CTIA 2010: Ed Hardy Booth Revisited - Awesome Video (but not what you expect!)

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Mar 2010 02:01 pm EDT

Gotta love these conferences. After kneeing a giant droid in the nuts and visiting the BlackBerry booth, I headed straight to the LuxMobile/Ed Hardy exhiibit to try and top our CES 2010 video (in case you missed it, watch it here). Now while they did have some booth babes on hand again showing off the latest Ed Hardy cases, the big news from LuxMobile was the introduction of their new line of David Garibaldi accessories. Garibaldi is a well-known artist who's work is a "fusion of music, energy, street culture, urban style and graffiti."

When I hit the booth, it turned out Garibaldi himself was on hand to celebrate the launch and put on a show for the crowd, doing up some oversized "case paintings" on the spot. Crazy cool stuff. I caught the whole show and you can watch it above (we'll forgive him for painting on an iPhone canvas instead of a BlackBerry one). The new phone covers for BlackBerry MSRP for $29.99. You can keep your eyes peeled for them.

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CTIA 2010: Ed Hardy Booth Revisited - Awesome Video (but not what you expect!)


lol. what's funny is she isn't at the ed hardy booth this time.  but i saw her walking yesterday... will try and track her down today for a follow up!

Throw in a CrackBerry sticker and you have a deal. Really want a sticker. You could sell these like mad. A window cling for my car would be even better :)

If there would be a sticker of crackberry or the logo, I don't know, something cool, Trust me I would buy, Kevin you should think about it ;)

I've posted a link to a couple of sites that have crackberry stickers and t-shirts and stuff. (I'll try to dig them out)

I always thought artists were full of shit, but hell that was amazing watching something from nothing in just six minutes. Hell I f-up stick figures.

As an artist, it's great to see this. He's got his own style (clearly), and it works. It was done on iPhone because apple is geared towards artists/musicians. So it's understandable, but I really want to see RIM/Blackberry approach artists for this type of work.

That last one of MJ was AMAZING! And to all you idiots talking about his style, STFU. You wouldn't know art if it hit you in the face.

I think I heard somewhere in the video someone saying something about the paintings selling for $10k or $15k? I'd pay it. As long as I have the video to go with, in a heart beat.

i dont know how i feel about him and doing the work like that in front of everyone, but the final product was great. he should just stick to painting instead of dancing his way through it lol.

ya, he shud really try this little thing called modesty. the man clearly has talent, but the simple fact he is dancing like a fool to some cheesy pop crap takes any respect i have for him as an artist and throws it out the window.

And the fact that you can't write properly but have the nerve to rag on an artist for the way he produces his work takes any respect for your attempt at "constructive criticism" and throws it out the window. Sure it's a blog comment, but if you're going to talk crap, make it quality.

Oh, and I'd love to see a video of you dancing like a professional ballerina...

there was absolutely no constructive critisicism in my comment, i merely think he looks like a douchey ed hardiot in his painting process. this is because he is putting on a show saying "look at me look how cool i am buy my cell phone cases and you will be this cool too", not "here is my work, respect me as an artist." hes obviously talented, he painted very expressive and freely and quickly as well but that doesnt mean i cant think he looks like a cocky douche in the process.

as for me dancing like a pro ballerina? i dont see how or when i ever insinuated i was good at dancing? or anyhting to do with ballet? i merely said he should show some modesty. he is trying way to hard. and bumping that awful music by degrassi's jimmy, er sorry i mean big mtv "hip hop" star "Drake" isnt helping.

since you got so offended, it can only leave me with the impresison you are a fan of the following
-Drake (yes that was the token black kid on degrassi)
-hip hop attitude (ie. act like an ignorant dumbass and money=happiness)
-overpriced, ugly, clothing and accesories you think will improve your chances with women

saw a lot of awful comments but I thought it was great...and I second the logo for the deacals or stickers for "crackberry" logo

the minute he started dancing i just fast forwarded to the end to see the finished product. Spare us the "dancing" and just do the art.

Correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the dancing part of the way he produces his art? If he was at home painting would he not be doing the same thing? maybe not all the time, but clearly he has since you don't finish a painting in perfect timing with the song ending without practice. Then again I could be mistaken.

The guy has talent and if he dances when using his talent so be it. I don't get why there are so many people just looking for something to hate the guy for, jealous much? Seriously, if you don't care for the dancing or music or art ignore one part or all. I suggest mute, fast forward, or close. I liked his work though. Thanks for sharing.

Umm because our society is so bent on celebrity worship that people actually believe that he is cool for "dancing" while he creates his art much like my handicapped sister does when The Doodlebops are on. I am not saying that he shouldn't do exactly what he wants when he is painting alone in his studio, but I am critical of the artist and of anyone that actually thinks that his "performance" is worthy of public viewing. Yes of course I am jealous. I would give anything to stain the legitimacy of a great piece of art by revealing that I act like a tourettes patient to create it. Actually I take that back, he makes a tourettes patient look like a coma patient.

David is that dude when it comes to "Street Art" his pieces are amazing!!! I have a couple posters of his like Piano man and the DJ... would love to someday own one of his paintings!! Love his method of painting, quick and with style & a hip-hop flare to it... anyone speaking negatively, just be glad he's not tagging up your car, train, or workplace... he's taken his gift and created something positive with it...