Custom BBM avatars change face when highlighted

By Adam Zeis on 5 Oct 2010 12:11 pm EDT

BBM Avatar

The wonders of BlackBerry Messenger never cease to amaze me. Most recently I noticed a few of my contacts had some fancy avatars that when highlighted change to a different image. Most notably they look like a standard icon, then change to Superman, Spiderman or some other superhero type when you move over them. Very cool and very odd at the same time. After some recon I came across this thread in the forums that lays it all out. The avatars are really just images created with different layers so they look hidden until they are highlighted. There is a Mario, Batman, Superman, Zorro, Spiderman and even a few for the ladies. Head over to the forums to check out all the buzz and get a sweet avatar for yourself.

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Custom BBM avatars change face when highlighted


Going to make my own after reading the forum. Surprises me no one has made an app yet to make them.

I'm surprised this story made it to crackberry. But the icons look interesting. It will throw you off the first couple of times you experience this effect.

I thought this was something cool. Really pathetic. Title is misleading. They aren't really custom, it's just a photo

Found these sites for the new bbm avatars. and ..... I just ask for someone to create a MJ one with a magic glove or something!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!