Curve Available Today at AT&T Stores

By Kevin Hill on 31 May 2007 01:20 am EDT

blackberry curveAT&T is releasing the eagerly anticipated BlackBerry Curve today and the beautiful new device is now in stores. According to the company, the Curve can be snapped up for as low as $199.99 (with a two-year contract and mail-in rebates).

The Curve is available in the US only at AT&T and includes AT&T-specific services such as AT&T Music, Push to Talk and TeleNav Maps. This device also operates within the broadest domestic and international coverage area for BlackBerry services of any U.S.carrier.

The BlackBerry Curve measures just 4.2” x 2.4” x 0.6”, weighs approximately 3.9 oz., featuring a two-megapixel camera with zoom, enhanced media player, new desktop media manager, microSD expandable memory slot and spell checker for e-mail.

We at CrackBerry are waiting for ours (see below) and we will have our full reviews then.

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Curve Available Today at AT&T Stores


OK so here's the deal...

The Curve is not available in any of the retail stores in New Jersey (where i live) just yet. However, it is available through their website.

An even quicker way to get your hands on this bad boy is to call them 1-888-333-6651; this is what i just did and it will be shipped to me tomorrow (14.95 overnight fee)... They matched the online pricing which is 199.99... Then added 39.99 for unlimited data and messaging, and a 59.99 900 minute rollover plan...

I am not going to be able to sleep tonight... :)

I've been trying over two hours to get into my account so I can upgrade my phone... It's so frustrating, good thing you posted the number, cause I'm just going to call. Tired of waiting for the site to "gateway timeout"

Jeez. Is it going to KILL you if you have to wait a few days for a product??? You have gotten along with your present phone, I am sure you will last a few more days without the 'latest & greatest'.

you can only get the curve from that 800 number if you're a new customer...

if you try to upgrade your phone, you can't, cause that "department" doesn't have the curve in their system. as the CSR said, "I can't sell you a phone I don't have, ma'am."

I called tech support to complain about the site (being down) and he said, "everyone has been calling about the curve today. " and I said, "you can order the curve from the site if you're a new customer, but I can't upgrade from my account." He didn't have a response.

gives me a feeling that the curve is being held for new customers only.

It should be noted that if you buy in a retail store, you will probably pay $299.99 and have to send in a rebate for $100. But if you order online, you get the $100 discount immediately. Ah, the price of instant gratification.