CTV Olympics London 2012 app for BlackBerry now available

CTV Olympics London 2012
By Adam Zeis on 20 Jul 2012 03:52 pm EDT

If you plan on following the Olympics this year (and you rightly should) then you might want to check out the new CTV Olympics app. Available free, CTV Olympics London 2012 brings you up close and personal with the London Olympics starting next week. With the app you'll be able to live stream CTV, TSN and Sportsnet (DC1) Olympic broadcasts and get video highlights of the best performances. You'll also have access to athlete and medal listings, event schedules, results and much more. Hit the link below to grab it for yourself.

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Reader comments

CTV Olympics London 2012 app for BlackBerry now available


Yeah, I agree. It's a great app that's available just in time for the start of the London Olympics but I'm also wondering why the app doesn't support the BlackBerry Playbook.

It is sad indeed. All other tablets are ready for olympic but Playbook. When Rimm talking so much about developers and how many new apps added to the app world, Why can't they do something with the Olympic live through playbook? This would have convinced so many loyal playbook fans. Now they missed another opportunity again. I hope CB team could convey this to RIMM executives. It is not late yet ,,,, I am sure some developer can make it happen. Rim just have to open their wallet without waiting.

Does anyone know if you have to be with Bell for live stream and other video to work with this app ? I know some apps will only stream with specific carriers.

Hope this is better then the official london Olympics app. That one looks great, but I hear it's quite buggy :(

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If it's a CTV app then I'm surprised. CTV is very iOS biased - so I can understand why they have ignored the PB. I'm almost impressed, however, that they included a BB version.

I've installed the app on my phone, but any time I try to watch a video it says "Videos may only be played via WiFi"

Is this a bug or by design?

Roz K.
Where is the app for the playbook? They say app for tablet but not PB? C'mon Crackberry get on this!

Has anyone gotten video to work? I keep getting error: Sorry, video not available

I'm using wifi has required but no luck...