CTIA Wireless 2008: Sneak Peak at RIMs BlackBerry Booth

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Mar 2008 08:30 pm EDT

Have to post this fast as I'm heading to the CTIA Show Stoppers Exhibit at the Wynn in 10 minutes, but just HAD to get this video up. I swung by the convention center earlier today, and managed to sneak myself past the security to get a glimpse of the massive show floor. It was slightly hazardous - with exhibits under varying levels of construction, but I made my way over to the RIM booth and recorded the video capture above.

RIM's exhibit is looking sweet! I even saw the new Verizon 8330 Curve up close (check out the Flickr feed). Gotta jet... lots more CTIA coverage coming soon!



Kev, you are so lucky, I wish I was there!

I hope the BlackBerry 9000 is there...?


I really dont even need to leave a comment about how awesome that is. Guitar hero on the BB!!

Mike Golden

Hey Kev, any word on the Slingplayer for BB?!?


Sling is coming later this year, they announced all that information at CES in January, being available first off for the 8120..but be interesting to see if they do show up @ CTIA with any NEW news..but they have made no announcements on their site about even being there...so I dunno..

PS: Hit up this link for a preview on an 8120, just in case u have not seen it...



I hope that guitar hero is actually music and not crappy midi sounds. It would be such a waste of a game.


Can we just load this over OMini 4.0?