CTIA Wireless 2008: CrackBerry Coverage Goes to Vegas!

By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Mar 2008 02:05 pm EDT

CTIA Wireless 2008

The bags aren't packed just yet, but I'm already counting down the hours until I jump on a plane for Vegas to attend CTIA Wireless 2008. Not familiar with the CTIA Wireless Show? Here's the low-down straight from their site:

The Most Important Global Technology Event of the Year! The convergence of more than 1,100 exhibiting companies, dozens of industries, and over 40,000 professionals from 125 countries all working toward the common goal of revolutionizing wireless. Whether in broadband convergence, enterprise, advertising, social networking or entertainment, CTIA WIRELESS 2008 is the global marketplace for connecting wireless and YOU.

CTIA runs from April 1st to April 3rd and it'll be non-stop action once the plane lands. In addition to blogging the news (let's hope RIM announces something cool!), I've set-up CrackBerry Twitter and CrackBerry Flickr feeds and will be updating them continously straight from my BlackBerry Curve as I make my way around Vegas and the show floor. It should be fun and felp keep me honest in Sin City... instead of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" it'll be "What happens in Vegas gets immediately posted to CrackBerry.com for everybody to see!"

Dieter Bohn will also be there to cover the Windows Mobile/Treo/iPhone news (check out the pile of gear he's taking with him to cover the show, and if you don't know who Dieter is you can listen to him and get the details on our 3rd Podcast) so we'll tag team the keynote addresses and hopefully get a Bonus Podcast together as well!

There's lots of coverage from CTIA to come, so stay tuned... And if you happen to be there and want to track me down, just look for the Curve with the orange CB on it!

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CTIA Wireless 2008: CrackBerry Coverage Goes to Vegas!

Last May before I went to WES (Wireless Enterprise Symposium - Research in Motion's big annual BlackBerry show) I had 50 CrackBerry stickers made. I put one on my 8700, gave 48 away and saved the other 1 for my Curve..which I just put on today! I know there's been demand for CB Stickers/Shirts/Schwag and we're working on it... will keep you all posted. I know there's lots of BlackBerry Addicts out there who'd like to be able to show their CrackBerry love.

I also heard MODS get a free shirt with their "Nickname" and the word moderator below...is their any truth to that rumor Kevin lmao!!...I can't tell ya who started the rumor, I just wanna know if it's true :P

Anywhoo, personally I don't expect MUCH news to come from CTIA,I think RIM will be holding out for this years WES, they will be at CTIA, but nothing we havent seen already..I dont think.

kevin shoot me a message when your in vegas i live here and would love to meet you, if you wanna go out anywhere clubs or anything or just wanna know some good insight on fun places to go let me know i will get you in anywhere, i would leave my number on here but i dont want a bunch of random call so just shoot me an email or IM and we can exchange info...


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