Custom BBM PINS could be coming but would you pay for them?

By Bla1ze on 8 Mar 2014 08:48 am EST

Now that sponsored invites are already rolling out to beta testers, the BBM team is already looking at other ways to monetize BBM. One way noted in a recent survey sent out was the possibility of being able to customize your very own BlackBerry PIN, so instead of getting a bunch of random numbers and letters, you could potentially assign whatever you wanted as your PIN presumably with some exceptions.

If you were able to personalize your BBM PIN (e.g., 11112222, COOLDUDE, BB3RRY10), how interested would you be in customizing it?

The survey goes on to ask whether or not you would pay for the option but considering that's a closed survey and not everyone can take part in it, we figured we'd run a poll for the masses. Personally, I'd probably pay a one-time fee to have a custom PIN but if it was an ongoing cost then I'd be less likely to use it. Have your say in the poll below.

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Custom BBM PINS could be coming but would you pay for them?



Yeah you blind fan... I actually need something I can use... you give me my custom pin, I pay for it but I want it to be able to use it on any BB at the same time. I dont want to be switching back and fort

AKA people who buy IPhones. And Kevin, Kevin would get a custom pin even if it costs $75 000

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I often wonder if Kevin actually claims such things back on expenses. ;)

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don't compare level of blindness. An Apple blind fan is far from a BBRY blind fan. Son, I was born before your times, I know what I'm talking about. A BB Fan still has some degree of decency.

After frequently reading on here daily, I would have to disagree with your final statement.

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This is an awesome idea. One time fee for consumers, subscription fee for businesses. Business need much more visibility with cool name to gain user base. This would be really good for the channels. For consumers, it's just a convenience thing.

The PIN can not just be on a subscription and then handed to someone else. It must be one-off fee, and not transferable.

Imagine Barack Obama or Bernie Eccleston had a custom PIN, how Jihadists or rabid F1 fans would kill to get their hands on a custom PIN, if it ever got released after they cancelled their subscription. And people will still send messages to these PINs, that might only be intended for the original recipient.

Huge security and privacy implications.

No Q10? -> Buy from Chen...

BlackBerry users have some commonsense and are not blind.
This would be like a vanity license plate. Something that is unique to the person that wants it. Like when Facebook started the unique URL for users.

BTW, if you want blind loyalty, read the article by The Telegraph that shows how blind iPhone users are.
Basically, iPhone owners will buy anything Apple makes.

http://www. /technology/apple/10632787/iPhone-owners-admit-having-blind-loyalty-to-Apple.html

So I can receive messages that were sent to my PIN on all 5 of my BlackBerry devices? I think that's a bit redundant, I'll pass. One device at a time for my PIN, thank you.

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I think it's a great idea. I think a pay per change or something would be cool.

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It depends. For you, it's only worth a dollar. For me it's worth noting. However, for a business that is looking to enhance it's brand, having an advertising or helpdesk BBM pin that is customized could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. For Coca-Cola to have a BBM pin that was "COKE" that sent out broadcast messages to everyone that added that very easy pin would love to be able to use this.

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People pay for custom license plates, some would definitely pay for custom PINs. Not a high percentage, but if it was cheap to implement why not? Even if it's slightly less than break-even it increases engagement and user commitment.

People here pay like $500 for a "personalised number plate " here in Queensland. "Vanity plates"

And there also seems like a market for them, even if it's only unofficial. I saw KFC123, BUGGY, 12PET, DA DUCK, V1V14N and lots more.

No Q10? -> Buy from Chen...

Of course I would but nothing more than 5 to 10 bucks for a custom pin...I think anything less isn't really profitable for BlackBerry....

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I believe it would pretty much ALL be profit for BlackBerry, which they need and I am willing to bet the only cost for them would be in the coding required to set up a page where choosing your custom pin can be interfaced with the customer. Once assigned the pin would be just like any other as far as BlackBerry is concerned.

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one time fee not a problem, should not be more than $5. if subscription then, that will not gain momentum most likely.

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Totally agree with this. I would get a custom pin for that price, but not for much more than that.

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It could not be a subscription based. What happens if your payment bounces? Do you lose your pin and all messages just get lost in the ether? Can someone buy a pin that is no longer in use? What does that mean for everyone that had the pin as a contact from the previous owner? It has to be a one time and that PIN would never be able to be used again.

That being said, think of premium they could get in an auction of vanity PINS! One time only, lifetime ownership up for grabs; would this not cause high demand for some?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I like this too. Auction certain pre selected generic "vanity" pins that you could anticipate will get high demand volume. Nice!

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They could tier price pins. A smart algorithm could be written to assess the attraction to pins based on the number of letters or numbers it contains, words formed, repeated letters and numbers, etc. Therefore, a pin spelling a name might cost $5, but "aaaaaaa" might cost $10. I'm not sure what things would draw more interest, but research can be done to see what type of pins will draw the most demand, and price those the highest.

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They could have a pin auction channel. Push notifications of vanity PINS now up for auction.

Can I get some credit for this? :)

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

Guess the device could automatically revert back to a generic pin that was temporarily associated with the custom pin, in the event that a subscription stopped being paid. That way the former owner of the custom pin could still receive their messages and whatnot. But yeah, it's messy. The subscription model wouldn't be ideal from a customer experience point of view. That seems to suggest to me, that in order for the idea to be worth BlackBerry's while, it would have to be priced at more than a few bucks and be a permanent possession.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

In countries where people pay for car license plates, special phone numbers ...etc this would be definitely interesting for them

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Exactly. From where I am it is routine news for people to be paying millions (that's in dollars) for mere mobile numbers / license plates.

I'd love that! And I hope CB rolls out a contest for it, too! 100 winners would be fine and I should be one of the winners since I suggested it. Haha! :)

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Yes, sure. I think some people would pay 2-5 dollars. It's a nice way of bringing in a bit of revenue in a clever, non intrusive manner. This is the key. I really like the way BBM is developing and being clever. There is some real thinking going on. Clearly something has changed at BlackBerry in terms of social engagement.

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Why is it a waste of money?? This would ( ideal for a business man who gives out his pin and could easily remember it for life....peopke pay for custom license plates here in Canada....anything to give blackberry some money for a positive quarter I'm all for it

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Business owners would use it for sure plus, if it's easier to share your PIN then usage increases.

Ooh, idea! Start pricing custom pins really high ($25 or $50)so that those who want to make sure they get one in particular to help Business brand awareness can get it, but at a price higher than the avg consumer would be willing to pay for the novelty of having a custom pin. Because once issued that pin is gone. No two alike. Publish a declining price scale in advance so everybody knows what prices will be in 1 month ,2 months, 3 months etc so prices decline on a transparent preset scale. What you don't know is IF the pin you want will still be available. Some may decide to have what they want at an earlier higher price, just so they can have it. Others will wait til it's cheaper and pick one from what's left. BlackBerry only gets one shot at rolling out the option of custom pins, this might enable the fairest most revenue generating way of doing it. Needs to be supported with awareness marketing in least some.

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I see the day where phone numbers no longer exists you just contact the person using their pin or unique name identifier. When you change sims in another country you still log with your unique ID and people won't have to know your new number they still have access to you...

I would definitely use it for business. I don't think BBM can do this right now but I would like to have the ability to use multiple PINS on my BBM, much like having multiple Twitter accounts. I want to keep my personal BBM separate from my work BBM but would like them consolidated on my BBM. Is there anyway to do that right now?

I guess BES with eBBM provides the work BBM and then BBM on the personal side is free to be all personal contacts. That's the only solution I've heard of with multiple BBM on same device.

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haha nice!! I couldn't care less what my pin is, but I could see this selling. I usually scan barcodes, or tap links, so I can't even remember the last time I typed in a pin. But as I said ... this will sell !!

Friendly spell check: 'Pins'...

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This is a good idea. It seems easy enough to implement and if it makes sense financially on both sides, why wouldn't it take off? Customization is the name of the game.

I could see this being big in the middle east. When I lived in Doha, people paid big bucks for things that customized. I can also see this as a way to target a younger demo.

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I would definitely consider paying for a custom pin as it would make sharing my pin much easier by word of mouth. Great idea.

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Hi, I would pay a fee. And I would PAY for friggin blackberry to sell me some merchandise, like hats, shirts, jackets, and more. They want to take my money. Please provide more ways to do this!!

They really should have a BlackBerry Swag Shop as one of their Channels. Transactions through BBM money. I would like to do my Christmas shopping, so let's get crackin'!

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Lol no don't want that, I first thought that we were going to be able to buy a second PIN that we could use on the same phone.


The subscription model seems likely to be troublesome. What if people want to cancel? Seems a hassle to have people's pins switching back and forth.

I wouldn't make it too cheap either. Making it slightly 'expensive' will make it a bit more exclusive and 'sexy' to begin with perhaps...

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I will pay for customized BBM pins in a heart beat and hopefully its transferable too, so when I change devices I can use it on whichever I elect. :)

There's money out there and people who like to spend it, therefore this idea will work. Businesses and organizations would buy it into too. It's one way to monetize BBM.

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This looks like a pathetic way for BlackBerry to generate money. When people are able to choose what ever name they like on other platforms, this seems like BlackBerry is begging for money. Or stooping to a low level to make money.
BlackBerry device owners can't have the perception of being exclusive if BlackBerry is begging for money at every turn.
I love BlackBerry but this seems a bit low class to charge for a username.

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And how exactly do you choose your phone number. Oh right you don't unless you are willing to pay big dollars. PINs will be of more value in a few years than phone numbers. It's not rocket science.

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It's called a service. this service of changing pins at will cannot be free. Are you able to change licence plate numbers for free?


More so moving from personal customized pins to channels having the ability to customize. I would pay a couple of bucks for my own personal pin but I am sure people and businesses that want to promote their channel would certainly pay for a custom pin

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I'd definitely pay for a custom pin and I'm sure the Middle East, which is one of their biggest markets would pay for custom pins in a heartbeat.

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I think BlackBerry 10 users only should be offered the option if not, blackberry user should have it free... I want something back for my loyalty

Z10 ... Bring on the Q20

This is very interesting. I wouldn't mind paying a one time fee to customize my pin.


Can you make your "vote box" image larger or allow pinch-zoom so we can read the options easier?

C004682C1 .... shot from my z10

Imagine they come up with this and I get a custom pin called Google and then sell it back to the company for *pinky in corner of mouth * One million dollars!!

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Seeing as the pin on a BBOS or BB10 device is hard-coded to said device, you'd possibly have to order your pin when you order your BlackBerry.

I can see this making sense for business users, not regular consumers.

I was thinking about this too. But with BBM relying more on BBID as car as credentials go, I wonder if it would be possible to just have a second custom PIN tied to your BBID. It would follow you from device to device and work in addition to your device's hardware PIN.

In that sense, it might be more valuable. Our contacts automatically move from device to device now, why not our PIN?

The pin is hard-coded to the device for security.

Yes, it's now tied to a BBID but for BlackBerry devices, it's pretty difficult to change (not impossible for BlackBerry).

Being on the BBM beta for Android, I had several different pin's before x-platform BBM was rolled-out to all. On non-BB devices, it's much easier to change a pin at BlackBerry's end.

More valuable. Had to read twice. At first I read "vulnerable ", thinking about security.

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That is a nice idea, but is not my most missed feature. I would pay for synchronous BBM on multiple devices including my workstation.

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I wouldn't pay for that. The PIN is irrelevant to me. In fact, I prefer If we could ditch the pin, and just move to BBIDs. At least the BBID follows you to a new device, and you don't have to worry about your friends chatting with the guy who just bought your old BlackBerry from you, thinking it's you.

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When I've bought a new BlackBerry and logged-in with my BBID, I've never had to give existing contacts my pin.

When it comes to new contacts, I email them my BBM barcode and ask they scan it. Much easier.

I would pay a one time fee, I think it would be neat to have a custom PIN as long as I could take it from device to device

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Don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but I'd only pay for it was hooked up to tour BlackBerry ID, so that if you get a new phone the PIN would move with you.

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I'd rather not, BUT as a one time fee - especially if it is small - I would be willing to pay for a custom pin.

Having said that though, custom pins sound like a can of worms in terms of inplemtation...

Right now born is just a counter on BlackBerry devices with some system plus another counter for the two other OSes.
Allowing custom pins would throw the system I to disarray.

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If you accept a dodgy spelling once or even save it under dictionary, prediction or spellcheck (respectively) will give it back to you the way you put it in.

(this is why we want selective removal of words out of the phone memory, not implemented yet)

No Q10? -> Buy from Chen...

Anything that makes a pin easier to guess is going to increase spam. For businesses who want to share a pin with thousands of people, sure it would be useful, but not for ordinary users.

How about 4 kinds of pins?
Regular (any combo of numers and letters), bronze (something like aaa111 combo) silver (something like 121212 or ababab combo) and gold (whatever you want) Price gets higher depending on what kind of pin you want but it has to be able to be switched to your new device when getting an upgrade.
I dont care about my pin, when you get a new device, nobody sees your pin so for me its not a bg deal but I understand people liking it. If BlackBerry wouldn't try it they would never find out so go for it.'s a natural fit for enterprise and small business.
They should offer up "airforce1" to Obama...
great advertising.

Is that a Z30...yes, yes it is.

More than a customizable PIN, I think that we mostly need that BBM recognizes telephone numbers in our address book. That will make connections to our friends immediate.

You are at the wrong page. This is CrackBerry, not Android Central. The subject is BBM, not WhatsApp. The PIN is device bound, unlike phone number. Just saying ... and in BBM there is a menu under "invites" called "suggested "..

@Viobb1 you are kinda wrong.......the pin is unique to each device yes but with your BlackBerry ID it is transferable.
My BlackBerry ID has remained the same & when I have changed devices contacts from the previous device have been added without notification to them that my pin has changed.
Personal pin in your BlackBerry ID would make sense more than a personal pin that is unique to each device

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I am kinda of right :), as things are now. If/when PIN will be BBID bound, I will be wrong. But even then, the phone number will have no relevance in the equation...

@Viobb1 again......pins can be BBID bound.
More than 7 years I have had the same BBID & gone through 9 - 10 BlackBerry devices but contacts have still remained throughout without receiving notifications that I have had new BB device.......this is nothing new.

Dunno how to make this more clear.
If a personal pin would be part of your BBID then regardless of device it would follow you as long as you are using same BBID.

It is the way it is now.......not if or when!!!

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"If a personal pin would be part of your BBID then regardless of device it would follow you as long as you are using same BBID." and after that you still insist that PIN is BBID bound. I'm speechless.

viobb1, I don't care about whatsapp and Android since I only own BlackBerries. I only care for BlackBerry (the firm) and BBM's future against other messengers. The more users coming to BBM the better, no matter what you think, and since all my friends refuse to use BBM because they can't understand what's the purpose of PIN, it's better to switch point of view sometimes to understand what's the key of success of competitors without leaving the ones who made BBM a winner. do we forget that this simplicity made Whatsapp 450 million users while BBM hardly has 90?
On the other hand "suggested" in my BBM shows users that don't have BBM anymore. Sic et simpliciter.

I know that more users coming to BBM it's better for BlackBerry and for us, after all. I'm using BlackBerry devices since 2007, and I'm delighted by their's devices, including PlayBook. Got the 8310, 8320, 8520, 8900, 9360. Still using the PlayBook and the awesome Z10. But, you do understand that for privacy reasons the PIN system and the two phase ( the handshake) connection are sine qua non conditions. Because if you don't, or think that BlackBerry smartphone should drop the security, I tell you that they can close the shop the next day.

Yes I know, but you can't deny that handshake can be done also with telephone number functioning as a PIN...

Probably. PIN system it's just verified as being stable and secure. No need to change that IMHO.But, in the end, the determining factor is the user experience and not necessarily the sign up procedure. From what I've heard that user experience isn't top notch on iOS and Android. Marketing is also very important. Look at Line.!

I have heard that a tool exists to re-pin a BB10 device. It is available from BlackBerry in the enterprise space.

Posted via CB10

I'm guessing that's what BlackBerry would use when you order you new BB10 phone.

Would we have to buy the phone direct from BlackBerry though? Possibly.

I think is a great idea as long as is not that expensive and a one time deal

I will definitely make my life easier, since I can't never remember my PIN to give it to the new people I met so I have to look for it or scan or activate the NFC; with a costume one, I definitely will remembered

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mad。。was bbry no money left?and use pin to earn money?what a shame!you Know that? In china 9900 must pay 10 dollars a month to use bis, because that nobody used bb and of course nobody use bbm , but you must know how big china is. Does BlackBerry foolish? Such a huge market. . unbelievable

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Nothing to panic here, this is only if you need custom pin. If you don't mind having pin look like an encrypted bank code then it's not an issue. In any case, Chinese market doesn't mean much to Blackberry. Chinese are in love with CrApple or their cheap home made droids. So, just take it easy on Blackberry for not focusing on huge Chinese market. It's waste of money, just like it has been in the states.

I hope this type of efforts don't distract them from what is really important now: getting video conferencing and improving the user experience in other platforms (fixings the bugs, make it not a requirement for the IOS app to be open to work half decent, integrate BBM with other platform calendars, etc) . Let’s face it, BBM is far from smooth on the iPhone and Android.
It's seems all they are talking about lately is just stickers, emoticons, and now this. Those things could be could but I hardly believe they will attract hordes of people to BBM.

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I wouldn't pay for it, since I don't really care about my PIN. I do understand however some would like to have a custom, easy to remember one.
Also, dear Crackberry, please make those polls with a bigger font. It is a PITA to pick the one you want to vote on in the CB10 app.

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This is a great idea, it should have been live and kicking during the 'BlackBerry Boom Days' so around about OS5 - OS7 days, nonetheless u would pay (reasonable price) for this on my BlackBerry 10 Phone

Posted via CB10

For ppl with android and iphones yeah but I really think the blackberry loyalists should get it free

Posted via CB10

PINs are 8 digit hexadecimal numbers.

So unless BlackBerry are proposing to implement some kind of alias to PIN translation services in to BBM/BB10/BES10 and the NOC then you won't be able to have any combination of letters and numbers you want.

It will just be your choice of an 8 digit hexadecimal number, which means you could make it easier to remember by having all numbers like 12345678 or all letters ABCDEFAB or any combination that looks cool or means something in English like FACE2014

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.1

Ok so where, when and how often do you SEE someone's/your PIN to justify customization and visibility?...

Ahh, yes, rhetoric question. :)

And we know these exist for year with car license plates, mobile phone numbers, domain names ...If BlackBerry PINs become so high profile (i.e. market share of say 5x current one) there might be some merit though (and bidding for the really cool ones)

 Q1O

I could see this being useful for businesses that have a channel. A custom channel pin would really be useful for that. A custom pin for bbm for avg person would likely have a finite number of sales. And would likely not be high on a continuous basis.

Posted via CB10

Awesome idea. If you are Justin Bieber. Or some bling-bling rapper... grrrrr... horrible idea!

I'll add that in addition to generating some cash for BB, it would increase BBM usage because loyal BlackBerry users like myself will have an easier time getting friends to join BBM because it would make adding me as a contact easier.

Posted via CB10

I would need to buy some wife being my only contact...maybe she would be impressed with my custom pin coolness ; p.... doubt it!

Posted via my fancy BB10 pager thingy

Not sure if regular user would like to pay for his common chat but I would say someone like small businesses, brand advertising for big corporation, celebrity or even someone who wants to show his love to something may think of buying...provided BlackBerry channel becomes popular. So anything is possible if BBM and it's channel becomes another Facebook/Twitter/Whatsapp.

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I like BBM and have been a BB fan for some time now. But no, I won't pay for it.

Posted via CB10

I may use it if it's free but just the same way that I don't pay extra for a custom license plate for my car.

As long as it's linked to my BlackBerry account (email), so I can use it on any device I have or get in the future. And also have the option to change it if I so choose. #BB4L!!

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They should concentrate on fixing all the bugs and improving the performance of BBM Instead of introducing all this rubbish

Posted via CB10

I would pay a 1 time fee and only if I could use the same pin on any BlackBerry device I switch to

Posted via CB10

I would pay for one in a heartbeat!

I was not born with a hunger to be free, it was only when I discovered that my freedom had been taken from me that I began to hunger for it. 4life Z10STL100-1/

90 million subs, if half pay a buck for pins, it's $45 million in revenue. Go for it BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I see the most potential for custom PINs in the business market. And ideally if there is a way to make it a subscription based service that would be superior revenue stream as it would create a recurring income for BlackBerry. A great example of this would be currently provided through HootSuite. On a side note, it would be great to see BBM Channels as part of HootSuite in the future. HootSuite allows users to read many social feeds in one place including (FB, LinkedIn, twitter, Google+, Instagram, Evernote....) and I think BBM Channels would be a good fit.

HootSuite has a free version which allows people to add a limited number of social profiles (FB, twitter, LI, etc.) to follow and use URL shortners (used to shorten URL for micro-blogging like Twitter, plus it allows for basic analytics). In addition to this they have subscription based services that allow for additional features, including Vanity URLs. The average person typically wouldn't benefit from paying for a vanity URL, but there is some merit for business and business professionals (consultants, etc.). The vanity URL is different from the free URL in that instead of all the shortened URL be 8 random letters and numbers (ex:******** , * =random number or letter) they can be customized, an example being CrackBerry's "****" URL links you see in their twitter feed.

1. I think BlackBerry could charge a subscription based fee for custom pins but it would have to be part of a package where this is one of the add-on features of paying a subscription vs what is offered for free. I see custom pins making more sense for BBM Channels, however some people who work for themselves may see benefit in a custom PIN for their BBM as well.

2. I think BBM Channles would be an excellent fit for programs that bring all social feeds to one place (ex: HootSuite). This would allow business to use analytics to see how effective their channel is at engaging customers, etc. In addition if BBM ever goes to the desktop I believe this would be an even more natural fit.

It will make a killing in the gulf region!

They need to make different levels ie gold and silver and bronze etc. .

I bet some would pay thousands!

Some will switch to BlackBerry just to have a custom pin!

Grand idea!

U guys know some already sell BlackBerry phones, legacy non the less at 3000 use just cut they have "golden" pins

Q10 Powered by

PINs should be hidden and device specific with a higher-level alias that can be personalized. This way, you share the alias, but importantly, would allow one or multiple devices to share the same alias and BBM messages.
I say NO to a customized PIN and propose hiding it altogether and introduce an alias.

Posted via CB10

One idea how to monetize BBM would be cloud storage for messages. And even more useful than custom PINREZZA ;-)

Posted via CB10

What I think BlackBerry should do is sell or just allow cell phone # as PIN ,I think many don't understand the benefits of using a PIN, and are staying away for that reason

Posted via CB10

If think this would be huge for Channels too. Right now channels look cryptic to me.

Posted via CB10

Yeah. Reasonably priced and I would probably go ahead and a custom pin. Why the heck not?

Posted via CB10

It could totally be attractive to many of the right users.

I went to great lengths to have my phone number spell a certain word for the last 4 digits from Toronto to Vancouver to Niagara.

The pins would generate some interest for sure

Great for company slogans, store names. And website addresses minus the www.

Think about movie titles. Etc. Plenty of possibilities

Posted via CB10

Now, [i]this[/i] is a monetisation scheme I can easily get behind, given that pins were not previously customisable in any way shape or form.
It does leave BBRY potentially having to deal with Pin Squatter sitations, though... :7

If it's a yearly thing renewal, that minimizes the squatting problem a bit. Won't go away, but if you can find out when the PIN will become available, you could go for it.

I thought vanity pins were supposed to be for Porsche design phones. Though their concept of custom pins maybe good but it will enter a territory that made the PD blackberry handset slightly more differentiated from the regular mass product. So now they will lose one key difference & it would only be the materials used in manufacturing n few small tweaks

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I don't vote, because as a user the pin is useless, you don't ever see it.

But it can be very useful for companies, to get a channel pin easier to remember and add later.

Posted via CB10

I'm in with morpho4444. If I can use it in several devices, ie. ipad, bb10, pc, then YES!!! I don't want to have to deal with multiple BBM accounts and logins, etc...

Posted via CrackBerry on my official 10.2.1 AT&T Z10 BlackBerry

I'd pay an annual fee...1-support BlackBerry financially 2-throw in a free app with the annual fee...$5 is fair...C'mon BlackBerry up to us to keep the drive alive...

Rocking the Z30 Regina SK Canada

This article brings it down to the main problem. While I can simply integrate e.g. Whatsapp to my address book I need to know every single pin from my contacts. If you do not have critical mass like here in Europe you will never gain any momentum.

Instead of having personalised pins BlackBerry rather should work on a way how to make user experience easier. Those personalised pins would not help in this respect.

Posted via CB10

Excellent idea. Reminds me of custom vehicle license plates. Let's just hope that BlackBerry doesn't let it get out of hand like how companies and hapless individuals purchased .com names. I hope BlackBerry does it very much the same way licence plates are done. Purchase a custom BBM pin and though that custom pin would be the one given/shared and/or distributed the custom pin is still tied to the alphanumeric ID. Example: custom BBM pin: digitalhomeboy (the one I would promote and share but my device is imprinted with pin:2AD109A9.

Posted via CB10

Thats exactly along the lines of what I think they should do. It essentially is an alias. You pay yearly for it. If you don't pay the alias is no longer active. People still have you added but it just shows your original BBM pin.

who wants to pay for a damn pin lmao???

I would use it if it were a free option but especially since i'm a blackberry user. I shouldn't have to pay squat for bbm.
Blackberry doesn't care much about their own customer base though so I can see it happen.

I would be willing to pay a one time fee of up to $10 if it was attached to my sim and transferable between multiple and new devices. Or attached to my BBID.

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I wonder if they implemented something like this, if people would then sell pin numbers to each other. Kind of like how people pay ridiculous amounts of money for certain licence plates in Dubai. "Sure, I'll sell you the pin# 00000001 for 14.3 million dollars!"

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I would pay a one-time fee of up to $3 for a PIN I can take with me and maybe $5 if I can use it as my BlackBerry World ID too....

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No I would not pay more than $1 for a custom PIN. What is the point? It takes away from security, there's more liability, and BBRY is creating unwarranted system changes for something that currently isn't a problem (wasting valuable time for a company bleeding marketshare).

What they should focus on is getting celebrities & athletes their own BBM PINs + Channels. Consumers want to be/feel as close as possible to those individuals. By giving them their own celebrity PIN/channel, it is very close to giving out that stars mobile #. Consumers/ fans alike will feel closer to that individual by having their PIN # versus a twitter or facebook page. Imagine having a celebrity's BBM PIN in your addressbook! BBM subscriber base will grow exponentially! Just so fans can get "closer"

BBM software devs can figure out a way to allow athletes, etc to publish something in BBM channel and is then linked/pushed to TWTR and FB. No need to launch independent apps because of BB10 deep integration.

Twitter is a microblogging service. (Web based)
BBM is a messaging service (Device Based)

Blackberry can shake up the trend if executed prooperly.

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Yes I would if it was not expensive I would like a email address too

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Should be one time free..and if i pay for it should be life time pin. And resonnable price aswell

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I would pay for a custom PIN that is linked to my BBerry ID. No matter which device I connect my ID to, I'll have the same PIN. I've changed phones so much that I don't even know what my pin is right now, I just tap to add and stuff like that.

I might even pay for a premium BB ID that allows for a custom PIN instead of paying for just a PIN. Add more features to BB ID and presto. Businesses can now post ads with a PIN knowing that 10 years down the line, that PIN would still be valid, no matter the system it relates to.

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Why would you people to pay one fee for designing a bunch of numbers and letters together your way when IT COULD BE FREE why people why it's like you have money through down toilets Think people Come on

I suspect if this idea were to be implemented, then the fee will be a yearly thingy. Even though it is yearly, I will pay it, as long as it's affordable, say $1/year (just like whatsapp).

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First BlackBerry needs to resolve the multi device problem. I use a Q10 and iPhone 5S for work and use a Z30 as my personal device. I want my account to work on Q10 and Z30 simultaneously and BBM to work on all devices I sign in. It's silly have to logout and sign in all the time to have BBM working, more silly is swiping the Q10 and Z30. The same Skype, Hangouts, Telegram account, work's multiple devices and never had a problem with that.

BBM is not yahoo messenger. The PIN is supposed to be tied to one device. Its device to device messaging, and not account to account.

Prem watsapp $500! In UK you can pay a hundred grand and up for personalised plates

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I used to work for them so I choose one if the best pins anyway from their stock :)

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I would pay for the ability to receive and/or send money through BBM. Either by having a private URL generated that's connected to my App World account, or some other simple mechanism. BlackBerry 10 should really start innovating when it comes to security. The first is communications, and the second obvious sector is finance!

Show me the functionality, and take my money!

I just wonder how prevalent PIN use is, that's my only concern with this idea. PIN Use does not seem prevalent to me at all. No one has ever given me their PIN as a means of contacting them, and vice versa. And given that it appears BlackBerry device market penetration has declined so markedly, at least in Europe (which is where my region is situated) it appears that any 'culture of BlackBerry PIN sharing' that might have existed at one point is now nonexistent, by the looks of things.

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I would like to use the same PIN with BBM on my Android device and my PIN on my BB10. Right now it's just one or the other.
It would be a nice touch as logging into several IM's across multiple devices with the same account currently being done.

Custom Pins, seem more like a organizational/ Business thing, I'm fine with the original number & letter pins for personal BBM usage.

Now Custom PINS for PIN messages could be a great idea for BlackBerry users.

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Yes would pay for that if price is right. Also for channel pin.

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It's a great idea for me if the price is good. And if it's only a one time payment and business names should cost 1000 times more. For example if an individual named pin is $10 then a brand named pin should cost like $1000. I think this is fair.
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There needs to be another option in the poll.
"Yes, if it was a one time fee. And have the ability to move it to any (one) of your devices"

It would be like a domain name subscription. Just make it cheap like $0.99 to 4.99 a year depending on plan (individual vs company).