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Cut The Rope for the BlackBerrry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 10 Jan 2012 05:21 pm EST

As we saw in yesterday's press release regarding Playbook 2.0, Cut The Rope has finally made its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's not yet available in BlackBerry App World (we're told it will be launching any time now) but we got a chance to check it out live today in the BlackBerry booth. Cut the Rope is a super addictive puzzle game where you need to cut rope (crazy, right?) while collecting stars and getting the candy into the cute little monster's mouth. It's easy as you start out, but gets much harder as you go along. Add in anti-gravity, floating bubbles and you're on your way to victory. Check out the video above to see Cut The Rope in action, and keep watching BlackBerry App World if you're looking to get your hands on it.



Pretty cool... OS2 seems to provide some goodies... Hope A2DP support is included in the first consumer build :o)


A2DP already works in the beta, flawlessly i might add!!


One of the MIcrosoft Windows 8 demos played this last night in their keynote. It was a first time I'd seen it but it looks like fun.


Request: Can you guys try to find out some info on the Zinio app that was mentioned in the press release!!

Thanks guys


Have you guys noticed the Plants vs. Zombies icon?


Yupppp, and they mentioned it too. Guess that is the next video they're posting. Love that game ;)


This is one of my favourite games as well when I had the iPad, glad to see it for Playbook..

Michelle Haag

Psssst Adam, his name is Om Nom. :P


Anything on Zinio yet???? Was mentioned in yesterdays press release too......


Poor Adam, you suck at that game :P


can play it in the browser for free at :)


Oh dear, not another time-waster.


How much will they be charging this app for? 4.99?


Looks like it should be $1.99 Max.


I find 4.99 a little expensive for this. i would agree at 1.99 or 2.99 max


It's free on Android.


you guys are cheap, then don't buy it gahd!


I hate to say this but it's actully 99 cents for the ipad...


The iPad has much more users... It is called "Economies of scale"... Keep the games coming. Free or for a fee, those that want it can and will buy the apps.


don't get me wrong, I'm still getting this game but the pricing of other games has stayed consistent with that they charge on the iPad (Gameloft, EA, Rovio and so on) so Economies of scale doesn't really apply, especially when we keep hearing from RIM that the average BlackBerry app generates 43% MORE daily downloads than the average iOS app


I don't think the 43% implies that it is tablet compatible apps. There isn't enough PlayBooks out there (in comparison to iPads)... Aside from the Angry Birds HD (which is priced similar to the iPad), Seasons and RIO costs $.99 cents on iOS. How is that not economies of scale?

We can go back and forth all day with this. Until the current user base of PlayBook's (YES that includes us) don't support the current apps that are currently being released on the PlayBook we will not realize the prices that Android and iOS users are realizing. PERIOD!

The Devs (with a valid reason) prefer to offer an app for 50-75% less on a platform that has 4-7x's the user base because they make it up in volume.


Another reason a lot of apps are cheaper on iphone and ipad is because of exposures and what i call "app noise" so many apps, how do you pick between what you want? in a lot of ways i think the app world of apples has really eroded in a lot of ways because of this.

But as the game itself is it really worth $5? to me it probably is, plants vz zombies aswell.

I will support new developers on the blackberry because that is why they are there, to make money.


THEN DON'T BUY IT. Quit complaining. Gosh.


Is the BlackBerry Playbook compatible with HTML5?
If true, I'm playing to Cut The Rope for free at with it...


It works! thanks for the link! :D