CTIA Wireless 2008: Sprint 8330 Hands On

Sprint 8330 Curve
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2008 05:47 pm EDT

Just as their CEO Dan Hesse finished up his keynote address this morning at CTIA, Sprint finally dropped word that the 8330 Curve will soon be available. Sure enough, I ran over to RIM's booth in the exhibitor hall and the 8330 Curve for Sprint was their in all its glory.

Sprint 8330 Curve

Sprint Curve 8330

Looking at the File Total on the 8330, it does ship with more file space than the GSM-based Curves, but as Craig talked about in our last podcast, it seems this additional file space isn't usable. The 8330 on display had nothing on it, but the available space is the same as what a GSM Curve would offer. I guess CDMA "stuff" takes up more room, so more more memory was added to the phone to so that the amount of usable space is equivalent.

The phone wasn't activated/connected, so I couldn't try out any of the Sprint software that ships with the phone, but the device itself looked great.  

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CTIA Wireless 2008: Sprint 8330 Hands On


ok, that's definitely not BLACK curve like too many sites have mentioned, that's just the titanium one with black accent and with reversed keypads color with the titanium model and black buttons.

Nice, i will get the parts for this phone and put it on my 8320

I thought that the new BB Curve is a BLACK BB Curve and I am willing to change my phone to the new 8330. As what you said and which I agreed, I will get the parts and put in on my 8320. I dont much space as 8330 offers and the video recording is great but nah. I will pass.

I guess I realize why this took some time. If you look at RIM's site there are some slight physical differences in weight and size of this device compared with an 8310. Nothing monumental, but differences. Reported battery life is diff too, but obviously CDMA has something to do with all that. I do like how they did the front face plate...it's setup a little differently than the older models. Its gonna make me feel special when I parade this one around town!

I wish that keypad would the GSM Curves. I love the black Menu/Send/End buttons. I bet it wont though, since the GSM & CDMA Pearl 2's don't interchange.

how can i get my hands on a non-branded housing and keyboard in this colour. my housing is all scratched up and i would love to change it... to that one

That is one sweet phone! I was very worried that Sprint would do silver. This one is off the chain! I've been month to month since December. Almost got the Pearl but was too small. So glad I waited. Drop date can't get here soon enough.

Just wanted to let you know that all Sprint Stores will have the Blackberry Curves on the 17th of April. i am a Corporate Rep for Sprint i will be attending the Blackberry Training course on the 15th for the 17th launch date.


Did you max out your curve's free memory by removing all app/media/crapware that you could possibly get rid of? If so, comparing your maxed-free-memory curve with a full loaded demo 8330 is not fair =)