Cut the Cable game for BlackBerry

By Adam Zeis on 9 May 2011 03:51 pm EDT

Cut the Cable BlackBerryCut the Cable BlackBerry

If you have ever tried the popular Cut the Rope game in iOS devices and hoped for some of the same on BlackBerry, Cut the Cable is your answer. The strategy game is both simple and super addicting at the same time. You need to cut the cables attached to the candy in order to get it into the green monsters mouth. Sounds simple enough right? It's actually quite challenging as the levels go on, but if you're like me you'll find yourself stuck to it for quite a while. As you progress the levels get harder and additional items like bubbles and special anchors are introduced. Cut the Cable is available for most devices in the CrackBerry App store.

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Cut the Cable game for BlackBerry



As much as I love my BlackBerry, why in the heck can't BlackBerry developers have any design skills? This game looks like crap. It may play great, but looks are actually important, especially for a game. Go compare it to Cut the Rope and you should see exactly what I mean.

A frog? Really?

Well said indeed. It doesn't help BlackBerry that the majority of the applications are very poor visually; and far too many are simple generic J2ME apps with a little window dressing.

THe worst part is that we (developers) have been given the tools by RIM to make apps that look really good - but too many don't use them.

That's definitely something I have trouble coming to terms with. There are some (albeit too few) excellent apps on the BlackBerry that also look visually stunning... the tools are obviously there to make it work, but so many developers just don't seem to care, or else just flat-out stink at design.

I hear it all too often: it doesn't matter if the app looks good as long as it works well. Hogwash. It does matter what the app looks like. There is no reason to have a top-notch application that looks like complete junk.

Developers... please take the time to care what your apps look like.

That look is just brutal. Ouch.
Frog. Stars. Ship steering wheels? WHY?!?!
Uhhh. I don't doubt the developer's talent but he should have hired a designer.

Don't forget wood paneling for the background and Windows 98-like buttons for level markers. Wow. Truly horrible design skills.

I love the quality and durability of a Blackberry but I've been so frustrated over the quality of apps or lack of apps to the point I don't see any option other than switching to an iphone! I've been a backberry user for 5 years now but unfortunately this Torch will be my last! :(

Thanks for your comments guys. We arent design gurus but you should find the game just as fun! Any eligible designers please dont hesitate to get in touch!

I'm sorry, but as I said, looks are important, especially for a game. Why is the background wood paneling? Why is the "creature" a frog, and why is it floating? Why ships wheels? What are those arrows supposed to represent? How do all these elements tie together to make sense in the story of the game?

For example, in some other screenshots of this game, there are bellows. But why are the bellows turned sideways? Think about it... if I wanted to make the bellows blow air, I wouldn't press them from the side you show us in the game. The way the bellows are drawn, it makes no sense to me.

Take a look at Cut the Rope again and maybe what I'm saying will make sense. The balloons in that game work visually because looking at them, it makes sense to press on them. The spikes look real enough that I understand what they are. The creature is not only visually interesting (cute, perhaps), but it's animation draws me in to the story, and the reason to be playing, even deeper. I feel like I need to play more because of the way in which all the game elements come together.

Since I can't see fun game play, the only thing that will initially draw me to play your game is the visuals, and currently... well, you know how I feel about the visuals by now.

I entirely accept your points. Basically it comes down to that BlackBerry doesnt bring the returns to hire a design team. Instead, being a relatively onerous platform to develop for it attracts the technically able like us. Unfortunately technical people are often poor at graphics. We had to develop a physics engine from scratch that works on blackberry - thats what we are goood at. Alas, drawing we are not.

Like I say, the game play is just as fun. And if anyone is good at design we would be interested to talk to you.

Let me stop here and say that I appreciate the open discussion regarding the design decisions of your game. Really, I do. And let me also say that I understand the complexities involved in developing for the BlackBerry platform. It's a complaint I have heard time and time again, and it's truly unfortunate for the BlackBerry platform as a whole.

Here's hoping someone with the right design talent is interested in the challenge.

Kudos for the effort! Looking forward to someone stepping up and providing some design help. Alas, I know nothing about programming or design(yet) .. So for now, I'll stick to Tetris and NFS on my PB =D

Cut the Rope for iPhone is fun and a well designed game for the iPhone and pretty addicting. This looks like it was made with MS Paint and very laughable. If someone busted out with this on their blackberry, I would be LMFAO ROTFFL and then show them the iPhone version.

Instead of developing a half-arse game on a half-arse platform, cut the rope from the blackberry platform and stick to iOS and Droid.

Indeed. I don't even know why they bothered to release this sub-par game. THREE dollars for something that is worse than its counterpart and not even worth the time to download...


I completely regret buying this! Especially for 3$!! This would be worth it as a .99 cent game, but as 3$ it's not well done at all imo. Especially when I compare it to Final Fantasy which is 5$ and is beautiful.

I played this on a 9530 (Storm 2). Crazy CRAZY lag. The ropes would randomly disappear or cut themselves, the sliders were choppy and far from accurate, the wheels most of the time wouldn't want to turn and when they did, fair chance if the rope got in the way it would cut it. Also, had to reset the phone just to get the app to stop! Going menu > close... didn't work. And just going to the home screen (works for some apps) didn't do squat.

I would love to list more bugs, be I finally got to the point were I wanted to smash my phone I was getting so pissed off at the bugs. I probably won't remove it, but I won't be launching it again until this gets some MAJOR patches.

What's next? Vegetable Samurai? I'm kinda tired of these cheap remakes of decent games on other platforms, especially when I have to pay more for the BB version than I would have to pay on Android or iOS. BB users want games too dammit!!!!!!!!

How many years have to go by before the realization sets in? If you want games, you are on the wrong platform. Perhaps QNX will open a new era for blackberry. Perhaps not.