'Dark Theme' Contact and Calendar apps now available for sideloading

By Bla1ze on 7 Sep 2013 12:37 am EDT

If you're among those who want the 'dark theme' back on your Q10 or available for your Z10, you now have the option of making that happen thanks to some files from the Berry Leaks team. There is a few small caveats that you'll want to pay attention to though, like the fact you need to be on specific OS' and you'll need to sideload the files but overall, that's pretty minor stuff if you're really wanting the dark theme options for your contacts and calendar. 

You'll want to hit up the CrackBerry Forums for the full details on which OS' and devices are supported and if you're not really feeling going through the sideloading process, remember this option of theme choice will be coming to a later BlackBerry 10 OS revision. Also keep in mind these files, while taken from a BlackBerry 10 OS, are not really official so you're loading these files at your own risk.

Bad things can happen, if you're not down with that then best to skip this.

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'Dark Theme' Contact and Calendar apps now available for sideloading


I wouldn't get it. Crackberry just took down some dude post, sounded a little upset.

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Can not wait for the official release of this update. I don't trust myself enough to download the leaked version. I am good at some things when it comes to smartphones however side loading is not one of them

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Lol you doing yourself a disservice. Side loading app is so easy!! If it wasn't for side loading I wouldn't even have Pnc banking app. I love it!!

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Side loading has risks and isn't for everyone. If someone would rather not do it do not try and convince otherwise.

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Yah there is zero risk. Give it a shot, if you fail the app won't work and you continue business as usual.

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I really want this dark theme to be a true 'theme'. Do you know if the official ver. Will offer this for other native apps, like reminder,etc.??

Some people didn't like the "lack of visibility" in the calendar so BlackBerry changed it.
While totally forgetting the dark theme was chosen on the Q10 for technical reasons - the main one being improved battery life as the Q10 uses an AMOLED screen which doesn't draw power to "light up" black pixels.

The dark theme needs to be universal on the Q10 though.

Wouldn't say they forgot about it. I'd say they got a bit of feedback from the corporate world and changed it to suit.

I can see why some people would want the white theme.

The error BlackBerry had was not making it an option and forcing it out during the last update, lucky they listened again and will include it.

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I like the dark theme, but the problem is with the z10 I try to reduce the backlight to the min..
And with low lights, the black themes are not always good to read :(

I will try it, when it comes with the next 1.2 leak. :)

Best Greetings

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calender works but contacts won't work, i change to dark, restart and it reverts to light.


Same as a lot of others - contacts just reverts back to light theme after changing on my

Calendar looks great tho!

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On 1047 and it seems that contacts doesn't want to keep settings. Tried hard reset and soft reset. Calendar works with no issues.

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My contacts work fine. I just set it and long pressed to close the active frame. I gather it's hit and miss though

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I just loaded the two bar files and loving the dark theme on my Z10 running Z10STL100-4/

Great ! Installed no problems using DDPB. Contacts and calendar looks so nice. Thank you guys!

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Love the dark theme. Thanks guys! Now we need CrackBerry Kevin to commission a Dark Theme for the Z10 CrackBerry app

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Loaded it up on my Z10 STL100-3 Running works for my calendar not for my contacts tho but of course it's been said these bar files work for specific OS's so I'm cool with that!

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Dark theme rocks. I prefer it greatly over the white. Makes it easier to leave the brightness at 100% and it just looks awesome. Easier on the eyes too.

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Z10STL100-3/, Calendar dark theme. Contacts resets to white after app reset, phone restart, power off/on. Oh wells still happy with options.

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Calendar looks great. The contacts doesn't work. The dark option won stick after a reset (app reset, volume button reset & battery pull). Nonetheless very content with the leak, hopefully they come with a complete dark theme

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I fixed the issue with the contacts theme by doing a security wipe AFTER i updated my OS to If you want to restore your data in blackberry link ,you should only restore your application data(i restore my media data after because i backup my media in a folder) DO NOT RESTORE YOUR "SETTINGS" IF YOU WANT CONTACTS IN BLACK THEME.. it screwed up my theme when i restored my settings, thats the sacrifice you have to make.

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Worked only for calendar.not the contact. I don't know why. :/

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