Curve 8900 Replica Theme - For 83xx/88xx 4.3/4.5!

By Bla1ze on 30 Dec 2008 08:22 am EST
Curve 8900 Replica Theme - For 83xx/88xx 4.3/4.5

Sure the BlackBerry Curve 8900 has been launched in a few countries already. But for those of you who are not interested in importing the device from another country but are still patiently waiting with your BlackBerry Curve 83XX or 88XX devices in hand, CrackBerry forums member tom1l21 has just the fix for you all! His Curve 8900 replica theme willl either increase your want for the next gen Curve or give you just enough of a glimpse to keep you waiting patiently.

This theme has been a hot item in the forums. Supporting OS' 4.3 and 4.5 and packing a lot of the real 8900 theme's details, it is currently available in bottom dock and icon styles. Features of the 8900 replica theme theme include:

  • User Customizable Bottom Dock
  • User Defined Fonts
  • Genuine OS 4.6 Icons
  • Genuine Application Screen Background (not locked)
  • Programs folder added on application screen
  • Transparent Dialog Box (Does not conflict with Opera Mini)
  • Look for Today, Today Plus, Today Plus with Crossbar, and L Themes coming soon!

For further information on the development of this theme check the forums. The theme sells for $7, but as added bonus from now until January 1st you can grab this theme in the mobile app store for only $5 (visit on your BlackBerry's browser), that's a small price to pay for a theme that comes with free updates!

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Curve 8900 Replica Theme - For 83xx/88xx 4.3/4.5!


i just downloaded the theme from the crackberry app store and i dont have the bottom dock option - my homescreen is simply all the icons and i cant get to a previous screen that would have the six icons along the bottom of the homescreen... am i doing something wrong?

There's two versions - the Replica Theme (bottom dock version) and the Icon version. Sounds like you downloaded the Icon version but you were wanting the Replica bottom dock version.

You can contact the developer here via email or contact software support via and request the other version.

Thanks for the patience!

Awesome theme!

Used to be known as the Energy Bliss Bold bottom dock.

Tom 1|21 has made the best theme I have ever used. I cant see myself switching it out for another theme at all.

Hey Tom, thanks for making this awesome theme. I've been using the beta ever since I got my VZW Curve a few weeks back, and I bought the updated version a few days ago when I realized the date banner showed up as 'Dec ...' on Xmas eve...very worth the $5.

Can't wait for the VZW Jav!

First and only purchased item on recent VZW curve. Looks awesome!

Was puzzled for a second when I couldn't find the call history icon, but pushing the call button solved that.

There is a programs folder which has a bunch of icons that I considered "redundent" or at least that I didn't use that much. You'll find the call log located in there.

So I purchased the theme, but when I try to use the link to download the app, I get an error message: "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries. Please contact your service provider to enable the browser on your device." I am with Verizon, and definitely have the data package. Any suggestions?

SubyWill: You can find it in the appstore by going to Search and typing in 8900 Replica. Make sure you choose the right one for your OS and whether you want the icon or bottom dock...

So by saying this does not conflict with Opera mini...does that mean that the menu will show up normally? Because currently mine does not on a free 8900 style theme...

The menu is not transparent, only the dialog boxes are. These are the things that pop up when you hit delete and it pops up a little windows saying "Delete yes/no" or the little window that pops up with the alarm or a calendar alert. So no problems with opera mini!