Dan Dodge shows off the QNX Bentley concept car at CES

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jan 2013 02:44 pm EST

QNX unveiled their latest concept car at CES this week and it was a big hit on the show floor. A Bentley GT is always an eye-catcher, but outfit it will crazy QNX goodies and it's even more over the top. The QNX Porsche was awesome, but this Bentley is ten a hundred times as awesome. Kevin took the driver's seat as Dan Dodge himself took him through all of the QNX features in the car ranging from the oversized touchscreen console right down to the digital dash cluster (which has the same core as the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha). 

As you can see in the video, there is a physical dial in the screen that detects when your hand is close and then shows the UI accordingly so you can adjust settings. The system includes video chat when parked, a backup camera and even a cloud-connected HTML5 app that shows the vehicle information on your phone. The app displays playing media, car stats and you can also control doors and windows. All in all some pretty amazing stuff packed into this car. Check out the video above for the full walkthrough and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Dan Dodge shows off the QNX Bentley concept car at CES


Pretty sure a Bentley is impractical too. It is a waste of money. Fortunately, for companies like Bentley, there are enough people willing to pay 300K for a car that does practically the same thing as any other car on the road.

As for the QNX integration, I think it is sweet. Not necessary, but if you are going to spend 300K, you might as wellhave the best. It will be a long time before the Ford Focus's of the world have anything like that though, I bet.

It may not be necessary now, but I think its just as "not necessary" as one thought having a GPS in your car was 10 years ago, but soon it will become the new standard, and come with most cars weather we like it or not, though I agree, its pretty sweet, almost savory.

it has nothign to do with what it does its the build quality and what it represents, any car can take you from one place to another but its how the car does it that it gets its name from, the same thing as a Ferrari, or Bugatti veyron.

Anyone else wondering if the BB10 will have the same voice control function?? In the car he said you can just say "Hi Bentley" and then you can talk and get it to do things...how amazing would it be for the phone to have that ability "Hi ........ call home"

That would probably also drain the battery really quickly, though. Not a problem in a car, but in a handheld device - not so much.

Besides, would you want someone who's just walking by to be able to command your BB10 by saying "Hello Blackberry - browse for porn"?

QNX handle multitasking well so I don't think it'd be that bad. And ip that is true I wouldn't want someone to do that lol, maybe it could be configured to the device owners voice or even allowing you to set a name could help with that. Cause I know you can set Siri to promote a command by raising the phone to your head.

For some people it would bring trolling to a whole new level, others, would turn to the person who said it and say "Hey man!Thanks for making my job a bit easier!"

"Hi Galaxy" is already available on the SIII and Note II. It does do a number on the battery but the optional functionality would be welcomed. BB10 FTW!

I can already do this with the Bluetooth connected to my Torch9800 in my car. The only difference is I press a button before issuing a command. I don't understand your point.

Did the guy say there's a DLP at the back? Why use DLP? The bulb only last 3000 hours or so. I hope the DLP has a wide operating temperature range.

It's a concept in an initial phase that took them 2 months to do. I imagine with more time that tech will expand to new versions.

He said the reason for DLP was so they could also embed infrared cameras behind the glass so it can see your hand approaching and pre-load the right icons based on where your hand is about to touch. If they used a standard LCD or OLED touchscreen, they'd have to wait until you actually touched the screen before it could respond. Pretty cool feature, IMO.

That's amazing how good it connects with the cars, think of the possibility's. BB10 for the win.

It's a demo, the car manufacturers make hardened stuff for the real world, this only has to look good on the show floor :) And yes that looked like a release Z10 Dan was using...notice they switched to a Dev Alpha quickly after that.

Dan Dodge is the reason we bought three Blackberry Playbooks with the QNX operating system.
Congratulations QNX team, you're amazing!

I own a 2012 tacoma, All it has is bluetooth integration and it cost 40,000$ lol, Cars are frustrating when it comes to the latest technology, there so far behind. And a car with say nfc/BB10 integration would be a 5000$ upgrade from the base price.

You have to look into aftermarket companies like alpine for the best technology. I wonder if anybody is useing QNX on there top of the line full touch models.

No need to post twice. Oh and the article is cut off due to long url's being obscured. Samsung had flexible displays, wait, not just samsung, but others had them before they did, two to four years ago.

with all due respect, if you are journalists could you not afford a decent video camera that focuses and lap microphones so the background noise is diminished?

I mean, your at CES... Pretty sure somebody can loan you something...

I like the use case that Kevin and Dan brought up about nfc tapping to sync up map route, play list, calendar, etc. Especially if yu driving a car that's being shared (rental)

I'm really enjoying the fact that Phill answered the video call from a "BB10" phone, cause from what I can see it looked pretty clear and smooth!

It definately is a Z10 i see how he switched over to the Dev Alpha, but is it me or does the dev alpha b look like a z10 with a fat plastic case around it... someone shoud try to take the dev alpha b apart.

Cant wait for the day when you can buy these like you can buy new radios for your car :D
Anyways, so are we gonna now expect a 4000$ B'10881 designed by bently?

wow ... this is nice!
Do the analysts know about this yet?

Robert Scobie ( the worlds Biggest Rim Basher / Hater who wishes death and everything bad to them ) just tried the NEW BB10 smartphone. He said, " He likes it a lot".

There you have it people. If you are, or were a Rim hater and basher, once you try BB10, you open your eyes, and all of a sudden you become a Rim lover and supporter.

These phones are going to sell like crazy, and a lot of people know it!

So how many sites have you posted this exact Robert Scobie message on? When I searched for Robert Scobie, I only found your same post on another site.

If you have a link to Robert saying that, I'd like to see it.

Wow! This video really makes us sooooo fkn proud to stick around with BlackBerry and now support QNX.

What's really amazing is that - This technology showed in the video - looks like it's been around for years.. Looks like oh so what's the big deal.. But like Dan Dodge said.. The car industry is buzzing with this demo.. Because they know this is some good sht..

I have a few complaints though..

1. Surround Audio (left to right) - This should be demoed with multiple people on the other side - Because this is where QNX audio shines... If there are several people in a conference room on the opposite side of a BB10 / QNX Car - through clear audio mapping you can easily create a mind map of the other side with respects to how everyone is positioned around the mic (you).

2. TAT & QNX Car have been brilliant at showcasing extreme-end demos with difficult possibilities overcome through easy new solutions (read: Cascades/HTML5/QNX Car) but for consumers, easy real world scenarios need to be played out for the general mass to catch on. Eg. People get deterred from QNX Car because they cannot directly associate with Porsche and now Bentley. Although the end goal is to bring this tech to the general market of affordable cars.. Real world (easy) scenarios would help.

=========================== end sadness..

QNX Car and BlackBerry 10 collaboration is simply amazing! This video really pops the question --- Can YOUR platform do this?

List of stuff we can assume from this video:

1. BlackBerry Video conference - Handset to multiple platforms (cars and consumer electronics)

2. BlackBerry Hi-Def Audio conference - Surround sound, ambient sensing, etc..

3. BlackBerry Device Distribution - Handset to multiple platforms (cars and consumer electronics). As mentioned, Tapping NFC would immediately (securely) leverage your mobile data on to extended platforms. Not just Music, Video and phone contacts.. but also provide the advanced capabilities of BlackBerry Bridge along with integrated applications such as BB Travel, BB Wallet, BB Tasks, BB Calendar, etc. as well as deep 3rd Party support such as Evernote, etc.

3a. BB Travel - Automatic Trip scanning will extend data on the QNX Car, which would guide you with directions to Airport terminals with real-time updates on flight schedules, traffic, etc.

3b. BB Wallet - Automatic short-burst Wi-Fi at tolls would debit transit charges from pre-paid card / In-car petrol refill payments / Drive-Thru payments through Credit cards

3c. BB Tasks - Through integrated Smart assistance on BB10 (siri-like), buying Milk, grocery or shopping for discounts are leveraged on QNX Car navigation with real-time location and availability updates. Eg. on Apple online store they give real-time updates of product availability in various stores - This type of information can be pulled in from all online stores after scanning your Tasks (buying a new tablet, need tires, grocery list with cost estimates, etc.)

3d. 3rd Party App support - Integrating Evernote - You can dictate your logs, schedules, notes, experience to Evernote through QNX Car and BB10 device connected. QNX Car can auto-scan Evernote entries to point places of interest (restaurants, shops, etc.) and make audio/video log entries of events and trips while car cruising.

So point 3 would make the BB10 Handheld a gateway to enter data and leverage the management on the extended platforms such as QNX Car.

4. QNX Car integrated WiFi/Hotspot - Each passenger immediately connects to the QNX Car upon entry and is provided with a network and Internet connectivity. Movies purchased or rented by a friend can be played for everyone on the same network or even distributed to individual screen. Music is seamlessly shared and played by any member of the car without breaking the link or interrupting the main device of the owner.

5. QNX Car Network - Such as the BBM user network, QNX Car along with carrier support would make every QNX Car connected in a closed circuit network with real-time autonomous updates from car-2-car through radar scanning (3d mapping) the surrounding and posting irregularities if detected as well as actual real-time traffic updates.

6. Advanced Speech recognition - Flow in communication with the QNX Car - No need for breaking conversation or even pausing to initiate QNX Car voice assist. Smart detect would enable the QNX Car to 'listen' to your conversation and detect a request. It's 'Hello Bentley!' now, but think about this as 2001 Space Odyssey and placing request in synchronous with HAL. The QNX Car voice assist is now a 'member' and not a request box.

7. Platform Based Direct Connectivity - As of now, through a simple HTML5 website, the QNX Car can be controlled and monitored through a mobile device. Would BB10 make it possible for QNX Car to manage your home while in your car? Yes. Control room temperature, water, electricity and several other connected device through a simple gateway device installed at home/office or even the farm house. No need for constantly popping out the mobile while driving.

8. QNX Car(ICE+Mobile+Computer) = A glimpse of BlackBerry 10 Platform?

9. QNX: A Real-Time Operating System - The car instrument cluster (speedo, tacho, etc.) and in-car computing (nav, hazard, mobile) are extremely crucial objects within a car, even at the extreme of life-dependant. Will an RTOS be the future to access daily-life mission-critical applications?

10. QNX Car & BlackBerry 10: Is the future here already?

I'm interested in the future and BB10 along with QNX Car are really feeding this curiosity..

BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB & Torch 9810 > Z10/X10??????????? Z10



The possibility of what NFC could do when married with this concept car blew my mind!

Who said BlackBerry was dead again?!?