Customize your LED notifications with Color LED Messages

Color LED Messages
By DJ Reyes on 10 Apr 2013 05:27 pm EDT

I love being able to look at my BlackBerry device and knowing exactly what type of message I have waiting for me based on the color that flashed on the LED.

I had this system going for me on my BlackBerry 7 device using third party apps. On BlackBerry 10, I want to be able to achieve this too, again with third party apps.

Color LED Messages allows me to do this, so let's take a closer look at what the app can do for you.

Color LED Messages lets you set the LED color for each of the email accounts on your BlackBerry, as well as text messages.

You can create custom filters, so if you wanted another color for all messages from a certain person you can do that too. Be it a phone number or email address. You can even set filters for email subjects too.

Color LED optoins

You can set the blink duration of the LED too, from 10 blinks to forever. There is also the ability to assign a tone to that specific setting and make it vibrate too.

Color LED listColor LED options

There are 27 different color combinations to choose from. You can have just one color or select from the color combos available too.

Color LED Messages also allows you to set a color for Twitter and Facebook but setting up these works differently from email accounts. There is no option to select them via the app. Instead, when the app is open and running and you will receive a Twitter mention or Facebook notification, the app recognizes this and prompts you set one if you wish.

Within the app, there is also something called Daily Notification Profiles. This feature lets you set a specific time during the day where all notifications, including vibrate, will be turned off. So, there was a specific time everyday where you didn't want any alerts to sound you can set this to happen automatically. You could also turn off all LED notifications during this period too.

Color LED settingsColor LED colors

Within the settings there is also an option for setting a sound for when the password lock kicks in and when you unlock/lock the screen. These are small little features added for your preference.

Other features

  • Led automatically turns off when you read or delete the message
  • Timer Profile to control Led, Tone and Vibrate within Color Led application. Eg: 10pm - 7am all the notifications off
  • Screen lock, password lock and unlock sounds.  Good way to know when the device is locked and no second guesses.
  • Battery and Free memory indicators on the Active Frame screen
  • Supports for Social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and others
  • Backup and Restore of all the filters to SD Card
  • Automatically sync all your message accounts with finer interval time as pose to the system 15mins.  You can set to sync from 1 min to 15mins
  • Set Led for incoming and missed phone calls
  • Set Led for No Cellular Signal
  • Supports Bedside mode.  All notifications in Color Led Message will be off so you can have a good night sleep or nap

To be able to make use of Color LED Messages, however, you must have the app running as an Active Frame. At the moment, this is something that can't be helped. Developers currently don't have the APIs to make 'headless apps' so these kinds of apps need to be open and running to function. Since the app has to run as an Active Frame, the developer has added a battery percentage and memory availability to the Active Frame so you can see these at a glance.

All in all the app is pretty good. It does the job and does it well. If you want to have different color LED for your notifications, give Color LED Messages a go. It is available from BlackBerry World for $1.99/£1.50.

For more information and to purchase Color LED Messages from BlackBerry World

Reader comments

Customize your LED notifications with Color LED Messages


currently no apps can run in the background on the z10, it will soon change but for now. So if you shut the active frame at the moment the app should no longer function.

Reviewing an awesome app and then saying, "oh but you have to keep it running all the time" is like saying "here's a brand new heater for your home, the only problem is that you have no back door in the winter anymore." I mean... Ya, you can still use the heater, but the experience is kinda ruined.

Come on BlackBerry, we need some new APIs!

Apps can't run in the background because of BlackBerry...10.1 should fix this then this Hub++ and Bebuzz should be updated to run in the background...i thought this was common knowledge since it's all over the forums

Posted via CB10 with my white Z10

10.1 won't address the headless api's!! Those come to the SDK's and the app developers write in the code needed for their app.
So PLEASE don't get your panties in a bunch when 10.1 does drop and headless api's aren't there yet!!

I have been using this app for a couple weeks now. It's great. I like the battery indicator on the active frame.

To all the "Not so Smart" people complaining about having to have it active frame. Good luck finding one that doesn't have to open. It's just not possible to run anything yet.

I also have Hub++ installed but it's not as fast at the notifications and has crashed multiple times.

Haven't tried Be Buzz as this one does all the same things and works perfectly. It's also cheaper so that's a plus too.

Posted via CB10

To all people saying they avoid stuff that doesn't run in background...nothing does atm. one thing that annoyed me with Android was how much shit ran in the background, there was no control. I really hope there is some control over that, like a permission check box, and/or only spawn bg process when app launched by user, and being able to kill tasks. Android would always have stuff running that wasn't in auto sync, and I had zero purpose for that bg process to be running. Kill in, check back in an hour or so...look, there it is running again for no benefit other than to consume memory and cycles.

Back on topic, Bebuzz for me is the only way to go...I bought the others before Bebuzz was released the other day, and it just wasn't the same. So happy to read that it came out, no use for the others.

Posted via CB10

Even though it was built into BB7 eventually, there are many, like myself who preferred third party apps as it gave you more options. It's all about personal preference :)

Posted via CB10

Nice article DJ. Was wondering if it has led notification for BBM? The OTHER app only supports it if phone is locked.


Posted via CB10

I got had it for 3 weeks now yea it runs in the background but so be it I can handle that until the fixes come.

Posted via CB10

Does this support bbm? I don't need colors for specific bbm contacts, just a unique color for bbm messages in general

Posted via Z10 on CB10

The fact it has to stay running open killed it for me...will wait till they fix this and then look at it again.

Posted via CB10

If I have eight apps running in my active frames.............oops there goes my Z10's multitasking

Posted via CB on my Z 10

Nothing was taken away from a previous build. BB10 is a completely different operating system. Everything is new and from scratch. Some old functionality from previous operating systems hasn't been added in yet but it will. In the meantime enjoy the benefits of the best new OS out there.

Posted via CB10

Yes, it is a new OS. However, when a BB user that has used a previous model BB device picks up their BB10 device, they would expect to have the same functions available. Those functions worked! We all know the issue is software based. But most people with BBs now are power users and they will definitely notice the functions that aren't there right now.

This type of feature as old as it is should definitely be built in the BB10 OS. Straight from the settings or contacts feature, being able to customize the LED light or Spark light would have been great. Now we still have to go through (paid) apps to do so. Not that I have a problem paying for apps but I think this is something BBRY can do with a nice OS update and bypass the middleman.

Posted via CB10

Man there are a ton of these apps on BB7 why is it that there are virtually none on BB10 and the one there actually is constantly needs to be open. Garbage. BB should have added this as a native OS based option.

Why can't blackberry add this function itself so it doesn't have to run in the background? Seems like it shouldn't be too hard to do. . . Please listen blackberry!

Posted via CB10

This is the only app i found that includes a profile changer (although i can't seem to get it to work) and is very similar to another app on my 9810.
Here are my suggestions:
1.Custom LED, make it so user can play with color combinations-- perhaps contrast or brightness and change duration to seconds/minutes
2. SMS/MMS contacts list should display name/picture instead of selected options
3.Option to select one or more vibrations for the same event.