Dark Hub options look set to arrive in BlackBerry 10.3.1

By Bla1ze on 8 Aug 2014 10:58 am EDT

For a lot of folks, the dark theme on BlackBerry 10 devices is the best thing since sliced bread but even if you're using a AMOLED device where the dark theme helps conserve battery, there's still one portion of the OS that's not dark and it's probably one of the most used sections.

The BlackBerry Hub at this point still uses the 'bright' theme but according to some new images from @DHabkirk, that will change on BlackBerry 10.3.1 and as many people have requested, a Dark Hub option will be enabled for the BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Z30 and the BlackBerry Q10. No mention of the the Z10, yet.

I'm a pretty big fan of the dark theme on my BlackBerry 10 devices so it's certainly a welcome change for me. The only thing here is the wait time for it and whether or not it will be in the final release versions.

As we've seen before, some stuff appears in an OS and looks great but sometimes, it manages to disappear upon release. Really hope that isn't the case here but until it lands on all devices, it's still entirely possible.

I probably don't need to ask but what do you all think? Will you use the Dark Hub option if BlackBerry includes it? If so, let us know in the comments. One sure way to let them know if you're digging it or not.

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Dark Hub options look set to arrive in BlackBerry 10.3.1



Slowly and steadily its more and more blackerberry ;););)

Would love it if someone did a battery comparison for Black vs Light on BB10 (q10 and z30 only)

Bla1ze, can you pleewweeeasseeeee??

Waiting for the BlackBerry Passport!!

At first, I was all about the light theme. But then I used a black background on my Z10 to get rid of that gray text background below the apps. Then black background on bbm. Now, in everything I can use. Dark theme will be a welcomed addition!

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As long as they are *options* and do not force dark themes on those of us who find them difficult to read.

Posted with my Q10, SQN100-2, Radio

Looking nice is cool and all, but I care more about if they've improved the performance of it. I'm on 10.2.1 and I still get long wait times for conversations to load when I choose compose and enter a recipient if it's someone I talk to often. And no, deleting long conversations is not an adequate work-around. We are in 2014, a lot of text should never be considered something tough to process... I do often go back pretty far in conversations, so I definitely do not want to delete them. More than once a friend has asked me for the name of a place, thing, or event that was talked about a long time ago, and I was able to recall it by going back into our conversations from before. So I hope they fixed this before worrying about what cool looking theme to put on it...

Definitely this is not an issue at OS level. Never heard of -or experience such a delay, certainly not in 10 but not even in earlier versions. I would recommend to have your carrier tech support to look into it from your device standpoint.

"Definitely" not? Well, I've had more than one Q10, the first had a defective screen. But it also suffered from this. I guess I had two defective units? And I've raised this issue in the icanmakeitbetter website and have a lot of votes and someone else reporting the same thing for contacts with long conversations. So it'll be weird if it's something to do with the device that SPECIFICALLY only affects this one specific thing and nothing else...

I get these delays too! From the hub it takes almost a full 5 seconds to open up a convo in Bbm or whatsapp which compared to other os's can feel like forever.

It doesn't happen all the time tho, but most times. It's worst when starting up the phone where the OS needs like a full 5 minutes to boot up everything. It's just not a good look at all!

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5 seconds is kind. I've had it once where I literally waited, then put the phone down, and was checking it every once in a while. And a good few minutes passed before it finally caught up...

Why don't you export the conversation into a text doc and dump the conversation from the hub (probably text messages). I've experienced this but only because one contact had a seriously long history of conversations via text.

I concluded it had more to do with that contact did a lot of broadcast messages and somewhere in the properties of those messages there was some issue. I simply copied the messages to a document and cleared the conversation. No problem since.

Something else to consider. Most of the conversation history was restored from an older device and since I wiped it all out it hasn't happened even with a seriously long history with that same contact.

Not a work around its just a way to manage and get it going.

For me it was weighing my need for speed over my need for quick access to ancient history. Speed wins!

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This is a work-around. So if I need to look back in my conversation now I need the extra step to open something else? Come on, this is 2014, with dual core processors in our phones, you mean to tell me that the best thing to do is try to work around it rather than just fix the damn issue? Sure it's long, but at the end of the day, it's still just text. Years of text is still only a few megabytes AT MOST. You mean we can't load a few MB's from LOCAL FLASH storage fast enough with a 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU that won't have you sitting and waiting for 5 minutes??

Change to a SSD on your PC, which is basically just flash storage like we have in our phones, and watch how fast your PC will load. Literally, the entire Windows OS will load in mere seconds. And we can't load up some text in the same time??

This definitely needs to be FIXED, not requiring users to find ways around it...

I would absolutely use it if it made it to my Z 10!  This is one thing I have wished I had!  Of course, this would be to tide me over until I get a Passport, or Classic!  :)

Would definitely use the dark hub

Via the best damn virtual keyboard in existence....The BlackBerry Z30 Everybody!

Love the idea, and it's been a long time coming. It seems like BlackBerry has tried to take a more open approach towards adding features suggested by users into BB10. I'm still not a big fan of the flat UI that's on the way (it just needs a little more polish), but glad to see tweaks like this, and new features like Blend coming our way.

When are we going to get this update? Since I'm on Verizon we'll probably get 10.3 about the time 10.4 is already in the pipe...

My bitchin' Z30 BlackBerry

Who are you texting in Waterloo?? I live in the 519... I also know Waterloo's area code is 519.. hook us up Bla1ze!

I love the dark hub.

Posted via my ZED10

How does bla1ze have 10.3.1 on his passport already but 10.3 isn't even released?! let's get this stuff to market before showing off the next version!!

Hold up!! Did anyone else read that the Q10, and Z30 are getting it, but no mention of the Z10?!?!!?

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It says it's coming in 10.3.1.
If z10 can be updated to 10.3.1 then it will have option for dark theme.....I would think.

Posted from my z10

I would love this on my Z10. I realize that the feature is more important for OLED screens, but I still prefer the dark look anyhow...

Dhabkirk just posted a new photo where you can see the dark theme hub running on a Z10. Says it's surely coming to all devices

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Of course. Am currently using the dark theme where posisble. The dark hub will be a welcome change.

CB10 on my Z10

I love my dark theme everywhere I can so dark theme HUB sounds great. Why not conserve even more battery? Bring it on!

They should just allow it for all phones. It looks better.

Mikescraftbeer.com - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Funnily enough it's the Crackberry app that makes me so keen on the idea of a dark hub. Battery saving on my Z30 is merely an additional bonus.

Thanks. Before reading your comment I didn't even know it was an option on CB. Looks awesome!

Posted via CB10

I had long seen the option, but never tried it.

Slick black CB app now!!! Thanks!!

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Any Signs of Native PGP / GPG Support in the Hub? Can we non-BES User finally send and receive our encrypted eMails? Or do we need to take a Android Device with us for all eternity to do this? -.-

(Yes I am looking for native Support as NO App out there has Hub Support as those API's are still not available for the public.)

Via CB10 App / Z10-2@ Alien

Hmm no Answer. That means we will never get it and we Customers are still damned to move to Android or Windows. It's a shame -.-

Via CB10 App / Z10-2@ Alien

Wait, why would the option go to the Q10 and not the Z10. The Q10, be default, already has the dark themed hub. It would make sense to bring it to the Z10. Hope this is just a mistake.

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Technically, it would have 0 affect on the Z10, it would just be for aesthetics. But yea, it should be there as well.

Awesome! I kinda esthetically prefer a light mode because it's more like ink and paper, but I find dark mode so much better for night use.

I wish I could have a global setting, and/or a time based setting that would switch to dark mode at sunset and light mode to sunrise (my old 96c Garmin Aviation Handheld GPS has this option). Dark themes are hard to read in direct sunlight, and light themes will kill your night vision at night!

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Nice! HUB is amazing already, this would save on battery too! Long Live #BlackBerry!

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From what I can gather these dark themes are really good on AMOLED devices as it uses less battery power...........Great so the Z30 is going to last even longer now!

Why is so hard to implement it for all the devices?
Little things like this could make more people happy. BlackBerry still do not care about it.

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It will look great on the Z30 but isn't the passport an lcd screen? If it is, it makes the dark the less great. Same problem with the lumia 1520.

I like sellers do much more.

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Can someone please elaborate for the z10? The post doesn't mention z10, but some people including Bla1ze are saying it should be on there. It should be as in it isn't but it ought to be? Or it should be as in it will be?

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I do not see z10. You better give to us also or I am gone. Z30 is huge, Passport is huge and ugly and Q10 well what can I say

Dark HUB, yes! I'll use it! I already have dark sms, BBM, CB-App, Browser (reader mode), Calendar, contacts, Remember, so with the dark hub, it'll be all in black!

BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS

This is going to make a lot of people happy. Thank goodness for it being an option and not permanently part of the design because I like the light themes better.

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I don't get the appeal of the dark theme. All the old cheap Androids had a dark theme everywhere.

Whenever I see a dark themed app on a phone, all I think of is "cheap device".

Makes BB10 look like old Android...

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Love the dark theme! But man I sooo don't like that blue action bubble that blows up into the screen on 10.3 . Make a blue circle..fine,but why block the screen? Seriously poor design in my mind.

From my z30

About frigging time. My entire Z30 lives in darkness and then swiping to hub just hurts makes my eyes bleed.

Z30 Vivo Brasil

I am all for the dark option. But for the love of god make it a simple change in the settings instead of needing to go into each and every OS component application.

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I love the dark side! Thanks BlackBerry for being so awesome.

My lubbly jubbly Z10. Shine on you crazy BlackBerry

I briefly tried the dark themes on my Z10 but reverted quickly back. I just can't stand it. Plus it reminds me too much of the dark green/bile yellow/black SMS screens on Android.

What makes it not to be possible for z10? I will be much disappointed if this feature wont be implemented in BlackBerry Z10.

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Please include the Z10! Battery life is terrible and needs this theme for a little help!

I used to get through the day easily with about 35%-40% battery life left at around 9 PM. Now I have to charge during the day sometimes. I even bought a new battery thinking my old one was the cause but the new battery drains just as quickly and nothing seems out of wack in the Battery section of the Device Monitor.

Hi, you do realise that Z10 uses lcd screen, not amoled (which benefits in longer battery life if using dark mode) as used in Z30 and Q10, right?

If you'd like to have dark mode for the look, it's fine, but Z10's battery life won't benefit from the usage of dark mode, it would only get shorter.

Z10 will be forgotten.....

From STL 100-1 so sad... 10.3.1 ??? how about 10.3 official first for us. If BlackBerry still remember us as value users.

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Will I use the Dark Hub option if BlackBerry includes it? Let's see... Did I petition for dark theme for PIM apps? Yes.

I hope we can have the option set across the board and apps like LinkedIn go dark as well. even if just the bottom bar. It was rather odd to have dark PIM apps and light HUB bottom bar.

BlackBerry why do you exclude the Q5, we have dreams too hey... :(

Posted via BlackBerry Classic SQC100-2

I'm can't resist using a Dark Theme Hub on my Z30 to enhance my battery life..

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

Dark them HUB all the way!
Just fire it up and let's enjoy it's benefits!

STL100-1 ( STC

I understand the issue about when to stop supporting certain hardware (Z10 for example), but if 10.3 is going to support the Z10, it should also apply to the hub. What I can't understand is for a phone (I know, not the best hardware out there) that is less than 2yrs old, life cycle support stop is very questionable... I hope that BlackBerry don't do that. It was the first BlackBerry 10 model released and many of us dove right in to it.
Just saying :)

Posted via CrackBerry on my Z10 BlackBerry

The question is : Does the email will also have a dark theme ?

Posted from my flawless BlackBerry Z30

Really liking the dark theme for the hub, would be nice to see it as an option in 10.3.1, have to wait and see!

Posted via CB10

Great. Using my dark themed BBM won't look crappy when used in the Hub with that white bar on top.

Frosty white Q10/

I’m guessing the option will be available on the Z10 too. It hardly makes sense for BlackBerry to go through the trouble of implementing a theme changer for the Hub and then to intentionally disable it for the Z10 only, especially since it is rather trivial to add Z10-sized image assets.

After all, the Passport is, I think, an LCD device too, so it doesn’t benefit from the dark theme as much as the AMOLED devices, the Q10 and Z30, do. Yet they still implement it for the Passport too. Why should the Z10 be excluded? I think they just demonstrated the dark theme of the Hub on the two most important AMOLED devices and the upcoming flagship (Passport). The Z10 may have simply been omitted, just as the Q5 and the Z3.

Sweet. if10.3.1 isn't what where all waiting for I feel bad for BlackBerry cause alotta peeps are gonna leave for droid or apple


Of course, I'm all for more dark theme from the beginning, for my personal taste everything should have the dark theme option. It not only saves battery, it also just looks slick as Darth Vader.

I'm a HUGE fan of Dark theme. It really makes a lot of difference, especially if u lower your screen brightness. I say the whole UI should be all dark theme as well native apps for BlackBerry 10.

" Initiated from my QNX10 "

Would likely use the dark hub feature. I'm curious if anyone knows if the "hub view reset" option is coming in 10.3?

Posted via CB10 from my amazing Q10

Awesome! We have been waiting for this a long time. However I would like to see it across-the-board on all devices including the Z10.

This message is Z10 approved.

Continuity is a big thing for people, whether they consciously know it or not. Universal Dark/ Light themes make a difference to perception. Just wish they would fix continuity with regard to app rotation. Almost 2 years since public release of OS 10 gold candidate and almost 4 years into the OS production cycle 3 major and 3 minor versions and the BB Music app still does not rotate. SMH

I'm in, I have the dark themselves on everything that allows it. Great to see it finally arrive on the Hub.

Posted via CB10

If I don't get this on my z10 I'll actually be ticked off. Maybe it uses more battery but at least make an option.

Posted via CB10

As far as I know, it wouldn't consume more battery, but it won't make battery life better either like it would on the z30 and q10

Living a retro life fulfilling the intentions of yesterday. By tomorrow, I will be ready for today.

Yeah, I like the dark background for all the apps. Having a dark theme in the Hub would be great. Even the emails when they open should have the option of a black or dark background.

Posted via CB10

Yay! I've been wanting this ever since I first used CB10 on my Z30! Dark theme ftw!


Yeah, those bright white backgrounds can be killer for our rods in the middle of the night.

Posted via CB10

Dark hub will look so sweet. The yellow message icons will pop so nicely.

Using z30 waiting for passport.

Posted via CB10

I hope they give us the option, as I actually prefer the light theme.

Posted via CB10

you all want a DarkTheme in everything and i NEEEED a bright Theme in Pictures, Music Videos :(

One touch dark theme activation for entire OS. Or an entire section in 'settings', 'display' where you can toggle all or individual sections easily.

Also, when using the 'peak' gesture, make the date drop down from the top.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry is incomplete without the Dark Theme.

Sexy just got sexier...

Posted via the BlackBerry Z-Ton

Looking forward to the upgraded 10.3 with this new dark theme, pretty sure I am going for Passport in Nov. Z10 was great learning curve from OS7 but I still miss a keyboard sometimes and need bigger screen now my eyesight isn't what it was. Will 10.3 bring back timed off/on though?

Posted via CB10

It's always good to have the choice between bright and dark theme.
I would personally not try it.
I used for a while a galaxy note 2 with dark theme on the emails and I found it not so good for my eyes...

Sent from my Z 30

As an z10 user I still use the dark options as it eases eye strain (imo). So even though I have an LCD display, I hope I don't get left out in the cold:)

Posted via CB10

Go for Dark Hub. Haha. Hope it wiuld be available on Z10

"BlackBerry is the extension of my hand" - DadaBerry C00182421

I love the black theme option on my q10!! A black themed hub would be perfect!! I would love to see the same option for the facebook and twitter apps too! My next BlackBerry would be the passport!! Can't wait!!

Posted via CB10

The Twitter app Blaq is dark theme and works way better than the stock app. You might want to check it out!

Posted with my Q10 on CB 10

Don't understand why the Z10 is not treated like flagship no radio and no mention of a dark theme starting to regret buy this

On my Z10

Dark theme is great. No need to blast with bright light in one's face, especially in a darkened room!

This will add to the "Reader" (hit R) for many web pages, which allows one to "Invert Colors" to white text on black background.

Texting and email composing next for black theme?

I would LOVE a black theme everywhere possible...
BlackBerry, Black Hub, once you go black you'll never go back...

Posted via CB10

Allow us to Invert Colors with sticky setting, anywhere we like. Let us decide when the inverted colors are reasonable. With a master reset to revert all colors to default.

Just bring back themes already. It's so ineffective to go into every App settings and change the theme, when it should just all be in one place called THEMES

Everything I can set to dark theme is set on dark, just waiting to be able to do it in the hub as well

Posted via CB10

I may or may not stick with the dark hub, as I have with other applications, but the choice of a bright or dark theme is always nice to have

Keep Calm and Chive On

Man I can't wait for a stable 10.3.1 leak, from what I'm reading the CallerID will be fixed so that we can have proper call blocking and CallerID on the Pebble SmartWatches. The Blackberry Assistant, the end of the icon shadows, and now the dark hub (like the dark knight but better). Now a BBM update that will allow for Pebble notifications, will leave the ball in Pebbles court for a FULL BlackBerry app, or for maybe Talk2Watch Pro can do something to improve the watchface and apps part of the app.

Oh yea as always I want a Squircle and a slider. :)