CTIA Wireless 2008: BlackBerry Accessories

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2008 05:24 pm EDT

RIM had some BlackBerry Accessories on display at their CTIA Booth that I haven't seen in person yet. The accessories looked good within all of the fancy display cases so I thought I'd snap a few pics and get them up for viewing pleasure. Pics after the jump!

RIM Staff
The Guys & Gals at RIM's Booth were all super friendly and
willing to show off their stuff and answer questions.

BlackBerry Cases
Purse and Side Pouch styles

BlackBerry Case on the Move - Armband
Sports Pouch - Worn on Armband but allows for easy detachment
of BlackBery from Armband - Pearl only

Some Nice White Cables
White cables?!?! Sweet!

BlackBerry-brand accessories are always top notch in form and function. Take the armband sports case for the Pearl - it has the BlackBerry sleeper magnet! I hope they make this for the Curve too... I want it!



Those three cases on the bottom of first picture had been out for long time (at least several months now), and the white cable and headphones are also available on shopblackberry.com for quite some time now. Thanks for the picture though.


Want one of those too!


Anybody know of a 3rd party arm band for the curve? Is the sprint curve the same deminsions , button placement everything to the ATT version? SO any curve case will work with any curve, verizon, sprint or ATT?


BlackBerry boy holding the BlackBerry looks nice, too. ;-)

Jason Steel

Yes, he does look really cute. And yes, I'll buy anything he tells me to.


He looks like the high school guy who Rachael dated in Friends =)


I know him. Sorry ladies, he's married... He's my contact at RIM. :) And he's as nice as he is hot!


I'll buy anything he tells me to buy also. If I buy a phone does he come with?
He can PIN me anytime. He makes my Berry(s) twitter

P.S. There are so many puns in this comment...cheesy! Yes please!


If he told me to, I would carry a Moto StarTek and walk around with it like I thought I had something special. ;o)


I like that side pouch on top, in the middle... I wonder when it will be out> :-)