Cut The Rope HD now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jan 2012 10:07 am EST

It took a bit longer then we had expected (ok only like two days), but Cut The Rope HD is now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. We got to see it live in action on Monday at the BlackBerry booth, but now you can have the same On Nom goodness all to yourself. Cut The Rope HD is just $2.99 as well -- not the original $4.99 we though it would be -- so get it while the gettin' is good. It's challenging and loads of fun, so if you're looking for something new to play on your PlayBook -- Cut The Rope may be just what you need.

More information/download of Cut The Rope HD for the BlackBerry PlayBook



how about for the bold 9900!!


Playbook is finally getting all of the popular games, its a huge selling point for it.


You guys need to invest in a unidirectional microphone for pieces like this. Seriously. The background noise is very distracting.


Just played a few levels on the trial someone posted in the forums, so I jumped on this download. This will be addictive!!


This is awesome! I would say the only thing left that we are missing is Skype. I guess an argument could be made for a few other apps, but each of them have a work around (Netflix, Kindle, etc.). I never really missed or cared about PIM, because I have a bridged BB.

Cut the Rope is my favorite time killing game. You can open it up, play a few levels, and shut it down while you find yourself waiting in a line or at an office.

I am also very pleasantly surprised by the $2.99 price tag. I would have gladly paid $4.99, but I know others who will complain it is not free.


Orrrr you could just browse to in any HTML5 supporting browser and play it for free.


last I checked they only had a handful of levels online, and they're extremely easy


I believe there are 12 levels via IE9 if you attach it to your taskbar.


Orrrr you could just browse to in any HTML5 supporting browser and play it for free.

Iconic Bry

One of the best games I've ever purchased. A huge bonus for PB users now that this is on.


A browser adaptation will NEVER be as good as a dedicated application.


The browser version is just as good. Try it.


Is that why IE users get over 60 frames per second, automatic saves to the cloud and precise controls?


The PB is looking better and plz bring skype and OS 2.0 and ill be pleased RIM lmao


O and i forgot to add that CUT THE ROPE is addicting lol and well worth the 2.99


It's a bummer that iPad users can get the app for $1.99, whereas PlayBook users have to pay $2.99. :(


It is not fair to compare the current price of this game on iPad where it is already there for more than a year than with PB where it is just released. For sure in few months the price on PB will also reduce. $2.99 is quite good price for this awesome game. Come on guys, stop having these comparisons :)


You also have to remember that the PlayBook screen is considered HD (1024x600) where the iPad is standard definition (1024x768) it does not seem like a difference but it is a difference to developers to lose 168 pixels. I would much rather have a HD version of the game then a Standard Resolution.


@carbon98accord, aside from the fact that this game has been out for a while on iOS(which someone else mentioned).

Think of this, You go to Costco and buy a 4 pack of Toothpaste for $8 and at the grocery store you get 1 toothpaste for $4... Why is that? The grocery store (RIM) can't guarantee a big enough purchase to justify a lower cost for the toothpaste (app)... Whereas Costco (Apple) can justify a lower price per toothpaste (app) because of the client base and the devs will make up in volume. We need to continue to support the current apps available to us in AppWorld in order to someday reap the benefits of lower cost apps when an abundance of apps become available...


finally maybe now my friends will stop bugging me about having a pb now that its got some good apps./games