Customers have spoken, Rogers will offer the BlackBerry Z30 online

By Bla1ze on 9 Oct 2013 06:19 pm EDT

When it was announced that Rogers would not be carrying the latest device from BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Z30, a lot of folks were understandably upset over the matter. The comments filled up on the Rogers Facebook account, their Twitter account mentions were a mess and even other carriers such as Bell and TELUS got in the mix by letting Rogers customers know they would be offering the device. That customer backlash, though, appears to of have all been worth it for those interested in the BlackBerry Z30 as Rogers has now confirmed they will indeed be offering the BlackBerry Z30 to customers.

“We have a longstanding partnership with Blackberry and continue to be big supporters of the company and their products. Rogers will be making the device available online, through our national reservation system and directly to our business to business customers. We’re pleased to add the new Z30 to our roster of Blackberry smartphones, which includes the Z10, Q10 and Q5.” 

That's a nice change of events and one I honestly did not expect to see but I am quite pleased to of have been proven wrong here. The BlackBerry Z30 is currently going through Rogers certification process and when it goes up for ordering, we'll be sure to let you all know.

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Customers have spoken, Rogers will offer the BlackBerry Z30 online


Good. That didn't make sense anyway. Of all the carriers, you wouldn't have thought Rogers would have tried it. I'm glad they changed their mind.

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To all those who said tweeting, emailing, writing on FB was a waste of time and would have no effect:

EAT IT! You all SUCK!!!

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Honestly. To the people who said not to complain to Rogers:

These avenues of communication were setup by Rogers for the express purpose of getting customer feedback, yet you were ridiculing people for using it exactly when they had feedback to provide!?!?

What's wrong with you people? I hope you learned your lesson you dam IDIOTS!

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Good on Rogers for offering the Z30. Numbers make businesses move. The people have spoken.

My BlackBerry History: 6510, 7520, 7100i, Storm 9500, Storm 2, Torch 9850, PlayBook 64gb, Z10...

Terrific news! I might even considering buying two Z30s from Rogers now instead of waiting for them in the US.

I left a positive comment on their facebook page and so should you.

It's time to put our money where our mouths are.

At least all those who were going to buy one, unlock it and use it on Rogers can enjoy LTE Max

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This is terrific news. I, for one, wrote a complaint to a Rogers manager regarding their ill-advised decision on the Z30 and rather than receive a scornful reply Rogers admirably steps up to the plate and reverses their position. That takes some corporate guts and a small plateful of crow. Well done Rogers!

For those commenting on price it is better for BB that the Z30 is a $700 phone. I disagree with the perception that quality products need to be cheaper in price than APPLE products in order to be successful. Samsung floods the market with cheap phones, APPLE is all about the branding. Nothing says "hi end device" better than price though. Blackberry is smart to no longer attempt to appeal to the segment of users that can only afford free phones!

They did exactly what you say above with the Z10 and the Q10...

worked out great...

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

Someone should lose their job at Rogers for trying to diss BlackBerry in the first place.
Now their entire network collapses.
NOBODY plays around with BlackBerry. NOBODY !!!!

Wow. Good job Canadians!

But you guys better be buying that phone in droves or else this tactic will never work again.

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The people who don't want to buy the Z30 didn't want Rogers to rob them of their opportunity to not buy it and return it in 14 days.

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Perfect! Now all 43 people who wanted one will stop complaining and move on with their lives. They may even take credit that they saved BlackBerry from going under for well maybe 2 days.


I'm sure Rogers reversed their decision because all of 43 people complained.

Very mature.

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Nice. A round of applause to the people who spoke, and to the company that listens.

Via my Commodore Vic 20

I love this. BlackBerry may not be big enough to take on Apple right now, but their customers sure can take on Rogers. Nice to see Rogers listens to their customers. If only they would fix their Satellite TV...

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Glad to hear Rogers changed their plans. Blackberry needs the support of the public and carriers if they're going to get out of this.

Thanks for making this happen. This is what a proud nation, supporting her product. America succeed because they will stand for their. We can't be different.

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Marcus Viniciusposted toRogers
October 4 at 6:35pm ·
bring the Z30!!!!!!!!
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Marcus Vinicius

Rogers Thanks for your feedback Marcus, we appreciate your enthusiasm! - Chris
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I still vote for BlackBerry selling directly at discount prices the unlocked phones. They need more independence and marketing effort. Everyone with a BlackBerry pin should receive promotional material directly. Apple does this almost weekly.

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Rogers. The company hit with a massive voice outage. Bahahahaha. Yeah. Go rogers. I'll be loyal to Telus thank you. Superior service and they offer more then just an apology when service is hampered

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Love my Q10 but I want the Z30 badddd! After using the BlackBerry OS I don't want anything else. (Maybe a Note 3) lol But that's it. Rock solid phone My Q10 is. I'll wait for the price to drop around March. Good luck BlackBerry. I'll support you til the end!

Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10

OH MY GOD Blackberry is saved!! LOL

I would be pissed off if I was a Rogers stockholder for buy a dead platform!!!!! I'm sure they'll sell 50 units and be sitting on the rest.

I really wish they would make Z30, one solid color, I hate when phone manufacturers do that, making them 2 and three tone, looks cheap.

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Wow what an if customers could also rile against Rogers and get them to stop robbing Canadians with their prices, fees and hidden costs ! That is what affects people more, all those fees amount to pure highway robbery!

That would be something...this is Rogers putting another product in sale...which amounts to having another phone model in the display case...not sure how this is a victory for Rogers customers?!

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Oh yeah the people has spoken and it's to Rogers credit they have heard the message and realized they made a mistake and fixed it

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Rogers is going to "proactively credit us, customers, a free day of service".

That's something I guess.

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Wow. Unbelievable. Trying to curb my enthusiasm but this is way more than just about Rogers stocking it... it shows the true power of social media of using the common people to effect change. BRAVO.