Customize your BlackBerry's homescreen with Fancy Widgets - On sale through December 31st

By ObiGeorge on 29 Dec 2010 03:09 pm EST
Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets is a cool little app that brings the widgets of other platforms to your BlackBerry device. It features an automatic wallpaper switcher, integration with BerryWeather and the BlackBerry Calendar, and many other nice visual tweaks. The BerryWeather integration (as pictured above) alone makes it a must have, in my opinion. Fancy Widgets really does add some nice customization to your device, and I have yet to see another app like it for BlackBerry.

You can pick up Fancy widgets on sale for $2.99 (40% off) at the CrackBerry App Store, until December 31st. It is compatible with device running OS 5 and up.

More information and download of Fancy Widgets

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Customize your BlackBerry's homescreen with Fancy Widgets - On sale through December 31st


If not for my theme (Milk and Cookies-VinceThePrince&Cindrine) I would get this BUT I spent my allowance for the week...LOL!!!

I feel like this works better on OS5. I installed it on my OS6 9700 but there is already so much going on on the screen with OS6 that it renders this app useless.

I d/l'd and tried the trial version on my Torch 9800. It's a very cool app. It takes a bit to figure out how to position the widgets, but once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad. My only complaint (and the reason that I uninstalled it after only a short time): It doesn't do a good job of refreshing properly when changing the position of the BB (landscape vs. portrait). I suggest trying it, to see whether you want it or not.

using the trial, seems to have my calendar entries on the wrong dates. I like the idea of the app though.

i bought it and my calendar will not display. tried setting it to default, and my primary email calender, did a batt pull. added the sample calendar widget to see if that works,a nd still no go. kinda pointless without the calendar not working as berryweather offers a beter looking forecast option

Insstalled it on my 9800 Torch and notified Sergey of a problem with the wallpaper changer. He responded right away, but still haven't resolved the problem. Paid the full price for the app, now I see it 40% off and even got a Twitter with a coupon code for a free install. I hope some of the BB sites put some pressure on this guy to get the bugs fixed.

Jack I did not forget your emails. We're working on it. Right now I need more info from other issue cases since I'm not able to reproduce this. Work is progress for sure. Don't worry. Every user will get support and working app.

I downloaded the trial and thought it was a great app but deleted it after a few attempts of getting the wallpaper changer to work. All I kept getting was a blank black screen with the rest of the widgets showing... My conclusion is I will purchase it as soon as the bugs are sorted.

Wall paper will not change and calender doesn't work. Nice idea, but needs work bigtime! Berryweather by far has the best integration though

Everyone with wallpaper & calendar issues please email me to I'll be doing a special build for you today to troublleshoot it. You can also send PIN if prefer BBM over email.

i got the update, and ya it was a nice UI overhaul but the calendar still doesnt work and now my weather doesnt work at all.

What's wrong with weather? Please send details to

Calendar is in progress now. I will rebuild it much. Had to address some urgent fixes with wallpaper first. So did 1.1.13 release today. Next will have calendar fix.

Please be patient. Trying to fit development and family holidays celebration :)