Currently RIM has no plans to bring BBM to other platforms

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By Bla1ze on 18 Oct 2011 05:55 pm EDT

We've all seen the photos, heard the hype and even had some laughs at the rumors but the fun and games are over for now. I don't mind being the killjoy on this because as fun as the rumors were, that's all they were -- rumors. Alec Saunders and Chris Smith, during a DevCon press session, dismissed the question of BBM coming to other platforms. Alec stated, "he wasn't aware of it" while Chris Smith, noted "there were no plans for it". Now, that's not to say it might not come eventually but for now this one can be laughed at -- much like those photos we saw of a gimped up Motorola Atrix running a poorly photoshopped BBM which, I won't even give the creator of the satisfaction of seeing them reposted.

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Currently RIM has no plans to bring BBM to other platforms


I think the rumors stemmed from the comments that RIM was "opening up BBM to developers" which was misunderstood to mean available everywhere.

As much as I'd like to see BBM outside of BlackBerry... I fully understand their position to keep it on BB only... IMHO I don't think any other platform could even handle the security aspect of it properly anyway.

I sold my BB in the middle of a contract and bought a used Droid 2 because with all the reboots, java errors, grey screens, battery pulls and having to constantly hard reset, I couldn't keep my business communication flowing smoothly. And VZ was no help, all they did when I called for help was give me the Droid sales talk and tell me to hard reset again. Then I would have paid money for BBM on Android. Now, 9 months later I wouldn't have it on my Droid if RIM paid me. RIM had their day in the sun and they sat on their fat asses and let their customers suffer. The best thing they can do now is sell the company to someone who will try to save it's tarnished reputation and start innovating and listening to customers again.

Multiple BBs later and I've never had anything close to the problems you describe, and neither have any of the 15 users I support. You should have had your unit changed.

In my experience those issues occur either because of additional software on the device, or because of using inappropriate OS.

I have had 6 BlackBerrys and also not experienced that kind of issue.

As much as I hate to admit it, I don't think bringing BBM to another platform or platforms would be beneficial to RIM right now. I think it would cannibalize sales for new RIM devices, as BBM is what holds a bit of the user base.

I think Alec saying that he "wasn't aware of it" is probably a stretch of the truth, but I also think cross-platform BBM is more of a contingency plan if their hardware division fails to deliver, which it certainly is not at this point due to year over year growth globally.

If hardware fails to grow in the future, RIM certainly has a bright future in enterprise and consumer services, implementing BES and BIS into other devices like we have seen in symbian and windows mobile in the past.

If other platforms implement BBM, then ya cant really call the service "BBM" might as well call it iChat...oh wait......

I think they should and charge the phone manufactures for implementation or even better, you can sell the BBM app in the iPhone and Android market. Many people would buy it for let's say $10.00 and RIM end up with a lot of money and I end up with friends who have BBM instead of iMessenger.

Unless you are government employees or with a major corporation, the fact that BBM is not going to other platforms isn't great news. It just means that you will have to have something else running to keep in contact with the increasing numbers of iPhone and Android users if you want something close to the features of BBM. Lord, I like Blackberries too, but you'd think some of the posters were rooting for Manchester United. "They can't have soccer balls! We invented soccer!" Yay team. Meh.

What will suck is when every Apple owner is using iMessage. Kik has it right.

1. Other platforms don't have RIM's infrastructure.
2. Other platforms don't encrypt data.
3. Other platforms either don't implement "push" or do it in different ways.

Not that any of these problems are insurmountable, but it's hard to see where the gain is to RIM in providing BBM elsewhere, since then people might sell their BlackBerry and buy another device to run BBM.

Do you think Apple will provide a free download of iMessage for other platforms?

RIM's infrastructure is not something to tout so soon after their worldwide crash... and I beg to differ about encryption. Kik is encrypted. iMessage is encrypted. I'm not saying it is as good as RIM's setup... not by a mile... but it isn't bad either. I *THINK* both use push, too. :(

so we can laugh at the rumours of bbm in other platforms? I fail to see the humour. where do you see the humour in yet another disappointment?oh wait! i forgot. youre wearing your rose coloured RIM glasses. sorry, im not and i dont think not having native bbm on the pb is not funny at all.

Keep BBM exlusive, if somebody wants to chat to other platform just use YM,Gtalk,MSN or go to website.

yeah, BBM is always for BB only, go RIM! never open that to other platforms, let the RIMpire strikes back!

I think RIM needs to realise that they have already lost a significant percentage of the market and should consider releasing BBM on to other platforms. I know plenty of people who would pay quite a bit to use BBM on the Iphones and Android devices.

They would even commit to paying a monthly fee so instead of $10 for the App you pay $2 per month or something like that. Or $100 for the app for life at which point yuou would take ownership of a BBM pin that could be used for ever.

Precisely. I agree 100%.

However, some might want to check with your friends next week when another dozen cross-platform, encrypted, instant messengers are released... like last week... like the week before...

RIM's BBM ship has sailed, I'm afraid. Yet another huge opportunity missed by motherRIM.

The word "fanboy" is truly meaningful only when preceded by "Apple"... or, it increasingly seems, "Blackberry". "Keep it ours" was the mantra of alot of PALM owners.

It is also interesting that you are showing interest in BlackBerry by visiting this site, having an account here, and leaving a comment. Pssh.