CTIA Wireless 2008: XM Radio for BlackBerry Video Tour

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2008 06:49 pm EDT

Straight from the CTIA show floor comes a quick video tour of the newly announced XM Radio Mobile service for BlackBerry Devices. Check out the original announcement here, and video above! There's some good questions being posted on the orginal post, so I'm heading back down to the show floor now to try and find some answers... I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of XM talk at CrackBerry.com from now on.

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CTIA Wireless 2008: XM Radio for BlackBerry Video Tour


this app is awesome. Super esy to install and I have my curve hooked up to my office speakers and streaming music from my phone.

I am not officially the coolest guy in the company.

thanks crackberry.com

When I download this and try to run it, it says thank you for your interest in XM but this service is only available in the United States. I'm in MS, with a privately owned, national carrier. What gives?

When I download this and try to run it, it says thankyou for your interest in XM but this service is only available in the United States. Funny because I am in Michigan and last time I checked we were still part of this country.

I was really excited about this. I am a sirius subscriber with 4 subs, and have wanted sat radio on my bb forever. I had sirius on my mogul and loved it when I travelled and was in hotel rooms and stuff.... sounded great on headphones and even over the speaker.
This app looks great! BUT, sounds bad out the speaker to me..... really bad. And it cuts out every time that I get an email.... when the alert plays, the music cuts out and won't come back on until I go into the XM app and restart the channel. Also, you can't control the volume of the music outside of the application... another bummer.
Good try, looks neat, but not worth the cash, at all. good start though.

Was completely psyched when I saw this, haven't been able to stream XM since I ditched my WM phone last year... but what a letdown. The audio quality is tinny crap, and having to restart the channel after every e-mail notification is a HUGE PITA! The limited channel selection wasn't a big issue since it covered most of my faves, but I won't be signing up once my 24-hour trial runs.

Beware the major suckage!! Stay on the sidelines for now and hope there's a better version in the works.

Honestly....if I had more choice of channles I'd
keep it.Truth is I have no use for country, if I
could remove and add MLB, that would make a difference

I really like the interface its quick and great looking. The downside is definitely the crappy sound quality. It really is bad. I also couldn't find much I wanted to listen to so they would need more channels before I buy it. However, the comedy was great and really nice to have when I was tired of music. I'm hoping there will be an updated version, or a sirius app.

I don't get it, I had XM streaming capability in my Curve since it first came out last spring. What am I missing here? This reads like it is a new feature. What sucked about it is that EDGE is not fast enough to keep up with it, need 3G...

these black berry phones are really great, the one i amusing have a lot of special features that really takes my friends out of their minds and it can also be connected to a digital satellite tv that very special