Custom folders and colors on your BlackBerry Smartphone

Customized folders and colors on your BlackBerry Smartphone
By Joseph Holder on 25 Nov 2011 01:15 pm EST

Sure this isn't exactly earth-shattering news, but I thought it pretty cool. You can customize the colors of folders you create in OS 7 on your BlackBerry. The other day, I was making some folders in the All pane so I could move some of my carrier' value-added apps off of my home screen. OS 7 has such a vivid, colorful style to it that I felt the standard black folder icon was a little boring. Poking around in the Edit Folder options ([Link NSFW] like you do), I found a whole assortment of other color options for my custom folders.

As a bit of a blow to my CrackBerry Street Cred, a little digging around on the internet and a chat with my fellow CrackBerry writers revealed this feature has been around for a number of years and quite a few version numbers. Still, it only goes to prove that no matter how long you've owned a BlackBerry, no matter whom you know, there's probably at least something you didn't know it could do.

Read on to learn about creating and customizing folders on your BlackBerry.

Step 1: Make a folder

Add a folder to your All pane.Folders can only be created in the All pane (or the home page if you're on a pre-OS 6 BlackBerry). You'll also need to make sure one of the icons in the All pane or the All pane title itself is highlighted (like in the picture to the left). Press the menu key (it's the one with the BlackBerry logo on it) to open the menu. Tap or click "Add Folder"

Step 2: Give it a name

Give your new folder a name Type in a name for your new folder. Make it something descriptive like "Browser Bookmarks," "Social Networking," or "Personal" (for those special bookmarks).

Step 3: Customize your folder color

Choose your colorTap or click on the folder icon that's to the left of your new folder's name. In the picture above, I tapped that black folder to the left of "CrackBerry" and was immediately presented with some 21 options as to what the new folder would look like. Tap or click the one you like, and then click Add folder.

I'm always looking for that next, I didn't know you could do that moment on my BlackBerry Smartphone. What IDKYCDT moments have you had? I'm always looking for cool new BlackBerry 101's to write.

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Custom folders and colors on your BlackBerry Smartphone


Thats funny you use your carrier stuff as an example because thats one of the first things I did on my 9930. I named a folder Sprint, filled it with crap and hid the whole folder. This feature really helps to keep my home screen clean since we cant hide the "all" panel.

That's been available for ages. Had it on my old 8530. However, cool to share the info since somepeople may have not known.

never thought about this pretty cool though. Name a folder "crap" and fill it with Verizon's ish and hidden away forever!

Did the same on my S2 I took all the crap I'll never use and put it in a folder then hide it. Mostly all the stuff verizon sticks on your device.

Thanks for sharing..I was just thinking this morning that will all my apps on OS7 are starting to get out of order and I need to start organizing, this is a perfect start.

Question, where is the setting to have the folder name visible on the home screen. The only way I see the name is by highlighting the folder which then shows the name in the bar? Thanks in advance.......

I've been using these for sometime but what I would really like to know is how I can customize some of folders with my own icons other than with a theme. Anyone know how to do that?

Thanks, Joseph! It may be a simple, known thing to most people on how to customize the folders like that, but I didn't know.....and now I do. Very handy to pick out the right folder now. :o)

Yep thought I had a pretty good idea on BB and when I created the folders many moons ago I was frustrated after looking for ages on how to modify the folders, I could'nt see it for looking. Thank you!

I was just looking for this to keep my apps organized. The additional step of selecting colors was very nice.
Thanks for this post!

Actually, some of the functionality of this feature has been lost since U used 2 be able to customize/rename the default folders. Now u can't and if u delete them u can never get them back. But yes I have had everything sorted in2 custom folders for a while now.

I've always had one called "Crap" and prettier ones called "email" (I have many accounts) and "games". It really helps tremendously.

It drives me crazy though that certain updates, even small ones, can take everything out of the folders, even make the folders go away. But it's still worth having them.

I'm very picky about my PC desktop too. I use a utility that lets you save your icon positions because windows sometimes scrambles them. I wish there was something like that for BB.

Oh yeah, I also have one called "Office and Files" which has the 3 Office apps and, well, my files. It just makes sense to me. Same way that there is a media folder with those apps and data.

This isn't earth shattering stuff and I've been creating folders for a while now on BB phone, but what kills me is that I can't do this simple kind of stuff on my Playbook.

Ok I had already created 4 of the black standard folders before I read this. Is there an option to edit the folders once created or do I have to delete(PITA!!) and start over.

No reason to delete the folders. :) Just highlight one of them, press the menu key and tap or click on "Edit Folder" Then just tap on the folder image like I wrote in step 3.

So love this. Thank you so much, I love having the tabbed folders back and it makes it look so much nicer!!!!

I think I accidently found this with my 9700, just wish we could customize the folders that are already there, games, downloads, etc. Would be nice to change the colors & images of those folders too but oh well, maybe some day.

Don't quote me on this, but there are a few apps out there, one being ShortcutManager, that will allow you to use a different icon for an app. Perhaps it could do the same with folders? Worth a shot.

Thanks for this! I've always been hesitant to make a new folder for my social networking apps because the black folder seems a bit too boring. Now that you've taught me about this, I can now organize my apps according to my taste! :)