CTIA 2009: SugarSync for BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Apr 2009 10:07 am EDT

A crew from SugarSync was on-hand at CTIA last week, and they gave me a good walk through of their SugarSync for BlackBerry solution (apologies on the video quality - tried out a flip cam at pepcom which apparently doesn't work so well for this kind of thing). If you're not familiar with SugarSync, it's a very powerful and comprehensive solution that combines secure online backups, automatic file synchronization, remote access, remote editing and file sharing:

  • Remote File Access and Editing: Retrieve, edit and upload files stored on other computers and the Internet (including Microsoft Office docs, music, videos, and more).
  • Shared Folders: Send files and folders (large and small) to anyone via an email sent directly from the Blackberry, and collaborate on projects through a Web-based Shared Folder (which can sync back to the Blackberry).
  • Powerful Photo Features: Easy browsing with a thumbnail wall display of photo albums, enjoy detail with high resolution photo viewing, and directly upload and sync photos taken with the integrated Blackberry camera.

SugarSync for BlackBerry officially graduated from "beta" just last week and is definitely worth checking out. You can download a 45 day free trial and from there a variety of packages are available, starting with a monthly fee of $4.99.

For more information on SugarSync for BlackBerry click here, and to give it a whirl visit sugarsync.com/downloads.

Reader comments

CTIA 2009: SugarSync for BlackBerry


it is indeed a VERY good service- have been using for some time on my Bold and the native application makes it all sweeter. If I am traveling and need an office doc from my Mac- I just download and save it.... Extremely useful!!

been using SugarSync for almost a year and SO happy they now have a native device client.

Why use this?

- do you need to send files to people, and you're not always by your PC?

- do you have a few PCs you have data on, and it's hard to reconcile all that data (like - home PC, a work PC, maybe some old clunker you also have around)

Best part about SugarSync is that the PCs that you use do NOT have to be on plugged in - the syncs happen automatically and the PC can be off, and you have access to your data.

No I don't work for them; just a very happy user.

The dsktop appears to be uploading files. All of the subdirectories under mydata folder can be seen along with some of the files that have already been uploaded.

when I access the uploaded files with the Bold, i can see the directories and those files that have been already uploaded.

However, if I try to open a pdf (I have paid version of repligo pdf reader) I get a blank white screen with the name of the file at the top, and underneath a percentage counter that stops at various levels between 71% and 82%, then freezes up.

I also tried an email. It sent an email to my registered email account giving me a link to the file I tried to send, but it never sent the email to the addressee. I tried it with two different addressees.

not ready for primeberry yet

After clearing some memory by eliminating RMD+ dn EOffice, i was able to get sugarsync working on my Bold. So far so good, although it seems the desktop version first uploads the s,allest files, so i haven't yet had a chance to test it with files greater than 1 meg.

But if it works it'll be a good deal, considering i'm spending $60 year just to backup offsite with no mobile access.

I still feel a bit uneasy about server security though.