Customize the appearance of your BlackBerry Z10 with Z Theme

Looking for a solution to your theme withdrawal on BlackBerry 10? Z Themes lets you customize various display features.

By Alicia Erlich on 30 Mar 2013 01:20 pm EDT

If you are a theme addict, no doubt switching over to BlackBerry 10 wasn't easy. Being able to customize certain aspects of the display were just one of many wonderful features on legacy devices.

What if I told you there was an application that could give you a similar experience on your BlackBerry Z10? While there is no theme support for the latest OS, that doesn’t mean talented developers couldn’t find a work around for those of us going through withdrawal.

Z Theme by SCrApps aims to fill in the void by allowing users to customize the look and feel of certain aspects of their homescreen. There are no words to describe the joy I felt having that kind of control over my display again. It was a nice surprise to discover this application in BlackBerry World with the knowledge that it does not have to stay open to run. You read that correctly, once all of your changes are made and applied, it does not need to remain open as an active frame for the settings to stay.

While the features are limited as of now (the developer is planning on releasing an update), users can change the color or add a shadow or icon background to many of the items that appear in the top and bottom docks.  The application provides 12 pre-installed images for your background and a few color options that are a welcome change to the standard appearance..

What is nice about this application is the layout. You have your preview pane on the left that you can scroll up and down to see and the options on the right. In this respect you can see the finished effect before hitting save or apply.  There is a backup and restore option which gives the ability to save your current selections or reload the last stored theme.

To return to your original BB10 settings simply exit and reboot the application and make sure all the settings are set to none. Just remember to choose a background again or you will be stuck with a white screen. I did notice that depending on the background image chosen the slider bar color does not always show. I found that by choosing this option first and then going back to the top solves the problem. In addition, there is a slight issue on the lock screen if you modify the phone and search icons in that they do not appear correctly. Not major, but it is noticeable.

Sadly, icons are not a customizable option (though we knew this already), but I for one thoroughly enjoy this application and find it quite impressive. I spent the last few hours trying out as many possible combinations as I could on my Z10. For those looking to change things up a bit, Z Theme is $1.99 in BlackBerry World.

Theme lovers are you overjoyed at having the ability to modify your homescreen again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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This is a really good app. I just couldn't get over how the lock screen looks once you made modifications to your home screen. I'll mess with it again once there is an update.

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I plan to add that as soon as BlackBerry gets me my LE Z10 (the code isn't testable on the simulator because it doesn't lock) - there was a paperwork snafu and it's going to take longer than normal for it to get to me.
Unfortunately using that feature will require you to leave the app open.


Tells me not available on my device Z10 on Verizon

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Apparently until Verizon releases a newer OS, you will see this more and more.


And I hope they hurry!


Have you tried this app out?

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This is really starting to tick me off. I am finding a number of apps not available on the Verizon Z10 and an app that I created for launch I just tested on the Verizon Z10 and it does not run correctly. It keeps freezing up. It worked perfectly on the Dev Alpha. I posted a thread in the BlackBerry Developer Forums, but they need to fix this ASAP or there will be people returning their Z10's from Verizon. I don't know if the issue is BlackBerry or Verizon, but it will not matter as those less loyal will blame it on BlackBerry and move to a different platform.


Cool.. love it

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I would pay 9 meeellion dollars to be able to resize the icons!!! >.<


Ugly.....but i wanna see more of these.


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Does it provide an option to hide the upper info bar, and the bottom tool bar?

Ya, I am an unabashed BB supporter. Don't like that? Then put me on ignore.


Will it magically turn my white z10 into the flashy red one? As soon as red accessories appeared I knew there would be red phones and I wanted one!

Wish the app had a wallpaper changer too!

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Doesn't work on Verizon :-(

Posted via CB10


Doesn't work on Verizon

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Headless apps (the ability to run in background without being in the active frames) needs to hurry to developers, we are gonna run out of active frames with these nice new apps coming!


Actually Z Theme does NOT require an open Active Frame after you set it.

After rebooting your device, you would have to open it again though to take effect. But basically you can set it then close it.

This is how you CB10, son!


It should stick across reboots :)


Wow...that's all I have to say!

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I just emailed the developer, even though you can't customize the icons, you can do something really cool with them. You guys will see with the next update. ;)


Why mess with beauty? My precious!*strokes Z10*

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Bravo, nice...


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They should now create a "Themes" category in BlackBerry World. Great start but we need more!


IPhone is just a fashion statement. There's no technology in it, but gimmicks. Good for blondes.
Viva BB!!

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Daniel Fulton

Does it get rid of that retarded shadow behind the apps?

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The shadow has a function. set an all-white wallpaper, and your apps would no longer have legible titles.


I actually like that transparent shadow.


Though it needs some improvements, but overall its good customizable theme. Nice effort.


This looks promising.

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Nicely done Alicia. I have this app and I'm rather impressed with it... 


This is cleverly simple - all it's doing (I think) is creating a single custom wallpaper image on the fly as you change the settings. Neat idea and the end result is the same.


Beeen waiting Sooo long for some one to bring themes to this device. I'm a theme addict. My torch was customized to the max

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How does it change the wifi signal strength then? Different wallpapers for all states? Btw it won't work with the superbar in wallpaper changer HD :(

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Just submitted an update the integrates the app with WCHD+ :)

Mikey Gardner

Fuckin Awsome

Posted on my Z10

Mikey Gardner

100, Awsome app

Posted on my Z10


Pretty sweet. I was under the impression BlackBerry wasn't going to permit customization.


keep moving BBRY! well done!


it just creates a new wallpaper - which they can't really ban. slick idea


It might be worth giving it a try. Nothing to lose.

Roman Michalsky

Great App....

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Cool! I hope to see more of these to come. Hopefully this means that themes may not actually be far off! *fingers crossed!


They should be selling the Z10 in red it looks awesome! I'll pick this app up after the update.

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Lock screen looses icons in lower bar and clock. Need to fix nd would be pretty cool.

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I'll be adding lock screen customization as soon as I have a device to test it on :)


A nice side feature is that if you set an image as wallpaper after applying a theme with this app, the lock screen will show the wallpaper, but your home screen will remain whatever you set it to with Z Theme.

Very cool!


Great start Alicia! Will pay when the update is done.


I f'd up my Z10 and cannot get it to reset. May have been because I applied a theme then had the great idea to reinstall the app to set it back to default but it didn't. Now when I re installed the app it will not allow a theme to be applied, keeps giving an error. This sucks!!!!!

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Winston Loh

This is pretty cool...

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Is there anyway to get this app to work after it stops. It worked the first go around and now after numerous un installs and installs it keeps giving me a root error. Rubbish it is, how do I get my 2$ back??

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Wonder when the q10 is going to get something similar.


One of the best apps i've seen so far !


Nothing happens when I press apply theme... restarted still no luck..

Advice? I'm on


Man... wasted $2.50 :(

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Sorry about that! There was an error in the submission to BlackBerry World, and its been fixed now. As soon as the update hits your area (likely already happened) everything will work again.


I have a Z10 from Verizon and I was able to find this app in blackberry world. My Os is Try searching again, my guess is that they updated it for us.

Check out Z Theme in BlackBerry World! You can find it at

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Thank you to Developer for updating fix... works wonderfully for me now!

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Emu the Foo

What case is that on your z10?


I would have learned to code if it meant getting a red Z10. Seriously!

kc w

i m thinking of getting a z10. i wish to know if z10 can be fully customize like android phone. can it run apks for rooted android phone? can the buttons be customized to have additional function? my android phone can launch torchlight by long pressing vol up without waking phone.