D-pad app may be coming soon to a BlackBerry near you

BlackBerry D-Pad
By Adam Zeis on 8 Mar 2012 02:24 pm EST

This week at the BlackBerry-sponsored Game Developers Conference, RIM was on hand not only to offer up some cool sessions to developers but also to show off their products. While the catalog of games is quickly growing on the BlackBerry PlayBook, we haven't seen too many cool accessories to make them even more fun. Now that BlackBerry Remote is out and fully functional, it only makes sense that you should be able to use your phone as a controller for games on your PlayBook. Well SemiAccurate has spotted this nifty d-pad controller that is actually a BlackBerry Torch (at least it looks like a Torch) running a modified version of BlackBerry Remote. The full-screen d-pad sports colorful buttons, a d-pad and even a cute RIM logo in the center. It's seen here controlling a PlayBook that is running a game called Frogatto (coming soon to BlackBerry App World) and it looks pretty awesome even just from this image. I totally want to try it out. Like now.

Who knows if this little guy will ever see the light of day, but we can hope, right? What do you think - would you like to see a d-pad app like this for gaming on the PlayBook? Sound off in the comment!

Source: SemiAccurate

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D-pad app may be coming soon to a BlackBerry near you


GIEV THIS NAO! oh lord I want this, in my hands... yesterday.
/me throws his credit card at SemiAccurate
take it, TAKE IT ALL

SemiAccurate isn't the one making or producing this app for the phone. But I'm sure they'd gladly take your monies.

oh, my bad.. got excited and dumb with money :| story of my life. how about you? you brought the news of my error to me, want some money? :p

I would hope the 9900 app would take advantage of our actual buttons. Touch screen for movement and buttons as actual buttons. Just not enough real estate on the touch screen. Seeing this gets me hyped.

This is a very cool idea and there needs to be a speculation stop and an actual product YESTERDAY!!! like mrfreeze574 said get that patent NOW and get it out, I think we would even take a beta version and help you work out the kinks, but this would push the BB brand and playbook to another level
i.e. sitting across the room with your PB hooked up to a Big Screen and playing games, this would be a major cool factor and points for all us BB heads out here
Get on the ball.....err pad, BB!!!

If history teaches us anything, it's that RIM starts demoing products when the patent has or is about to be granted, so I would suspect that this is the case here, too.

'Get on the ball'? Who else has an a d-pad app for their phones that can also control their tablets? RIM is ahead of the curve here, and by quite a bit...

If history as taught us anything, its that RIM will start demoing the product for months on end; it will then be followed by a statement that it is coming in 60 days; which will then be followed by a year's wait, to be followed by the worst launch in history.

It will then be transferred over to the TAT people who will, in turn, demo it further at every single conference that is available and we will then wait another year.


Love it, i hope they implement a modular style layout with the ability to have two d-pads and multiple button configurations. Might we see 2 player games come forth with this development. PS while i would love to use physical buttons on the 9900 as well I'd be weary of keyboard fatigue.

I still prefer the tactile feel of a regular controller, but for the masses this will make Blackberry remote plus the playbook into an emulator's dream combo.

I'd prefer to be able to connect my Sony PS3 controller to the Playbook and use that for playing games. Or, perhaps radical in thinking, what about incorporating a dpad on the OEM blutooth keyboard that is (well probably not) going to be released. LOL

Their version required two controllers to be paired. I do not know if they've added support for a single controller yet. It was also not the four-button d-pad but the standard three choice layout. Not that this is unique to the worle, but it is different.

This would also be cool with the playbook on the table in front of the user.

And it would demo extremely well in stores like Best Buy and Staples.

RIM get this in people's hands ASAP

Patent it rim come on its 2012 RIM I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! BlackBerry is coming back IN A BIG WAY VERY SOON!!!!

Perfect for use with an emulator running on the playbook. Make the playbook a portable console for use with or without a bigger screen. Next make it possible to pair a PS3 controller and get some NHL or Assassins Creed into app world.

For those talking about bluetooth controllers and ps3 controllers, although that would be great, I think the idea is that you tend to carry your phone with you all the time where you would also have your PB. It would be a hindrance to carry an extra item with you. But yes if youbwere at home or a mates house then yes would be good to use the PS3 controller :)

Oh and this is going to be amazing!!! RIM should do what apple did to siri and buy the product off the developer and fully integrated it into OS2.0!!! How much of a selling point would that be?!! :)

BlackBerry's are for the self-assured type ;)

Am I the only person that noticed the buttons are from xbox 360? Can I hear another lawsuit? Haha