CTIA Wireless 2008: XM and QuickPlay Announce XM Radio Mobile Service for BlackBerry

XM Radio and QuickPlay Announce XM Radio Mobile Service for BlackBerry
By James Falconer on 1 Apr 2008 10:58 am EDT

Hot off the exhibition floor is this news from CTIA. Kevin just sent me a quick note from the floor, and the press release I found confirms the details. XM and QuickPlay have announced the first universally available XM Radio Mobile service for BlackBerry devices (wow, that was a mouthful!)

XM (CTIA Booth #4544 if you're in Vegas) and QuickPlay Media announced that XM Radio Mobile has selected QuickPlay's OpenVideo as the first media management platform to make XM Radio universally available on certain BlackBerry devices. The service which can run across major US networks enables the user to get 20 exclusive XM channels of commercial-free music and 24-hour comedy programming for $7.99/month. There will also be an option for a 24-hour trial.

A snippet from the official press release from XM:

The XM Radio Mobile offering provides BlackBerry smartphone users with unlimited access to a wide selection of the most popular commercial-free music channels, including XM's 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s decade channels, 20on20 (Top 20 Hits), Ethel (New Alternative Rock), The City (Hip-Hop/R&B Hits), XMU (Indie Rock), Watercolors (Easy Jazz) and Highway 16 (New Country Hits). Customers can also listen to XM comedy channels, The Virus (outrageous uncensored talk) and XM Comedy (uncensored comedy).

All XM channels are easily accessed via a simple user interface with graphical icons for content genres and channels. While listening to one XM Radio Mobile channel, users can see the song title, artist and album, as well as what's currently playing on other XM Radio Mobile channels. Subscribers can also multi-task as XM Radio Mobile can run in the background while the user accesses other data applications on their BlackBerry smartphone.

Cool stuff! Who's signing up!?

BlackBerry devices supported by the XM Mobile Radio service require OS 4.2 or higher and must be in the 8800 series, 8700 series, Pearl series or Curve series. The service and the 24-hour trial are both available OTA by visiting http://www.xmradio.com/bb from your Berry.

[ via XMRadio ]

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Not available in Canada!


Doesn't run via Wifi...


only for the good old U. S. of A.

no luv for us up north !


This is whaqt it tells me:

"Thank you for your interest in XM Radio Mobile. Unfortunately, your device is not supported. Supported devices run OS 4.2 and higher and include the 8700 series, 8100 series, 8800 series, and 8300 series."

I'm running 8130 Pearl...how and why does it think I have the wrong phone?

James Falconer

That is a bit of a bummer isn't it. What gives?... Canada is the home of RIM, you think XM would show some love and give all of us BB-Loving Canadians a break :)


doesnt work with o.s. 4.5 bummer...!


Works great on the 8830WE. It's a one day trial and there's absolutely NO info available on whether current subscribers are going to be able to use it without paying more.

I already pay for a subscription and can stream off the web any time. If they tell me that the Blackberry XM will cost me they'll find they won't be getting any more money. :)


It doesn't appear to be able to output the audio to bluetooth either. Only to the built-in speaker. More points lost.

It would be great if current XM Subscribers could get a discount on it.


I think this is great. I already subscribe to XM service and can listen to XM on my laptop for free. That includes all the stations. I can't wrap my brain around paying $7.99 for just 20 stations. Would've been cool if existing subscribers could access the app for free.


It actually WILL output to BT (A2DP) in my case it took a little doing, but I got it working. Not the greatest stereo clarity, but it works.


Looks like this won't work if you are on Sprint


I'm on Sprint. It works just fine for me. You may have an underlying issue.


When I go to the link to download with my Sprint Pearl 8130, I get a message saying support my your device is coming soon and gives me an option to sign up for notification of availability via email.


I tried to download XM to my 8310. The software would not recognize my 4.5 and insisted I UPgrade to 4.2.
No thanks

Michael Woods

I'm getting the same message that some of the others are getting. When I try to go download the application, it tells me....Thank you for your interest in XM Radio Mobile. Unfortunately, your device is not supported. Supported devices run OS 4.2 and higher and include the 8700 series, 8100 series, 8800 series, and 8300 series. I have a Blackberry Pearl (8130) with OS 4.5.


It's a step in the right direction, but falls way short of getting me to fork out $7.99/month. The sound quality is lacking on my bluetooth headphones and only 20 stations isn't going to cut it. I'm excited to see them at least trying though. I'm sure they'll ste it up soon!


Um, that link doesn't lead to the free trial...


The link doesn't work.

I also subscribe to XM with 3 radios. Why should I kick in another $8 a month for only 20 channels?


Works for me when I type it in on my BB 8830. You are going to it on the BB, right?


http://www.xmradio.com/bb is where i got my 24trial from my Curve 8310. its working great. i dont have XM in my car or home or work so this is pretty cool to me


I got the same error message as others above when trying to get to the trail on my Curve 8310 (OS 4.2) while using the Opera Mini browser. You have to use the default BlackBerry browser when a website has to identify your handset. Don't worry, it's only used to sign up. ;O)


So i just tried OTA to get the XM RADIO download and it said that my phone doesnt support the download. I am using a 8830 running 4.2. Has anyone else had this issue and whats the deal?