Dark Cerulean Theme Now Available For Bold!

By Bla1ze on 9 Mar 2009 01:56 am EDT
Dark Cerulean Theme!

The good folks at ThemeBerry got at me the other day to let me know about their newest release. This theme is one that I had way back when I had my 8300 Curve and I loved it then and I have found that love once again. I'm a fan of darker themes so Dark Cerulean fits that bill quite nicely. The best part about this theme being updated for the Bold is that it comes in way more than the typical Zen and Icon versions. In total, Dark Cerulean has made it up to nine different versions, catering to just about any style you are looking for. Today, Today Plus, Crossbar and many more to choose from, this theme is very sharp looking and icons are nice and vivid as are most ThemeBerry themes. Now, with so many versions being available ThemeBerry was nice enough to set up shop in the CrackBerry Forums to give as all a look at the different variations as well as organize all the links nicely. With that said, make sure you grab the version you really want. This one will roll in at the traditional standard theme fee of $7 and looks great, no matter what version you decide upon.

Check Out All The Available Versions And Screenshots In The CrackBerry Forums >>



If it was .99 then maybe but $7 forget it....


$7 is pricey. There are 100's of themes coming every month, and one has to buy them to actually use them. So spending $7 and then later suppose one doesn't like it then the money goes down the drain. It should be kept for reasonable price like $1.99. I bet you will find many people buying it. With $7 for themes it gets restricted to few users.

I agree it takes a lot of effort from developer to make these themes. But I still feel it should be reasonably priced. May be like buy 1 get one free types :)


Yesterday I ordered and downloaded TODAY AREA PLUS theme. This theme has everything I have been looking for: (color icons on all applications and name of icon shown when clicked upon, message titles, calendar events and Email names that pop-up, perfect for wallpaper scenes behind the theme) and beautiful clarity and sharpness on all syntax on my BOLD.

If you purchased one of these themes and were not pleased, then you might have a legitimate gripe about a $7.00 charge. You do have a "right" to express your opinion, but until "you have a dog in this hunt " you best stay mute and wait for your "Stimulus package" from the Government.


During our CrackBerry Birthday week festivities we released the Free HD CB 2.0 BlackBerry theme for the Storm, Bold and Curve 8900. Built for CrackBerry readers by Hedone Designs, the theme has already receieved over 20,000 downloads!