Customize your web browser homescreen icons with Web Shortcut Creator

By DJ Reyes on 3 Jun 2013 04:22 pm EDT

With an awesome browser running on your BlackBerry 10 smartphone, you'll no doubt agree that it's a great experience to use. Buttery smooth and all, I've used the browser on my BlackBerry 10 phone more than on any other BlackBerry smartphone I've owned.

While most of your favorite websites might have an app (just like the awesome app that is CB10) there are times you might just want to use the browser to browse news. If this is the case and you also like to save those sites to your home screen, maybe Web Shortcut Creator is for you.

Web Shortcut Creator aims to let you make those web browser icons a little more pleasing to look at on your home screen. While some sites provide a nice icon for when you create a home screen shortcut, there are some sites that don't and you thus don't get an icon at all, just a minimized version of the site homepage. Definitely not appealing to look at on your device.

With Web Shortcut Creator you can assign an icon of your choice to the link instead. Let me give you an example. Taking the BlackBerry website itself, when you create a shortcut for the website on your home screen, the icon doesn't look nice to the eye, especially alongside app icons. Why not use the BlackBerry logo instead? Done.

By using Web Shortcut Creator you can assign the BlackBerry logo icon for the link so it looks pretty beside other icons. The app has default links already available with icons added too.

Web Shortcut Creator also has Built for BlackBerry approval and is a pretty neat app, doing exactly what it says. It's available in BlackBerry World for $0.99/£0.75. Prettify your link icons today with this cool app.

For more information/purchase Web Shortcut Creator from BlackBerry World

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Customize your web browser homescreen icons with Web Shortcut Creator


Kind of ironic that the blackberry website itself is not one of those websites that "provide a nice icon"!

I think this is a great app. Really solves a problem and helps substitute (at least temporarily) for a few apps that you might want. I actually have no problem with using some Web apps/sites if the icon looks good.

I'm loving this app! Works brilliantly. And transforms my icons to a much more uniform and professional look. Bravo!

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, and it's a new Blackberry!

I bought this app a week ago and love it. My home screen is much more visually appealing now.

Posted via CB10

One doesn't need this app.... you could open a site of your liking and choose the option "add to home screen "....that does the future...

Posted via CB10

This is pretty awesome! I cant wait to get it! Especially for apps that havent been released for it, like "Google Chrome, Amazon, Ebay, Paypal, Bank of America" Just stuff i frequently visit. Thanks for sharing!