Curve 8900 and Pearl Flip 8210 Coming to AT&T Soon

Curve 8900 & Pearl Flip 8210 Coming to AT&T
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Feb 2009 09:24 am EST

* UPDATE: If you're still doubting that the 8900 is coming to AT&T, take a look after the jump for a computer monitor image showing the 8900 SKU on AT&T's systems. *

Of the four new next-gen BlackBerry smartphones on the market, AT&T has the Bold but is currently missing the other three - the Pearl Flip (lower end, but still next gen), the Curve 8900 and the Storm. The word from a BGR via a tipster yesterday is that the Curve 8900 may hit AT&T before the end of the month, which sounds plausible since the SKU for it is appearing in AT&T systems. As for the Pearl Flip 8210, which will have GPS but be sans WiFi, think March. No word on pricing yet.

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8900 SKU from AT&T Fourth from the bottom - 8900!

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Curve 8900 and Pearl Flip 8210 Coming to AT&T Soon


Nah, there have been talks of the 8900 on at&t for months now, I have a feeling that it really is coming soon. Maybe even before verizon :D.

A tipster just sent in an email that went out today with updates on AT&T’s exit strategy for 2G. Nothing to shocking in this email but it does show that AT&T is fully pushing their managers to dump 2G phones and start pushing only 3G models.

We already know AT&T has banned 2G access on the BlackBerry Bold which really makes me wonder if the BlackBerry Curve 8900 released on T-Mobile today will show up at AT&T without 3G. If they want all phones to be 3G I would think they would hold out for a 3G model.

What do you think about AT&T exiting out of the 2G market? Post your comments below.

AT&T did not actually ban 2G on the Bold, they just removed the option to turn the 3G off. I get 2G EDGE Service in plenty of places with my AT&T Bold...

With the possibility of 4g coming out next year, I can only see its mandatory to get rid of 2g. All of the analog towers are being converted to 850mhz 3g towers on at&t.

I just switched from Verizon to T-Mobile just to get the new 8900 and have been pleasantly WOW'd by T-Mobile from the start. It was easy to switch my service over, the Reps have been really nice, I have had great coverage (even better than my old Verizon surprisingly), and after pricing out old Curve 8300 series with Verizon and AT&T discovered that I'm paying $20-25 less a month with T-Mobile! ALSO T-Mobile is not phasing out 2G so my service will stay wonderful (and TMO doesn't have random BB service outages)!

If you were ever afraid to take the plunge and switch providers (believe me I was VERY hesitant for awhile), give TMobile and then 8900 a shot!

Sorry but I had t-mobile for a couple years and got MANY BB outages, many times with t-mobile and sometimes with RIM, it depends. You just got the 8900 and your saying they don't get BB service outages, give it some time, lol.

all my time with tmobile about 6 years, i've had two blackberry outages, and that was when the rim servers where out.
tmobile has great coverage not to mention customer service, yet it seems everyone's trying to diss them.

I've been on a Blackberry with Tmob for 4 years now and I can say I've never had a time when I was not getting my messages. I've always been pleased with their Blackberry service.

Had several BlackBerrys and T-Mobile for 3 years and never had any BlackBerry outages... EVER!!! Honestly never even knew that there was such a thing as BlackBerry outages happening to others, probably because I NEVER experienced it myself. Love the service, coverage, and certainly cannot complain about the more affordable prices :)

I am with ATT and I have had no problems except I was miffed they chose the Iphone over the Storm, lol I like the bold but I LOVE my curve and was like all we are going to get is the Bold nothing else. So I am excited the curve 8900 is coming. I can upgrade in May and I'll be all over this.

EVERYONE I know and call frequently are on ATT so I'm going to stay with them - I was on Tmobile a long time ago and I couldn't complain.

I am so sick and tried of verizon waiting for the next gen phones Big Whoop you Put out the Bum A$$ Storm Lets release so new phones or i may just jump ship im tired of you F@#KIng DELAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, I'm going to jump the gun and say that I'm like you. I'm a loyal and have been loyal to VZW for about 14 years now from NY, to CO, to TX, to GA and I've never switched due to service. However, the one thing that does make me very upset is that VZW waits so long to release phones. I mean, Ok, you have the Storm, but phase out the Curve already with like a Bold or 8900 model. Seriously! How long did the other service providers have the Curve model before VZW released it? Gotcha, you want to "perfect the phone" before release, ok; so it goes along with your mission statement of providing excellent service in signal, phones, and CS, but honestly, it is my PERSONAL opinion that if you want to stay in the game longer, you'll need to stay up with the new phones coming out and either say, "Hey RIM, build us a phone like that but add / remove etc, etc."

I mean, how great would it be for like VZW to have like the Storm, Bold, Curve 8900 series and allow WiFi, GPS, and all the features their competition have ALONG with all their own features. You'd get a larger corner of the market, have people switching to VZW, or just simply get other to say, "Buy our company VZW, PLEASE!"

Just my 2cents though.

This device is starting to sway me. I thought I wanted the Storm when it would come out for Rogers or the unlikely At&t. This device looks too good.

I was able to get my job to buy me the original curve some years back when it first came out,..keep your fingers crossed I can get them to upgrade me! Hurry up AT&T they want me to get back on their BES soon, I'm trying to hold out for the 8900!

dont' forget that engadget did a pre-release review of an at&t branded 8900 before the t-mobile review was out.

I have the Bold and my g/f is using my upgrade in April to get the new 8900. I work for at&t and haven't heard any official word on release on either of the two but they will be here sometime. I wouldn't have any other service than at&t customer service is always good if I have to call and their network is in it's baby stages for speeds. I've seen phones run on the HSDPA network for internet and it drains the battery but it's quick very quick.

Whatever network you choose you would be dumb not to take a serious look at a blackberry device.

I have at&t and I was not sure to get this phone unlocked before or go Bold, and now that at&t is getting it, it makes it harder for me to choose because now I can get it at a cheaper price other than MSRP or ebay. Because of the wait of a supposed 3g version of the 8900 was not going to be probably until the end of the year I decided I was going to get the Bold... and now this, urrrrrrgh. It only makes it harder to choose because I love the Curve's form factor. To me it is the best keyboard out of all the phones out there.

is it really that hard for RIM to release CDMA and GSM variants along the same time frame? they were able to do that with the storm and supposedly with the Pearl flip, but when is Verizon going to get the next generation of the full qwerty blackberries? I'm sick of buying a 'semi-new' curve 8330 and then 6 months later the 8900 comes out. a little unfair no?

I am with T-Mobile and I bought the Curve 8900 on the launcg day Feb 11th itself. I am really impressed with it and is like a sexy chick phone...I am just going gaga over it. I don't like touch screen phone...I am more comfy typing it out. I used to own a 8320 (which I still have) now I have the 8900. I just love this phone....and never had outages with Tmobile....since many years...

Bold is a bit too big for my pocket...I like the sleek and slender ones like 8900.

As per 3G...I don't give a damn!!! 3G is just for a little more better speed...who cares...the EDGE also works almost same...

I want it but my current contract doesnt run out for another 10 months! guess I will have to wait..they will probably have a bigger and better one by then anyways!

i've been lucky to have this phone since january 29th (thanks crackberry'ers for the heads up that you could place orders) and i gotta say, it is awesome! it isnt much smaller than the bold, but wow, that tiny bit makes it seem like it's SUPER smaller and lighter.

The bold is a solid phone. Beautiful construction, fantastic screen. Powerful processor. The best keyboard on any phone I’ve had no question. With the .234 firmware, much improved battery (no longer a major disappointment).
Curve 8900 would be close and maybe superior (you all already know the improvements). The smaller size would be the main selling point for me over the Bold (though the size of the bold has definite advantages when it comes to typing and watching TV/Movies). However, I’ve gotten spoiled with 3G (surfing, IMing while on the phone, nice playback speed for my sling player, etc). With 3G, Sure there are times when I’m back on Edge (a lot of times unfortunately), but that will only improve over time, while EDGE coverage will get worst – the writing is on the wall. So the investment in a high-end phone over a 2yr contract period with only 2G support, is simply not a wise 2yr investment. So bottom line is I will only consider a 3G version of the 8900. When that comes out (at the end of the year hopefully), I’ll be interested. Until then, I’ll enjoy the quality, beauty, and speed of my bold.

I agree that 3G is the future and is faster, but it is far from perfect at this stage. Hence, I'm all over the 8900 with a 1 year contract. Not much difference in phone price between a 1 yr or 2 yr contract. I hope that in 1yr 3G will be improved (not needing to switch back and forth to edge) and I will upgrade again at that point.

I agree that 3G is the future and is faster, but it is far from perfect at this stage. Hence, I'm all over the 8900 with a 1 year contract. Not much difference in phone price between a 1 yr or 2 yr contract. I hope that in 1yr 3G will be improved (not needing to switch back and forth to edge) and I will upgrade again at that point.

Hey Kevin, can we get a review of the Curve 8900 vs. Bold? I'd love to see the advantages/disadvantages of each in a comparison.

Hi Kevin,

Was talking to a BELL Mobility Customer Service Rep. on Friday, Feb. 13th. He mentioned that the Reps had received info that very morning which advised that BELL would be getting the BlackBerry Pearl Flip.

They usually find out about new models 3 weeks before they are released.

- CB


LOL... talk about fate.

I was getting tired of waiting for the 8900 so I decided to get an 8320 because my current 8310 was acting really dumb sometimes and making me angry.

I went to two att stores before I found out that the 8320 was only available online or to corporate customers so I actually placed an upgrade order online on Friday but thanks to att's archaic online order systems handling of gift cards I wasn't able to split the difference between a gift card and my cc so the order was left in limbo... I hadn't had a chance to call in and get it straightened out but now it looks like I'll just let it expire and wait a little longer for my 8900.

...there was much rejoicing!

That probably means that the non-camera version is available, not just available in that version. Like the HTC Fuze from at&t, you can get it with or without the camera.

I'm with T-Mobile and I hate sitting here watching ATT get *ALL* the new BB phones, while I sit here on T-Mobile and we don't get *ANY* of the 3G BB's!!! If they can give ATT the 8220 and the 8900, why can't TMO get the Bold (which has 3G?). What makes ATT the super power with *ALL* the phones???

I was contemplating switching to ATT to get the Bold with 3G, but after checking prices, my $75/mo plan on TMO runs me $105/mo for the SAME services! ATT charges so much more for the same services. And if the phones are no longer exclusive, then I want to see a 3G BB on TMO... NOW!

And for all those who might ask, the 3G is a deal breaker for me, thats why I'm not getting a 8900.

I am in the same boat!!

I love my Curve 8330, but I want something a bit faster with a sharper screen.

An 8900 Curver or a Bold on Sprint would be great.

If the 8900 is non-3G then it's a no go for me. I've gotten used to using the 3G network on my current phone and can't imagine using anything otherwise. I like the Bold and all, but it's way too big. If the 3G of the Bold were meshed with the features of the 8900, that'd be perfect!!!

I had a Curve with AT&T and it was the best phone ever. I went to Verizon for the Storm and recently dumped it on eBay to buy a Curve for Verizon now. Blackberry sound quality on Verizon seem worse than AT&T. Is it me, or does every Verizon BlackBerry sound muffled?
Just might jump back to AT&T for the new curve...

No I don't think it's just you at all. The Verizons sound worse to me too, and I've talked to a few other people who said exactly the same thing.