor is a breakdown of what apps are using all the data.

I just wonder, how many apps do you usually leave running? Not sure if it's just my paranoic habit to close unneeded apps, but I never even look at the second screen of Active Frames, so I'm just curious of someone else has a problem with the 8 frames limitation.

I like the app; it's usefulness however is limited by the fact that it has to be kept open as an active frame. Granted, this is not the fault of the developers, but rather Blackberry for not releasing tools that would allow an app to run in the background. Let's hope this tool is truly coming soon - as defined by normal people that is. :)

How does it know historical data if it has to be opened to know this? It says details since rebooted and I haven't used any since I installed this and it is showing data. Wifi and cellular.

It's sad that I have to consider this app because Rogers own app is broken and doesn't show me any data usage. I know it works for some but a lot of people are having issues.

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I think the real benefit would be if it could give details on a per app basis. That way, if there is an app that is using more days than expected, it could be tracked down.

I think people need to stop complain about the app being kept open in active frame as you already know thats an issue with blackberry. You Asked for natives apps you get them you bitch and complain still. Smh go android or iphone then

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Dev should update with daily refresh. Some of us have unlimited plans but with a daily cap of 800mb. That would be very much helpful on our side.

Thanks anyway Dev!

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Great App. although I won't be needing it since I'm on Sprint, without a BB10 yet, but I will have one someday. :(

Well, Verizon has its own app to monitor data, but even if it didn't, with my phone randomly rebooting itself a couple times a day.....the app is useless for the time being. Hopefully we'll have a software update to address this issue soon. And hopefully, it's not a hardware issue.

Not for me till it can run in the background. I know an api issue must a must for these types of apps.

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Data Monitor reads the device information when launched and updates on an hourly basis unless he manually refresh the status screen. If you close the application and use data services, then later launch Data Monitor then the displayed values are updated correctly.

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If I were Thorsten, I'd steal some of these utility app ideas and make them part of the OS. Smart phones are becoming a commodity, make BlackBerry phones a value added product.

It seems to me that this app doesn't have to run in the background to monitor data, but it resets all the counters when the phone restarts!

Hi all, version 1.0.6 has been submitted for approval. This version persists the current usage if the app is accidentally shut down or the phone is rebooted. Please be sure to shut the app manually before a reboot is performed though.

I like the people who complain about spending money when there are alternatives... is 99 cents really worth the effort to complain about it in the first place?!

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With TMobile i can just dial #932# to get my data balance plus they will send a text when I am close to going over so I don't think it should help me. Also, my data only gets throttled, no overages.

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This app is useful if your carrier doesn't have effective data tracking.
Fido's app for tracking data use needs 4 to 6 hours to update.

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Finally. I'm laughing though, when i see people running through 2gb a month. In South Africa we would pay an arm and a leg. My 200mb plan is kinda expensive. Just made me realise how far behind we are over here. Great that this app is out, now i can monitor my out of WiFi data usage

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Which SP are you with, I went with the non LTE version and the 500mb top up bundle for R80 a month.

Still I ended up over my cap...

The US and UK have it good with regards to uncapped plans!

Thankfully WIND has unlimited data (same for mobilicity) and even though they throttle it past 5GB (or 10GB with the $10/month addon), it's still unlimited. :)

nice app but it does not work I am using a Z10 on Bell Mobility in Canada. Have downloaded the recent update and have left it running in an active frame but it never updates the usage.

I love the blackberry Z10 but the initial set up is worrying I have used 300meg of data in 4 days but have not accessed any movies/you tube etc is this due to updates/instruction videos or something else any advice or experience would be appreciated, until then I will persevere to get the simple shortcuts I require.

I tried the app and guess what? The app that is the biggest data hog is CB10!!!!!!! sorry but I am forced to delete the app.