Cut The Rope updated with BlackBerry Q10 support

By Bla1ze on 30 May 2013 02:16 am EDT

Earlier this month we saw Cut The Rope gain support for the BlackBerry Z10 but BlackBerry Q10 support was questionable at the time. Luckily, ZeptoLab put in the time and adjusted Cut The Rope for the BlackBerry Q10 as well and I have to say, the transition to the smaller screen in my opinion, actually seems to make the game a bit more enjoyable. That might just be me but in any case, if you're a Cut The Rope fan and a Q10 owner, you can grab the game from BlackBerry World right now for only $1.99 or if you've previously purchased it on a BlackBerry Z10 or BlackBerry PlayBook, it's available for free.

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Cut The Rope updated with BlackBerry Q10 support


Is it BlackBerry going to make the same mistake that made with the bb7 and the screen sizes? One of the big headaches for developers was the different screen sizes and resolutions so they had to make the same app like 7 times to match the different resolutions. I hope they don't :) although I can't wait for their phablet

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Ugh, stop making the decision to keep the Z10 or not so difficult! This is one of my favorite mobile games.

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awesome! was literally looking for the Q10 version yesterday and was sad that it was only available for the Z10. great job!

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Simple, it was coded to work on BB10 which takes time and money to do. And last I checked, $2 isn't a lot of money for a full game :). We got Angry Birds Star Wars for free while other platforms have to pay ;).

Complaining clearly it is a simple question, now I am complaining maybe it's the reason to why there not as popular as the other platforms because of prices.

Also to charge £1.50 for a game on a smaller screen is ridiculous.

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