Custom built robot controlled with BlackBerry PlayBook

By Adam Zeis on 9 Mar 2012 09:40 am EST

It seems like we've seen the BlackBerry PlayBook getting put to all kinds of new uses over the last few weeks, and the latest is one of my favorites thus far. In what looks to be an entrant to the Robot Challenge, this custom creation is actually controlled by a BlackBerry PlayBook. It works over a shared wifi connection in conjunction with a BlackBerry Bold 9900. A camera mounted on the robot sends video to the PlayBook, while an on-screen joystick controls the movements. Very cool stuff here that again shows the possibilities of the PlayBook and the BlackBerry platform. Check out the video above for more.

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Custom built robot controlled with BlackBerry PlayBook


Anyone have any luck in finding the artist on the video track? Remote control of a flying helicopter with an on board camera would be cool.

Apparently Marcus Miller "When I Fall in Love".
It was on the youtube video but whether that's the actual track then i dunno

I've been meaning to experiment with my Arduino and the PlayBook to do stuff like this but more for home automation.

I have absolutely 0 developing knowledge though so while I could put together something with the Arduino, I couldn't write a PlayBook app to take advantage of controls and different sensors and stuff.

If anyone is interested, youtube and google some Arduino/Android stuff. Since we don't have USB Host mode, this can be easily accomplished with a Bluetooth or Wifi shield instead! :)

Yes! This video actually got me researching Arduino more but I've been way too busy to spend much time on the Arduino stuff I bought..


This has a lot potential and it looks pretty cool so far.

I can see this in time for Christmas in Toys R Us. You should contact RIM about a limited production run of a remote controlled toy steered by the playbook or BB phone.

That lag seriously has to be a joke... it's lightyears from AR.Drone on iPad/Android... I'm sure the Playbook would be capable of doing the same, but this here now is very sad stuff - you can't really control the car without seeing it...