Customers have spoken, Rogers will offer the BlackBerry Z30 online

By Bla1ze on 9 Oct 2013 06:19 pm EDT

When it was announced that Rogers would not be carrying the latest device from BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Z30, a lot of folks were understandably upset over the matter. The comments filled up on the Rogers Facebook account, their Twitter account mentions were a mess and even other carriers such as Bell and TELUS got in the mix by letting Rogers customers know they would be offering the device. That customer backlash, though, appears to of have all been worth it for those interested in the BlackBerry Z30 as Rogers has now confirmed they will indeed be offering the BlackBerry Z30 to customers.

“We have a longstanding partnership with Blackberry and continue to be big supporters of the company and their products. Rogers will be making the device available online, through our national reservation system and directly to our business to business customers. We’re pleased to add the new Z30 to our roster of Blackberry smartphones, which includes the Z10, Q10 and Q5.” 

That's a nice change of events and one I honestly did not expect to see but I am quite pleased to of have been proven wrong here. The BlackBerry Z30 is currently going through Rogers certification process and when it goes up for ordering, we'll be sure to let you all know.

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Customers have spoken, Rogers will offer the BlackBerry Z30 online



Hey C Jay. I'm right here Bruh. I have a cousin in Toronto. He can't wait to get his Note 3 after purchasing the S4 a while back. He told me that nobody cares about Blackberry in Canada no more. Rogers doesn't want that failure of a device(Z30) to linger on their shelves & in the end drives profit margin down. Sadly, this is the last Blackberry phone to hit the market. It's going to be a flop, just like the Z10, which has a massive writedown and soon the Q10. The Q was supposed to sells "10's of million", quote Heins Ketchup. In the second quarter they only sold 1.9 million BB10 phones, compared 2.something million in the first, ouch. Blackberry is finished, need I say more.

Blackberry is going to be chopped up and sold in parts. My S4 is so much better than Z30.

I heard good things about the S4. My friend wanted to show it to me but said he was without a phone for three weeks since he dropped it from the kitchen table. Seems like everytime someone wants to show me an S4, their screen is cracked and broken.

Amazing people would put up this much fuss over a stupid phone but wont put any effort to stop our stupid government. Our priorities people are way off.

I totally agree!!! I bet the vast majority (98%) haven't called, wrote or email there elected officials about real policies that matter! There more worried about a stupid dead platform than what tyrants are doing in office.

It's only being offered online. Rogers isn't risking much here. Smart move by them to respond to their customers.

Not that smart. Anyone with half a brain can see through this.

They won't be promoting the phone in store, and you won't be able to buy one in store.

They may as well not have bothered. I'm off to another carrier.

Can't you just check one out at another carrier's shop to play around with it then order from Rogers? That's what I'd do. If the Z30 doesn't sell for Rogers they'll say "I told you so"..

I hope the Z30 sells well. I'm locked in for another 18 months with AT&T with my Z10, which I love, but I'd like to snap up a Z30 when I'm cut loose.

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This is exactly what I was thinking. Everyone whined, now almost nobody will order.

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But it looks like a really good phone and is loaded with features. Plus, with Jelly Bean support, there's no reason not to buy it. The problem is marketing sucks. BlackBerry's communications department sucks.

So hold on Dejanh you speak for everyone who is with Rogers or is about to change to Rogers??. You know for a fact that the people who whined are definitely not gettin the Z30??

I swear some people on crackberry are just plain braindead when they make stupid comments like the one above and also disturbedrocks31's post.

I'll probably get it around Christmas or after, but I didn't whine about it. My 14yr old niece wants my z10. I think a lot of people will wait for the price to go down. I wouldn't expect a lot of sales right away.

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I'd buy one--if I could afford it. Already living on borrowed money as it is (most post-secondary students do).

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I'd buy a ferrari if I could afford one but i'm not kidding myself into thinking I can so I don't see the need to come here and post about it... if you're too broke to buy the phone then add something worthwhile to the discussion. wouldn't be surprised if you were one of the guys trying to twist Rogers' arm into selling the device in the first place...

I'm getting it. But I'm still moving my accounts out of Rogers. I will just be slower doing so.

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Chuckle. No doubt. Can't expect the CB Nation to pull RIM out of this. RIM marketing needs to reach new users and converts... not a buncha fanbois.

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Marketing manager here....

I'm sorry but I wanted to message Rogers to carry the z30 but like most North America I got busy in my day to day stuff that I didn't.... but I am so proud of you guys who wrote in to Rogers that by God next time we ALL will work together to show the power of team BlackBerry...
Proud of you guys :)

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

No sense to be negative here child
I'm proud of this community and you shut your negative little mouth up...

Go team BlackBerry....

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

I'm not a child. I'm a man. I discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower with brawn. And I have many leather bound books. I also support BlackBerry even though Heins doesn't. And you're no BB marketing manager.


no marketing manager tells someone to shut up especially a customer. This fraud has already lost one customer

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I never said I work at blackberry, I said I can be a better marketing manger than what BlackBerry is doing now...
I kinda become the marketing manager self proclaimed.....

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

Well.... the Internetz certainly welcomes everybody with a data connection.

Good luck with your marketing strategy
.. if your day to day doesn't get in the way. Again.

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Crackberry has spoken! Imagine what can be fine if we join forces!

Play Starcraft? Join our Channel: C001242DE

Let's all get together and make blackberry update our playbooks with BB10!!! Oh wait a minute............

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The power of social media and common sense prevailed!

Posted via CB10 1.4.2 on Z10 on the Rogers Network

But seriously I'm happy they will stock it. I will have trouble forgiving them though.

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I actually think they deserve a lot of credit here. Verizon and AT&T would never have changed their minds like this. This tells me a lot about Rodgers.

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that's amazing. It's good advertising to. Now others are going to wonder what this phones all about

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That's true! They will say "this thing must be great if so many people are protesting". It surprisingly could work in BlackBerry's favour. Let's hope.

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And see, I'm worried that unlike the not going to see it news story that was all over the place, this reversal won't even make the in other news articles.

From my Vader Zed

Later this month, once the device passes certification... which shouldn't be too hard since they already know what it is and how it runs anyway.

Wow! Go BlackBerry fans! Very cool outcome.

"The Best Device is Debatable - The Best Security is Not"

Fantastic news! I wonder how long it will take the usual suspects to put a negative spin on this.

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Now all the people who were outraged should go and buy a Z30!

I got a little irritated when I saw so many people angry and calling Roger's traitors for betraying their Canadian roots, but honestly how may of those people (aside from the spirited members of this site, of course) had plans to even buy a Z30? How many of them are even BlackBerry customers. Loving your shared Canadian Roots with BlackBerry is great and all, but love isn't a line on the company balance sheet.

It doesn't matter if not everyone was planning on buying a z30. BlackBerry is Canadian, so is Rogers and therefore they should be supporting them 100%. Period.

I think it's more about calling Rogers out for it's hypocrisy when Verizon was trying to stake a claim in the Canadian market. Rogers was wrapping itself in Canadian flag telling subscribers to oppose Verizon setting it's foot in Canadian market.

Good point and maybe the most important one relating to this story. Rogers and Bell should do their best to help promote and sell BlackBerry phones, that is if they still have the interest of all Canadians at heart like they did when Verizon expressed an intent to enter the Canadian market.

Wonder if the other tech blogs will pick this up as fats as they were to pull the trigger when it was announced that Rogers would not be carrying the Z30. Bet they will just do the "update" to the original article without it being in their main page.

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That's cool that people who have Rogers will get to have the z30. If only blackberry listened to customers as well as Rogers does. I have a list of features that I would like to send to them that I think should be added to BlackBerry 10. The more features the better. At least have the option, being able to toggle features is always good so that there are less complaints.

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Wait, so is Rogers cool again? Last week y'all were ready to try them treason and wailing about abandoning BlackBerry in their time of need. I'm confused.

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Offering it online only, as they will be, is a great peace offering on the part of Rogers.

In this case, Rogers made the right call. :)

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Me too. Probably will be cascading my Z10 to my daughter who has my old 9810. :)

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Power to the people.

Hopefully this shows the cb community that we can get devs to develop with the right amount of leverage.

Let this be a testament to the fact that there are BlackBerry fans out there, I think thought that BlackBerry needs to do more to get people stuck on OS7 rolling with BB10, there are two many people in the forums saying that they are stay with an Old Bold or leaving the platform, if we keep BlackBerry moving, they'll keep us moving

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Rogers should be ashamed of themselves to deny BlackBerry a chance to sell what I believe is their best full touch device to date . Can you imagine the amount of business Rogers has acquired throughout the years via "BlackBerry ". A fellow Canadian company suffering from short term memory. Wake up and don't your back on BlackBerry.

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Did you read the article? We won this round. Good show ladies and gents!

Posted using the one-finger-flick on my Zed10

Thank you. All that complaining paid off. Now, let's not disappoint and buy the z30

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Wow, that is amazing. And that is all they really needed to do, sell to order rather than order 600000000000 and have them sit on the shelf. Nice.

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While I understood their initial hesitancy of carrying the Z30, I was confident that given enough customer feedback on Facebook, Twitter, direct email, and customer service calls, they would re- think that decision. Thank you to all those who didn't dismiss that as "silly useless exercise" and actively contacted Rogers.

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To all those who mocked saying speaking out changes nothing. Where are you now?

CB10 - Z10 -

I could imagine that Rogers initially thought they'd take a hit for stocking the Z30.

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See Rogers... that was way better than all the negative press you took the last week. I will be ordering online ASAP.

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Wish the z30 would have been released first. I think sales would have been a lot different.

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It appears this good news has completely taken Rogers offline. Service is down countrywide. Check their facebook

Posted from my Z10

Down for most of the day all across Canada. 9 million customers.... too ironic that one of the only Rogers services that is working reliably is BBM...

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They should still fire the exec that made that poor decision.

Is it such a hindrance to offer the phone to customers?

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Not just the z30 but the z10, the Q10 and the Q5. If you are a BlackBerry believer then put you money where you mouth is. I have a Z10 and am picking up a white Z10 for my son.

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Wow this is what I'm about, I'm just trying to make the US follow suite. I don't even live in Canada but I was unhappy with rogers, I need help from as many people that are willing to show our support for this company
The goal is to replicate this reaction to all that are not allowing us to fairly compete in the consumer market we don't even need to buy the phone with them but we should have the option to purchase it, if we had enough support maybe sprint would have offered the z10, this was a major blow to blackberry in the states that has still not been corrected till this day, I am proud that we made progress on one front!

Posted via my better half ZED (BBM#42)

Now you guys better but the Z30, or Rogers will have a very good reason NOT to bother with BlackBerry devices from now on.

Crackberry community grassroots movement for the win. Good to see my rants on Rogers were not in vain. Now go out and buy it!

CB10 - Z10 -

+1 But its the purchases that count. Everyone now get out there and buy a couple of them. We all know someone that would like a Z30 besides ourselves. :)

Good for all Canadians! The customer is always right and you guys deserve it! From (NJ)

Posted via Harry

Man where is Birdman when you need him to assess how you guys all "betrayed" Rogers by getting them to actually do the right thing?

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Oh yeah, the fans have spoken, after all there is a few costumers that want blackberry to succeed,
Now mail me the z30,
We made a change as fans of bb, Obama said yes you can,
Message ti blackberry yes you can, make it you still have loyal fans.

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Great news! I was one that reached out to Rogers to now I will order my Z30 from them!! Thanks to everyone who spoke out!!

Hey I'll forgive them. I mean, they made a business decision, but this shows they respond to and care about their customers.

Lol they don't care about customers, they are afraid of bad publicity and losing customers.

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Ridiculous that they didn't want to offer it in the first place. The entire RIM/BlackBerry employee base over last decade+ was on Rogers. How did they even come to a decision to not offer a 'flagship' device while everyone else is planning to sell it.

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Congratulations, Canadians using Rogers. Great news. Now go out and show Rogers how popular the Z30 will be. But two!

Protests about not carrying the Z30 -> gets the Z30

Protests about 3-year contracts -> gets an increased monthly bill

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Now, Now, Now they have to subsidize the cost of those devices over two years not three. The result was a given, Carriers weren't going to make less money, they passed it on to us! I actually believe that the carriers need to itemize the cost of the phone on the monthly bill.

Great work Rogers and business marketing mess, after it hits all the media that Rogers will not sell the Z30's now its a damage control. So thanks

Looks like I will be getting my Z30 for Rogers now : )

Was definitely disappointed they did not offer this from the get go but am happy they changed there minds. I will be staying with Rogers.... for now lol

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Haha looks good on them. Their voice network is currently down in Ontario and Quebec.

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Now we need people to buy them. Didn't think that far ahead. Opps, lol. Anyway, I will spread the word the best I can. Very impressed they at least have them on line. I even received an email from a Rogers rep. Most likely because I complained so much.( In a sane manner)

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Wow! Can't believe they'd change their minds like this. I hope enough people buy them so that Rogers never goes through this situation again.

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Lol, and just got an email alert from local radio station (cknw) that rogers cell phone network is down in parts of British Columbia and other provinces. Better not blame those running leaks hahahah

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It's an exciting time witnessing this change for the better in public opinion for BlackBerry. Can hardly wait now for October 15th release date

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

Good to see a Canadian carrier step up and over turn a decision because the clientele have spoken.

Take a good hard look US carriers, this is how supporting your chosen products looks like!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

I'm getting two z30s when they're out from Rogers, as I told them I would.

I also stopped by their Facebook page and said thanks for changing their mind.

I think it's great that they at least went this far. Good job Rogers!

The tide may just be turning. Now let's see this story try to gain as much traction as the story that they would not carry it!

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Too little too late! I have made up mind already. Bye bye Rogers. There is no way am staying. Now I actually have to renew my teen daughter's plan as well. ...and it will be with a different carrier.

Online only is not good enough for me.

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Dang it. I cancelled my home phone last week... oh well at least the pressure made them cave in. still not re activating it. But I will try and upgrade to the awesome Z30!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Make sure that if you already left that you let them know. That way they know if sales are not as they would like that it still cost them. On the other hand I am just glad they listened

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Hell yeah! Glad to see we do have some power as BlackBerry consumers or that a company cares enough about its customers to offer them something they want regardless of how much profit is involved. #notwhatnetflixwoulddo

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People better buy the darn things now after screaming bloody murder over this. If they don't, carriers won't listen next time.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

And that's the way businesses ought to be run. Genuine communication with their customer base.

Way to go Rogers.

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I am truly impressed with Rogers decision to do this.... if only BlackBerry was this responsive to their customers.....

I will buy a Z30 if they bring the CIBC mobile payment app to it....

Also... I really hope that they fire Mr. Ketchup...

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Not Canadian myself, but happy to see a big carrier continuing to support the new devices and not just the current line-up. Happy for Rogers customers.

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I am so glad for our Northern Neighbors that Rodgers have decided to offer the BlackBerry Z30. I love my BlackBerry and will always support this great company and their products. I only wish that I could own them all.

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Yeah baby!!! I voiced my opinion and Rogers I will definitely be considering buying from you now!

Posted from my Zed10 via CB10, follow my channel C00121C1B

I think BlackBerry community has won Rogers' change of plan. Would android fans push for their needs as we do? We clearly pass the message. BlackBerry rocks. Getting the Z30.

Posted via CB10

That's what I'm talking about. Too bad the US carriers don't get the same demands from customers.

Posted via CB10

Good choice, nice to see you do listen sometimes to your customers and the Canadian people. This is a good decision.

Posted via CB10

Now please do the same with Fido =) Thanks.

lol I wonder if they would even bother combing our comments on articles about them... would be good PR.. Not even the Fido website is working right now... RANTRANTRANT

Great! Don't even use Rogers, nowhere near it to do so, but fought to help you folks.

Now, if we can get a little help out here to get a fully, fully featured, multi-accounts capable FB application natively onto BB10, that would really help several folks out here too -). Like say, HooteSuite, or FriendCaster Pro, or one of those, or get BB to update theirs to handle what folks are needing from it.


I knew Rogers wouldn't be that stupid, right on Rogers! I'm happy for Rogers customers that wanted this device :)

I own a Z10 and am with Rogers. The antenna in the Z30 was what I was interested in due to issues I'm having with my location. Today I worked a deal with Bell for the Z30 on paper once it was released. I was going to pay 500 Dollars to cancel my contract and then buy the Z30 for whatever that will be. Then I read this tonight, This is great news and I will be stay on with Rogers. But that was close!!

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Until BlackBerry gets its house in order I won't buy another BlackBerry smartphone. Thorsten is a failure as chief executive officer.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

With the right advertising this phone should sell in the states. From my experience people will buy the phone if they knew anything about it. I always show my Z10 off to customers and haven't had one say that they weren't impressed.

Posted via CB10

At this point no amount of marketing can save BlackBerry in the states. Without the apps they would literally have to ditch the BlackBerry name brand before anyone would give it a look. Sucks but it's true.

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Never doubt the power of a BlackBerry fanatic. CrackBerry Citizens Unite!

Vienna's original BlackBerry Abuser.

Well I complained and will be buying one online, to go with my Q10 and my wife's Z10! The Z30 will be a perfect business travel companion!

Thanks for listening Rogers!

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Now let's hope enough ppl buy the Z30 that Rogers doesn't ignore BlackBerry products in future!

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I left Sprint USA after more than 10 years because they refused to offer me the CHOICE of a Z10. Good decision Rogers, you did the right thing!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10