CTIA 2010: Bolt Browser 2.0 Arriving Tomorrow; Bringing Tabbed Browsing To BlackBerry

By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2010 11:05 pm EDT
Bolt Browser 2.0 Arriving Tomorrow; Bringing Tabbed Browsing To BlackBerry

*UPDATE - The link for BOLT ver. 2.0 is now available, download here*

Kevin is currently in Las Vegas attending CTIA 2010 and sent us all off this little piece of information from the Showstoppers event there. What you see above in the pic is an early glimpse of what is to be BOLT 2.0. Releasing early tomorrow the new BOLT browser has many other upgrades coming with it aside from just tabbed browsing. Some new features have been added and plenty of upgrades have happened server side to enhance the browsing experience for users.

"Each new version of BOLT becomes more exciting to announce," said Anna Magliocco-Chagnon, president and CEO of Bitstream.  "We are closely listening to our end-users through our user forum, our Twitter and Facebook pages, and their comments on blog posts and articles, and they are guiding our development roadmap in important ways.  It is this close relationship we are building with our users to which we attribute our stunning growth. BOLT added 1 million new users in the last five weeks alone."

BOLT has upped the ante here for those looking for a better browsing experience on the BlackBerry platform. As most users are awaiting the webkit browser from Research In Motion, BOLT is offering that experience in one way or another right now. I certainly cannot wait to see how this latest version looks. Hit the jump for the full list of additional features added to version 2.0 of BOLT. We'll let you all know tomorrow when the 2.0 version goes live. In addition to tabbed browsing being added, Bolt maintains all the original features from earlier versions plus, many other new features:

  • Perfect rendering of Web pages on any class of phone, scoring 100 percent on the Web Standard's project Acid3 test.
  • Streaming video from many of the world's most popular video sharing websites, including YouTube, MySpace, Blip.TV and MetaCafe, as well as websites that stream videos such as CNN, ESPN and any website with embedded YouTube videos.
  • Super fast download speeds.
  • Copy and pasting text.
  • Built-in integration with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Password manager.
  • Download/Upload manager.
  • Ability to run Web-based applications written in Ajax, Javascript and other Web programming languages, ranging from Google docs to Mafia Wars.
  • The inclusion of widgets, standalone mobile applications that are run directly from the browser, such as a weather app, calendar app, calculator, Twitter client and others. These widgets let people using any phone take part in the mobile apps revolution.
  • Best of breed over-the-air data compression, resulting in faster load times and decreased data usage.
  • Patented split screen viewing to make surfing complicated Web pages simple, and viewing content on the smallest of screens easy.
  • Additional notable upgrades in BOLT 2.0 include a faster widget gallery with updated user interface and a server upgrade to WebKit 4.03

Reader comments

CTIA 2010: Bolt Browser 2.0 Arriving Tomorrow; Bringing Tabbed Browsing To BlackBerry


Just installed 2.0 beta WTF is the deal with the font size and type? I literally have to hold the phone 3-4 inches from my face to do anything with this browser. honestly what's the deal that?

On the storm, if I could just get it to offset the cursor so I can see the darn thing it would make ALL the difference in the world. Is there any way to do this the cursor is ALWAYS under my finger where I cant see it?

bolt 2.0 is a waste, opera mini 5 is 3 times better... very slow loading and tabs suck, let alone using the cursor... (BB 9550) its not good for storm 2, thats all...

I hope that it boots faster than it did... That was always the part that got me. But then again the features may outweigh the boot time.

personally I think that Opera Mini 5 its much better and faster, the only thing its that it isn't smooth while ur looking the website but it does the job very well

how do you think that Opera Mini 5 is much better and faster, if you havent even tried out Bolt 2.0 since it hasn't been released yet, unless you were a beta tester?

My thoughts exactly. Cant judge it when its not even out. And even if you were a beta tester you cant compare a beta to a finished piece of software.

Yes, but I have had the latest version of Bolt to compare to both Opera Mini 4-point-whatever and Opera Mini 5, and Opera just does a better job.

I'm certainly going to give Bolt 2.0 a shot, and there's really no reason not to keep both of them around on your phone. But I pretty much stopped using Bolt (in favor of Opera) b/c (1) The fonts and rendering are ugly; (2) It basically loads to 20% and then decides it doesn't want to load the page anymore--no error message--it just stops.

I'm looking forward to seeing how awesome this updated version is. I use BOLT already and think it is loads better so I can't imagine how awesome it will be to have some of these features added onto it!!

It looks like BOLT has the possibility to become the Firefox of mobile browsers!


To be honest I think that BOLT has been blackberry's firefox for a long time. Whatever they do to eliminate the need to zoom in is practically magic. Tabbed browsing is just gravy.

I got a little tired of the 20% slow down with Bolt so I tried and now like Opera. Now I have to go back and play with Bolt. It's a fun problem to have. Keep it coming guys.

I have tried Bolt browser a couple of times in the past, and never liked it that much, now Opera 5, its good, but ill give it a try to the new improved Bolt browser when it gets released, it got me a little excited :D

omg I gotta try this. Just went to the official Opera browser, and it upsets me how I still see the mobile pages. :/

Like that so there won't be double tabs to get into a page, Or having double posts lol, (Opera Mini) f.e lol^^^^^^^^^^^

Lookin' forward to trying it out. I use all of the browsers, but Bolt is a nice medium as it is stable and decently fast. If it is as fast as Opera5 and stable with tabs, we have a winner! Webkit what???

I used to be a Bolt user and then I tried the new Opera 5 and that was faster and had tab browsing, it's very nice. So I deleted Bolt. I'll give Bolt another try.

"Ability to run Web-based applications written in Ajax, Javascript and other Web programming languages, ranging from Google docs to Mafia Wars."
And here we were, waiting for SkyFire to come out to support java for games and stuff. Go Bolt!

Am I the only one that enjoys using the blackberry default browser? I mean I use Bolt for things I can't do on the BB browser but that's about it

I am another who honestly tends to prefer the simplicity of the native browser. Especially on the blackberry Storm 9530 where opera mini 5's controls force me to go back to the whole no-click way of navigating, which I often don't like. I do just fine with the browser as is, but sometimes some things don't load up as quickly as I would like so I use a 3rd party browser. I will have to give bolt 2.0 a thorough testing. If it actually brings significant improvements to browsing on the blackberry storm, I may suggest it to others who have their gripes about the native browser.

I'm with ya buddy, I used opera for awhile but I find myself using the native browser almost exclusively now. I do use opera from time to time but it just doesn't have the same feel as the native does on my 9700. I'll definitely check out the new bolt, I was extremely disappointed with it before, hopefully it doesn't freeze up on me at 20% like the last version I had.

My question: Is it going to work properly on the Storms?

*update: I DL'd it and I'm still not impressed. Opera Mini 5 is still faster and better optimized for touchscreens. I'm still an Opera man. =)

Looking foward to trying Bolt. Tried opera mini 5 and chucked it out because I can barely read it on max font size. Hopefully Bolt won't have this problem.

Tested it since Bolt was on beta...So far I like Opera, Bolt real slow...always stay 20%...also no East Asia support.

sounds like a great browser, i downloaded bolt a while ago but for some reason my initial reaction was that i hated it, but with these features i'll definitely try it again.

"Ability to run Web-based applications written in Ajax, Javascript, and other Web programming languages, ranging from Google docs to [b]Mafia Wars[/b]."

For this reason alone this will now be my newest and most (perhaps even only) browser used. I have been waiting for this FOREVER and am very happy it's finally here.. now Opera is the one that's behind the curve haha... come on guys, get with the program!

On another note, Thanks BOLT for destroying my life even further than I thought possible... until now I could leave my computer to get away from Mafia Wars... good riddance, now I'll never get away from it.. lvl 568 and counting >.>

I would not recommend installing this on a 9550. Unless you like frozen devices and battery pulls.

1.7 and 2.0 are still the only apps that have frozen my storm2. Worked for two awkwardly rendered pages and froze.

mine also freeze after two rendered pages.
Plus, some of the options (when you press the BlackBerry button) are just blanks.

The new Opera Mini 5 is awesome! Bolt at times seems cheap lookin' with dat funny lookin' writin'. (Sorry, trying to sound southern!) I have all three browsers on my Storm2! Native, Opera and Bolt! I have always liked Opera Mini best! The web pages always looked better and faster! I will delete my current Bolt and wait for 2.0 to be up and runnin'. Let's see if it blows my socks off like the new Opera Mini does! And how do these people make money giving this stuff away for free?

Uninstalled and redownloaded because I was curious. Not freezing anymore, but not working well. Doesn't respond well to clicks. Very hard to select a link. When you bring up a menu, its mostly full of blank spaces. Page load times are almost as slow as the native browser.

I would like to hear if it works better on other models, but it is not ready for a release an the storm. I've been disappointed by bolt again. Thank goodness for opera.

Pretty disappointed when I tried BOLT 2.0. I use BOLT 1.7 and it runs alright. I can't even open up 2.0 after I closed it once, BOLt get stuck on the loading screen until I close it. I hope they release a fix today.

Connectivity issues. Couldn't find a preference page. Still unable to figure out how to add a favorite. It lasted about 30 minutes on my Tour. Browsing should bot be that difficult.

i had loads of empty spaces in menu as well, reloaded the device and have all appeared now.. got a storm 2 9520 on Voda UK. will see how it goes..

The last few comments have put me off trying the 2.0 out.... Do you lose all your favourites? Or do they get carried over? I have about 25 favourites, and if I'd have to add them all again, I'll leave it until they release an update so it all runs smoothly.....

1.7 is immense, and a lot better than Opera IMO.

Thank you for bringing tabbed browsing to the BlackBerry, just like Opera.
In other news I hear Bolt also brings image support to the BlackBerry, just like the other browsers.

Still a very cool feature. The title just seems a bit odd.
I totally can't wait to try it, thou. Bolt is by far my fav browser so far

I can't get past the loading screen. How does a program like this get released when it doesn't work on so many devices?

I am a 1st time Bolt user...
When trying to start directly after installation it did not work. After reboot of the device, it started and I could open different pages.

However it is not working well, because I cannot find any Preference screen. When looking through the menu (menu opens with the blacberry key) I get the feeling that some options are not displayed.

I believe it is a bit quicker than Opera Mini 5.
I like the native Blackberry shortcuts.

Menu not functioning correctly. Is there a shortcut to get to the Preference screen?
[UPDATE] for some reason, I now see all the menu options, including Preferences.
When watching video's from Youtube, the quality is still not well, and the volume buttons on the side of my 9700 do not work, I cannot adjust the volume.

I am looking forward to a version 2.1. I do like the look and feel and want to give Bolt a fair chance.

I was using bolt for awhile and found that it would sit for a few seconds while loading pages. I switched to Opera and have been pretty happy. I will try the latest version and see if it has been improved.

i have 8330 curve an dopera doesnt even come close to the speed of bolt,,,bolt is so much easier and more practical than opera even opera 5.0

I'm on a Storm 9550 and I'm not that impressed with it. "Scrolling" isn't very good at all, I can't figure out how to get pages to render so they fit within the screen (even just text of an article requires scrolling unless I switch to landscape).

Font is way too small and I don't see a way to increase it.

Sometimes touching something loads it, sometimes you have to click on it.

I think I'll be sticking with Opera Mini and stock browser for now.

I have been a devoted Bolt user for some time. I have to say that I am very disappointed with this release. It is not working well, even after several battery pulls on my Storm 9530. I cannot get a new tab to open, it gives me an error and tells me to report the error with options that are not listed in the menu. I also cannot get the videos to play any more. Instead, it just reloads the page.

I hope they fix this soon. I was very much looking forward to these new changes.

Is there anyway to change the font on the Bolt browser? It was something I didn't really like about it previously.

2.0 is working well on my 8330m. It is much faster and seems to load all pages without problems. No more 20% lag either!

I used to like Bolt on my old Curve 8330. But I think it's horrible on Storm2 9550. I don't like the font. I don't like the fact that I apparently have to "click" twice on a link to actually select it. And I don't like how I'm STILL getting that 20% loading screen. I had heard they fixed it, but not apparently.

I will continue to use Opera Mini 5 because it's faster and it looks better.

Quite disappointed...

The first loading screen takes a few minutes, just set your phone down and go do something while this nice new browser fires up :)

Working great on my 9550 with Tanks ACTII hybrid OS running!

I downloaded 2.0 this morning. Everything ran smoothly. Favorites were carried over. However, I cannot figure out how to open another tab?? Has anyone else been able to do this yet?

there is a little plus sign in the upper right corner, just click on that and it will open another tab at the home screen

Go directly to boltbrowser.com and click on Download. You will see Bolt 2.0 Beta download link there. Fill in your name and device email address and they will send you a fresh link to download...Do this on your pc

Not only have a never liked bolt, but they make no effort to make it look good. On the screen shot, look how Lady Ga Ga is in the upper part of the search box. Its the attention to detail that makes an app stand the test of time. Opera gets it.

Hopefully it does a better job of text rendering. I hated the job it did with the fonts it did within the Bolt browser and that alone was enough for me to stop using that browser. Everything was so pixelated.

I'm hoping things look a lot smoother this time around.

The font that bolt uses is paramount in how it renders a web page at that resolution.

Its a hybrid font that falls under a "slab serif" that is seen on platforms such as kindle or in magazines.

Its just the science of typography that makes it weird for us to see websites in the way they would be if they were printed out :p

Opera is a great browser, yet so is bolt....opera can still only view some websites in mobile view, whereas bolt lets you view the site as if you were on a regular computer, which is very handy if you need to access the full website instead of a mobile version

I love the new bolt!! I'm using it on my 8330..
It's faster, the cursor is better, and of course the tab feauture is awesome...

to those who got the seemingly buggy version , I think you guys need to uninstall then reinstall...

Those who said to have their page freesing up, I was getting that when my transport is on "socket", so I'm on http and it runs smoother..If you don't like font, you can always change it to cyrillic..

I'm still figuring out all the new added feautures, but I'm really liking this new version!

I wish scolling runs smooth tho like that of opera...but bolt is way better nevertheless...at least on my 8330.

I love the new bolt!! I'm using it on my 8330..
It's faster, the cursor is better, and of course the tab feauture is awesome...

to those who got the seemingly buggy version , I think you guys need to uninstall then reinstall...

Those who said to have their page freesing up, I was getting that when my transport is on "socket", so I'm on http and it runs smoother..If you don't like font, you can always change it to cyrillic..

I'm still figuring out all the new added feautures, but I'm really liking this new version!

I wish scolling runs smooth tho like that of opera...but bolt is way better nevertheless...at least on my 8330.

The new bolt works GREAT on my 9700. Love the look and speed. I do not see how to do the tab browsing and always wondered where i could find widgets for bolt. any help?

Working on 9700, the scrolling is a lot better than opera's official release, tab browsing seems to load nice and fast. Using Bolt to post this took a few tries to log into crackberry logged out and back in smoothly second time so far so nice.

Link is dead?? Running opera 5.0 now and loving it, maybe the dead link is a sign that the grass isn't always greener...

Storm support is just crap. Its almost impossible to click the tabs section. They definitely have had zero thought with making this usable on a touch screen.

Opera Mini 5 is already far superior in this department.

And when the native browser gets webkit, this may become irrelevant.

Bolt better strap on the boots and get to work on touch screen if they want to stay relevant in the already highly competitive browser market.

I love Bolt but I HATE the font it installs in. Can't it use my Blackberry AlphaSans font? The Bolt's default is so damn ugly.

I took the risk of losing my bookmarks and upgraded to see what it's like.

Works perfectly on my 8520. No more 20% glitch on the opening page or two. Tabbed browsing is nice. Think it's slightly quicker than 1.7. You can carry over your old favs and passwords after installation. Cursor is very responsive, and a lot better than Opera's - As is the whole browser IMO

Overall, a very good upgrade.

I just downloaded and tried it out and it kept locking up at 20% and finally locked up my phone. I have already removed it from my 9700. Maybe next time. For now I'll stick with Opera Mini 5.

When typing in an address in the address bar I am no longer able to use the return key load the page I have to press the trackball which is kind of a pain in the ass :) I sure hope they make change it back so the return key can used again!

I want your psycho, your vertigo stick. Want you in my rear window baby its sick.

I had bolt on my storm a while ago and couldn't figure out how to use it rite so I deleted it. Maybe with the bugs being fixed I will give it another chance. I hope my browser opens with all that Gaga mania. I'm a monster!

DL Bolt on my Bold 9700. Unlike Opera, I could change the font size on my Bold. However, when opening YouTube it required me to open my native browser in order to display the video. What's up with that and what's the point?

Using it on my Tour 9630 and pages load much faster than in the bb browser. Considering making it my main browser although the stiff mouse movement gets kind of annoying.

I'm jus not feeling the bolt browser the tab browsing is not working for me. And whn I click on some stuff it doesn't even respond. But all around opera mini is way better to me on my STORM 9530. They pages also load up to big and its hard to read. And opera mini pages load up jus like my computer and very easy to see. I think bolt needs a little more work!

The "refresh" behavior of Bolt for the page you're viewing whenever you click a check box or enter text in a field is plain annoying. Skyfire doesn't even have this problem.

Why aren't device fonts used in Bolt? The current in-browser font is horrible.

When I go to crackberry and try to click on forums it just brings me back to the home blog page time after time. Doesn't quite work the way it should. I rebooted after install and still nothing. But if you use espn and CNN in their home page link they work fine within those websites.

Lasted bout 20 Min on it. Storm 9550 5,0,0,517. Font size won't change. Cursor is ridiculous at trying to make selection and could not sign up for Facebook messaging. Pretty
Crappy start for Bolt. Been using the new Opera for a week now and I really can't remember any complaints. It wins hands down.

1) Press BB button
2) Scroll to "Preferences"
3) Top Line "Magnification" Press trackball over drop down list (default "Large")
4) Roll trackball down to higher magnification (i.e. 3XLarge)
5) Press trackball to select
6) Press BB button
7) Roll trackball to Save (or press "s")
8) Press trackball to select

Result: Page will reload with larger font (magnification).

It doesn't need it. In the preferences you can set how much you wanted the browser to zoom in. Another reason I like the Bolt browser, it automatically zooms in.

as per the bolt browser facebook page --> Power User Tip: BOLT enables you to zoom in or out of web content directly from the keypad. Simply select #2 to zoom in or #8 to zoom out (thats the # key followed by the 2 or 8 key) ... haven't tried this myself as I have a Storm.

I use the storm. I downloaded both recent versions of opera mini and bolt was much slower than opera. My blackberry browser even worked better than bolt

I like it. For my 8330 it works just as well as the 1.7 did. But besides the tabs, I haven't noticed anything else that is new. Bolt will continue to be my main browser until something better comes along.

When typing in an address in
By: SenorLoco | Date: Tue, 03/23/2010 - 10:30 |

When typing in an address in the address bar I am no longer able to use the return key load the page I have to press the trackball which is kind of a pain in the ass :) I sure hope they make change it back so the return key can used again!

Yeah me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOLT 2.0 SUCKS BALLZ WORSE THAN USUAL on BOLD 9000!!!!! How com OPERA MINI can get it right??????

I've tried all of them, most definitely the Native Browser is awesome, but Bolt does the full desktop view, instead of the mobile view, and it's as good as if your were navigating on your own computer, native nor opera mini 5, can do this as precise as bolt can, and I've use opera a lot, because I often have to open a few websites at the time, but with the new multi-tab feature, Bolt does it right... also, it automatically detects if your using your BIS or WIFI, and it chooses the more convenient one... on the Native I actually had to manually switch to wifi mode, when I was at home... Bolt does it for me without all the hassle... So far Bolt is a winner, totally recommend this app. Also remember, this v2.0 is just a beta, final version will be even better with font, rendering, and everything else... the same way opera mini did with the beta.

Am I the only one still having the 20% hangup. The first page I go to always stopps for 30 seconds at 20%. Checked and it is 2.0. That is really annoying and makes it super slow. No thanks unless someone has a fix for that I am switching back to Opera.

This also happens to me, and is a just because this is a beta, but indeed it is a matter of choice, I have been using all of them and I like the bolt as for now, but if you feel Opera is more for you go for it, is whatever makes you more productive.

I am REALLY trying to like Bolt, honestly. However, I was hoping that the text would be larger and easier to read. I have done the magnification tip before but honestly, how hard is it to make the text readable like the native BlackBerry browser or even the Opera Mini. I am going to give it some time and try Opera Mini 5 as well but I holding out that the redone native BB browser is as good as it is being made out to be.

This bolt browser 2.0 is totally garbage, slow, the fonts are small, I know I can change it but this is gay.
The browser won’t detect mobile site. I uninstalled it and back RIM browser.

i was trying to click the address bar but it kept reloading the page. i didn't really give it an honest shot. i'm too used to the native browser. u can't click enter in the address bar after u typed out the website to go to the website? wussup wit dat?